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Customer Testimonial

  • Thank you Geeta. Finally it has come :)

    I would like to specially thank Vardan, he has been very responsive and helpful towards any query that we had.

    Also as an observation I would like to mention that we found your Delhi office staff members to be much more efficient.

    We would have lodged our Visa much earlier had our case been handled by Vardan from the beginning.



    Monday, March 05, 2018

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  • We the Diaz Family are extremely thankful to you for the support you extended towards us, in fulfilling our dream of Migrating to Canada. This definitely would not have been possible without the guidance and patience you had towards us.

    We had started our quest for Canadian PR way back in 2012 with another consultancy. Despite of a lot of efforts put in by us there was very little guidance from the processing agent which led to us finally opt out of the dream.

    One fine day in Nov 2016 I happened to meet an old friend who got his PR and were planning their landing in Canada. That’s when they introduced me Abhinav Outsourcing. The feedback from my friend was that Abhinav is very professional and they complete the processing within one year of signing up. Over and above that they had their operations processing teams in Mumbai which helped me in better co-ordination.

    I went to Abhinav Outsourcing Mumbai Office in Jan 2017, where I was introduced to the Sales Representative whose name was Rita. She was very professional and explained how they would be working along with us to ensure that our PR application is completed and we fulfil all the criteria’s required. Prior to signing up with them she also went an extra mile in introducing me to Sayali from the Operation team to understand better about the processes.

    The meeting with Sayali was the game changer where she actually convinced me that we are in the right place and she would guide us through the process to ensure we complete all formalities as soon as possible.

    Finally I signed up with Abhinav, and Sayali immediately started working on my file. She was in touch with me on a regular basis guiding me throughout. There came a point where our CRS scores were lower than required norms, and I was again loosing hope. That’s when Sayali kept on pushing me to better my IELTS scores. I had to attempt the same 3 Times before I could get to the magical figure that was required. All the Time Sayali kept convincing me that if you can get 7.5 you can also get an 8 Plus. Finally on my 4th attempt I managed 8.5. Sayali immediately updated the scores in June 2017 which went up to 467. We got the ITA immediately in the following round. From there Sayali ensured all the documents were in place much before the ITA was out and we managed to upload all the necessary documents well before the 90 Days’ time given by CIC.
    We finally got our Visa stamped on 29th Jan 2018. This was just as the feedback I had received from my friend. The entire process from signing up with Abhinav till the day the Visas were stamped was completed within a years’ time.  

    I once again thank Sayali for all the support and patients she showed towards us and helped us get through the process hassle free. All the best for all your future assignments.

    We wish Sayali and the entire Abhinav Team much more success in the future; and would definitely recommend your team to any future prospects.


    Ashwyn Diaz
    Monday, March 05, 2018

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  • I started my process of Canada PR in January 2017 from Abhinav and am extremely satisfied by the way you guys handled my case. My case was handled by Sumit Kumar and he did an outstanding job. He always went an extra mile to help me. Right from ECA to getting the landing papers he was spot on. I was recommended Abhinav by one of my cousin who also got the PR consultation from here and am very pleased with the way whole process turned out. I had maximum interaction with Sumit Kumar who has in depth knowledge and experience about the whole process and guided me really well. He left no stone unturned in helping me out and I am highly obliged by this gesture. I suggested many of my family and friends to consult Abhinav for their PR processing. All in all it was a smooth ride and I enjoyed every bit of it.

    Wishing Abhinav new heights.


    Thanks and Regards

    Habib Malik
    Monday, March 05, 2018

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  • My name is Hitesh A Samel, and along with my wife, Sarika we have recently availed of your services for Canadian PR.

    We received our PR visa a couple of months ago.

    I'd like to thank you for the help and assistance provided to us.

    We were assigned Sayali as our Case officer and we are extremely happy with the assistance she provided us. Most importantly, she developed a great rapport with us and was available to answer our queries whenever needed through the process.

    Sarika and I now look forward to the next chapter in our lives - an opportunity given shape by Abhinav's services.

    Once again, thanks for everything and be rest assured I will recommend your services to my circle as and when needed.

    Thanks & regards,

    Friday, February 23, 2018

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  • I have finally got the COPR and its been really great journey with you, with no speed bumps in the process. Everything went super smooth and with help of Sumit I was able to achieve this in just matter of few months.

    The Services were super awesome & I have and I will recommend anyone trying to apply for any such service, to you, as you guys are truly professional and no glitch in the process.

    Keep up the great work and appreciated all the support throughout.


    Thanks & Regards,

    Sudeep Sharma
    Thursday, March 01, 2018

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  • Thank you(Vinny) so much for your outstanding and efforts in getting our PR application for Canada approved.

    It is my great pleasure to announce that we got our Canadian Visa Stamped on 20-2-2018, and certainly it would not have happened without your support and speedy document preparation.

    I really appreciate your patience and cooperation in this regard,whether it was day or night you helped us a lot.

    Your efforts are commendable, it was you and your team who has always showing us the positive path, many of the times we kept calling you and bothering , but you ave never shown any resistance but were always calm and cool.

    Keep doing the same and may god give you more success as you are helping a lot in changing some ones life and fulfilling their dreams which are becoming reality.

    All the best!!.

    Thanks and Regards

    Divya Priyata
    Wednesday, February 28, 2018

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  • Firstly, apologies for the delay in sending this mail. Secondly, a big big thank you for all your help with my CIC application. I truly appreciate all your hard work for submitting my application and getting me the PR! I started this journey way back in October 2016 and whilst I had some issues with the consultant first assigned to me, once I met you (Sayali) in Feb 2017, the journey has been a cakewalk! You were very patient and answered my numerous questions suitably at all times.

    I am very impressed how you went an extra mile whenever I asked for help and were always supportive and encouraging. Even if that meant coming early to work to suit my office timings or even submit my passport when I was unavailable.

    I was worried that due to my busy hours at work, I will have a difficult time with the documentation and the PR. However, I had no reason to worry, because you handled everything and made the process so so so much easier for me. It was such a relief to work with you knowing my case was in safe hands! You are great at what you do and you know the nitty-gritty very well! Keep it up and thank you once again for making this such a smooth journey!

    It has been an immense pleasure working with Abhinav, and I will definitely recommend it to people who are interested to migrate (already have, actually :)). Also, a  big shoutout to Snehal, who was very patient with me and kept regularly checking on my application through the process. She was very accommodating and always jovial to be around! I would also like to thank Littu Daniel who helped me with the job bank.  Actually a  big thank you to the entire team at Abhinav who ensured that my application process was smooth and successful:)

    Best regards and good luck!


    Sunday, February 25, 2018

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  • This was long due. I got my visa in September but have been super busy so finally took time out to thank you and others at Abhinav who helped me through the visa process.

    It began with your guidance which was the starting point that gave me confidence. I really appreciate the fact that you didn't cut off communication after my file had been passed on to Falaknaaz, Rukhsar and Sayali, and you helped out bridge communication gaps even when my file was with Abdulla in Bangalore and he got busy or went on leave. This support was very much needed and valued, particularly when there were uncertainties pertaining to my application.

    This brings me to the others who played an important role in my visa process. I appreciate their guidance at every stage. Getting my documents ready in advanced helped me save time at the time of application after the invite. While my points were not all that high, I was reassured by Rukhsar time and again that we would work towards a nomination if necessary so that i'd definitely get an invite. However, the need didn't arise.

    Abdulla from the other branch also played an important role in my application process. While I tried his patience time and again , he still worked towards preparing a perfect application for me. Despite difficulty getting in touch with him, delays and time lapses (which also made me nervous about losing my application deadline), misunderstandings and my inability to perform certain processes at my end (such as combining pdfs), he managed to get my application ready on time and we submitted it one day before the last date given by cic.

    All said and done, the entire team at Abhinav worked towards my visa and I have no regrets approaching you. My only suggestion is that post invitation processes also be done in the Mumbai office (or all processes at all offices) because meeting face to face improves communication and make the entire process faster.

    Once more I'd like to thank you and the entire team at Abhinav for helping me with my visa. Will definitely recommend your name to anyone else who wants to immigrate.



    Hrnakshi Joashi
    19 February 2018

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  • Sonali has been helping me on the Canada PR Process commencing from the start of the EOI. When I was being allocated a consultant the first day, I requested someone who was experienced and good at their work as I am a very busy working professional myself and admittedly a highly demanding person in terms of work. I was told Sonali is one of the best. Today, after 3-4 months of working with her I totally agree. 

    Sonali is a very meticulous person who knows the rules and procedures of the process very well. She was thorough in her work, making sure we filled all the documents correctly and cross checking everything at every step. She would patiently call me almost everyday reminding me if I had completed procedures, filled forms, updating list of documents etc. She kept updating the websites/applications as I sent the documents and info to her and did not wait for everything to be ready. This greatly helped us expedite the process. 

    More than anything, I really appreciated Sonali's cheerful attitude. It has been a pleasure working with Sonali . I wish her the very best for the future. 

    Best Regards

    Vasudha Thawakar
    Friday, February 23, 2018

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  • I remember, almost an year passed by I approached your firm Abhinav Outsourcings to help me attain my PR for Canada. After my first counselling from Mr. Dhirendra about the process, they assigned my case to you(Sai Baba).

    You greeted me very well. Although, that must be a norm for your representatives, eventually, your hospitality towards me was par personal than formal. I felt pleased.

    The first and foremost thing for a consultant to possess is a deep insight and be attentive about the case of concern. You have that !.

    I appreciate your suggestions at every turn and stage of my application process. I also suggest you to have a greater in-depth knowledge of this process at "your finger tips".

    I received my PPR mail and submitted my passports to NDVO. Kudos and All the Best for your future and your clients. Stay Blessed dear.


    Harish Volam
    Saturday, February 24, 2018

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