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Saskatchewan is rather only-one-of-its-kind in many manners. Apart from being one of just two landlocked Canadian provinces, this prairie province also gets the most sunshine of any Canadian province.

An additional encouraging characteristic of Saskatchewan is that it boasts of the swiftest growing population in the whole country even as all the development & growth has generated rewarding employment opportunities that require to be filled. It means it’s a haven for skilled and ambitious migrants keen to make it big overseas.

Geographically speaking, the province is situated in the prairie region of the Maple Leaf Country. It shares its geographical borders with Alberta, Manitoba, Northwest Territories (all in Canada), and Montana & North Dakota the US.

As far as population is concerned, 1.1 million people inhabit the nature-blessed province, with Saskatoon, the biggest city, having a total population of 295,000; and Regina, the capital city, having 210,000 people.

Historically, the widespread availability of wide pieces of fertile land drew visitors to the province. Nowadays, Saskatchewan’s fast-developing modern economy draws new immigrants, in large numbers, to build their lives in the region.

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Economy and Employment
Saskatchewan is a depot of precious natural resources and a big source of power of value-added businesses. Its superior technology, construction, mineral exploration, and oil and gas segments are all doing very well.

The province posts the nation’s most impressive growth in important economic streams, and this comprises employment rate, international exports, wholesale trade, fresh construction, and retail sales.

The province’s manufacturing shipments, money-making construction, and fresh vehicle sales have the second highest growth in the entire nation. At present, unemployment rate in ‘the breadbasket of Canada’ Saskatchewan, is less than 4%. And, this is the lowest in the whole nation, in the process, making Saskatchewan a really good place to find a satisfying job in the country.

Now let’s find out why it is called ‘the breadbasket of Canada’! It produces as much as 28% of the nation’s grain and more than 54 % of its wheat crop.

Moving on, even as agriculture is still incredibly crucial to the region’s economy, creating roughly 5% of GDP, service-based segments like finance, insurance & real estate (17% of GDP) also make a valuable contribution and leave a major impact.

Saskatchewan is also blessed with several kinds of minerals like oil, potash (nation’s top exporter), natural gas, uranium, and coal. of potash (fertilizer).

Standard of Living
The overall quality of life is pretty high in the province, eve as the general cost of living is rather low. It makes Saskatchewan an excellent place to live only to raise a family, and a wonderful place to shift to, and/or make profitable investments in a business.

The region’s population has headed north by 100,000 during the past six years or so even while the province is leaving no stones unturned to make certain that the stable development & growth carries-on and that its people make the most of the gains of this inspiring progress & growth.

Its Regina region offers some of the best opportunities for an excellent quality of life across Saskatchewan. The societies of the greater Regina region proffer hard to believe natural beauty, amazingly high standard of living, and a variety of astonishing lifestyle choices that will please and improve the life of any new visitor to the wonderful province.

The significant and tranquil Qu’Appelle Valley is a shining example of unmatched lifestyle choices waiting for people in the region. The same has lake living of the finest quality. Its resort villages and neighborhood provide the laid back existence of the finest lake living inside an easy and swift commute to the flourishing urban centre of Regina.

The said commute is not obtainable anywhere else in the entire Western Canada. The sheer variety and choice proffered by the towns & resort villages is a truly out-of-the-world that Saskatchewan has to present. Several attractive choices greet visitors when staying in the Regina area.

Residential Housing
The overall expenses of housing are significantly lower in the province, vis-à-vis in most top Canadian cities, even as owning a home is rather reasonably priced and attainable for majority of individuals. It means Saskatchewan is a pretty good and affordable place to move to, for work and living purposes. One can live in a comfortable house in the province without making a big hole in his pocket.

For those interested in hard facts, and figures, as of May 2012, the regular cost of a home in Saskatoon was $328,297. And, as of April 2012, the average rent for a two-bedroom residence in Saskatoon was $976.

Cost of living
The overall cost of living in the province is not too high. Let’s find-out how and why!

To begin with, unlike other provinces of Canada, in Saskatchewan one is not burdened with either personal premiums or personal expenses for primary and needed health services. The provincial sales tax of 5% is the least tax charged by any Canadian province that levies a sales tax.

Besides, it costs less to get to and from work with the reason being the maximum commute time inside big cities is roughly just 20 minutes. Even with the blooming economy of the province, the cost of living in Saskatoon is moderately not-too-high. Vis-à-vis other similar-sized or larger cities of the nation, Saskatonians will frequently shell-out less for food, housing and utilities.

Even as housing expenses have headed north in recent years, home ownership is still within reach for most persons. Average expenses for household utility are below average, in comparison with other leading cities of the Maple Leaf Country.

Auto insurance rates are among the lowest in the nation, in respect of other leading cities of Canada. The expenses of travelling are low as the average travel inside Saskatoon is just 20 minutes.

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) enables the province to offer nomination to candidates to the federal administration, for the prized Canada permanent residency (PR).

SINP Entrepreneur Class

The Entrepreneur segment of the SINP is tailored to draw entrepreneurial talent to the said province. The class offers nomination to permitted accepted candidates who decide to make province their home and run and manage business in the province.

SINP- Eligibility Requirements for the Entrepreneur Category

  1. They must have a bare minimum $500,000 CAD in Net Business and Personal Assets, duly corroborated by a Ministry approved professional third party.
  2. They must be in a position to exhibit accumulation of claimed net worth via officially permitted ways, verified to not less than 80% by a Ministry sanctioned professional third party.
  3. They must possess a minimum of three years of business running or entrepreneurial experience inside 10 years before presenting their EOI.
  4. They will have to make a capital investment of not less than $300,000 CAD in Regina or Saskatoon, or not less than a capital investment of $200,000 CAD in any other Saskatchewan community.
  5. They must possess and be in a position to show in-depth information of their Business Establishment Plan.
  6. It is vital that candidates sign a business performance deal with the Saskatchewan Administration, which will be given by the SINP post their petition is sanctioned.

SINP- Additional post visa considerations under the entrepreneur category

  1. It is essential that candidates live in Saskatchewan along with those who are their family members (dependent).
  2. It is crucial that applicants possess not less than one third (33 1/3%) of the equity of the business and proffer active and on-going participation in the daily running and management of the group. In case an aspirant will have less than 33 1/3 % it is crucial that they make an investment of $1 million CAD and offer active and on-going participation in the daily administration and supervision of the firm.
  3. It is essential that aspirants establishing afresh firm in either Saskatoon or Regina generate or maintain at least jobs for two nationals or Permanent Residents in Saskatchewan (employees must not be relatives). In case aspirants buy an existing company in either Saskatoon or Regina, it is crucial that they maintain the company’s staffing complement (the figure of Canadian or permanent resident manpower) in place at the time of procurement.

Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program Entrepreneur Category Process

The nomination procedure basically involves three steps:

  1. Presenting an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the SINP: Future immigrants specify their interest in running a business and living in the province, via offering the needed details related to their, among others, entrepreneurial experience, assets, besides Business Establishment Plan.
    1. Aspirants, who fulfill the bare minimum admission conditions, are given a red-carpet welcome into the EOI applicant pool.
    2. Once submitted, the EOIs are given positions employing the point’s grid.
  2. Invitation to Apply: Aspirants are chosen from the EOI system on the basis of their total on the points criteria grid, with the top scoring EOIs being given priority, for the object of selection and prescribed application submission. Invites are sent to the chosen aspirants to submit an application to the SINP.
    1. Aspirants, who clear the verification stage, will get a SINP Entrepreneur Approval Letter, and this will express support of their request for a two-year federal temporary work visa. Key point to note is that you are not given a resident status from day one. You will get it in due course after meeting requirements of Business Performance agreement.
    2. The Work Visa will enable people to live and run and manage the business in Saskatchewan and execute the planned business proposal.
  3. Nomination: After a person fulfills the terms & requirements of the Business Performance Agreement, he can submit an application to get nomination for Permanent Residency (PR).

Steps to getting a visa under SINP for Businessmen

Step 1: File Expression of Interest (EOI)

Step 2: EOI Selection and Invitation to Submit an Application

Step 3: File an Electronic application within 60 days of receipt of Invitation to submit the application. Non-submission with 60 days will mean that the invitation will expire and one will need to present a fresh EOI.

Step 4: Give a $2,500.00 CAD Non-Refundable Processing Charges

Step 5: Put forward Business Establishment Plan along-with Third Party Verification Report

Step 6: Application will be assessed.

Step 7: Called for interview, if required. This can take place in person or through video conferencing.

Step 8: Sign the Business Performance Agreement (BPA)

Step 9: Issuance of SINP Entrepreneur approval letter

Step 10: Submit to Canadian High Commission or consulate, application, for stamping of 2-year work permit. This must be done within 3 months of the date of approval.

SINP Application for Nomination for businessmen under the SINP Entrepreneur category

With a view to be qualified for nomination, it is essential that you and your immediate family are living in the province even as you must fulfill your BPA, and this comprises transferring the necessary assets to Canada, maintaining officially permitted position in the nation. It is also vital that you must have run your business in accordance with your BPA for not less than six months, prior to requesting nomination.

In order to guarantee that aspirants maintain officially authorized position in the nation, you would do well to have not less than six months remaining on your TWP at the time of filing a petition for nomination. According to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA), you are accountable for preserving your officially authorized standing in the nation.

After you have met with your BPA, and run your company for not less than six months, you are qualified to submit an application to the SINP for the object of nomination.

The SINP will duly review your petition for nomination, and give advice to you on the result. You will be reviewed upon your obedience with your Business Performance Agreement, and any other existing conditions when you began your application procedure.In case given a sanction for nomination the SINP branch will across a certificate for nomination to the CIC and send a letter for nomination to you giving details on the manner to forward your petition for PR to the CIC Centralized Intake Office (CIO).

SINP – Ineligibility for filing the application under Entrepreneur Class

  1. Refugee claimants in the nation claiming refugee position from the administration of the nation
  2. People residing illegitimately in their nation of dwelling or Canada
  3. People against whom a removal order have been issued by either of these, namely, the CIC or Canada Border Services Agency
  4. People who are not allowed to enter Canada

SINP - Business Establishment Plan

  1. In case you get an invite to submit a petition to the SINP, it is essential that your Business Establishment Plan comprise these:
  2. Your plan to set-up a business that aligns with the points given in the Entrepreneur Category Points Grid, in case applicable (for the sum of investment & sector);
  3. Your possession of not less than one-third or 33 1/3% of the equity of a business in the province unless your combined total investment is worth $1 million CAD or above;
  4. Your promise to offer active and on-going participation in the daily running & management of the firm; and
  5. In case you are setting-up a fresh company in Regina or Saskatoon, it is important that your business plan comprises the establishment of two employment breaks for citizens or permanent residents in the province (non-relative employees).

SINP - Eligible Businesses for under the entrepreneur category

Buying an Existing Business or Business Succession

  1. In case buying an existing company, the same minimum investment amounts come into force. Points are accessible for acquiring an existing business.
  2. It is critical that the Saskatchewan based firm has been in unbroken operation by the same proprietor for the preceding three years.
  3. It is also vital that every candidate buying an existing business or a business succession opportunity duly completes an exploratory trip to meet the preceding proprietors.
  4. It is essential that candidates offer evidence that reasonable efforts were taken to set-up a fair market value for the company.
  5. It is also essential that succession buy-out lead to a complete change in possession where the candidate will assume complete control of the company.
  6. It is also vital that candidate commits to maintaining service for either the existing nationals or permanent residents above the minimum required, and also maintaining existing salaries & employment terms.

Joint Ventures between SINP Scheme Candidates

For candidates suggesting a joint venture with a different SINP aspirant in the operation of a fresh firm, the purchase of an existing company or a partnership with a Permanent Resident or Canadian Citizen:

  1. It is essential that the firm based in Saskatchewan has been in incessant operation by the same proprietor for the preceding three years.
  2. It is also vital that the candidate completes an exploratory trip to meet the preceding proprietors or business associates.
  3. It is compulsory that the candidates provide proof that no efforts were spared to establish a just market value for the firm or investment sum.
  4. It is also vital that any succession buy-out leads to a complete change in rights where the candidates will assume complete management of the business.
  5. When committing to maintain employment for the existing nationals or permanent residents of the nation, aspirants will not have to generate new work opportunities.
  6. At the time of filing a petition, every aspirant must clearly specify in their petition form that they are proposing a joint mission with a scheme aspirant or a permanent resident or Canadian citizen, and recognize their proposed business associates;
  7. Every potential aspirant must present his or her individual EOI at the same time;
  8. Every soon-to-be candidate will be evaluated on an individual basis, with the chances of making the cut from the EOI pool dependent on their capability to fulfill eligibility conditions, and receive points as an individual, and not part of a group or enterprise;
  9. In case any partner does not get picked-up from the EOI pool for processing, every rest of the partner will have to bring up-to-date their business proposal, making any needed improvements, to make certain they keep on being qualified for the EOI points earned before;
  10. In case every partner is chosen from the EOI pool and sanctioned, he will have to ink a separate Business Performance Agreement, and ought to fulfill the agreement terms with a view to get sanction for nomination;
  11. If the SINP decides that one or more partners could not fulfill the terms of their individual Business Performance Agreement for certain factors beyond humanitarian and compassionate conditions, every remaining partner will have to bring up-to-date their performance agreement to guarantee they keep on fulfilling scheme requirements, and this comprises amendments to the needed amount of investment.

Ineligible Businesses

These features are chief forms of business that are considered not entitled for the SINP Entrepreneur Class:

  1. Property rental, investment, and leasing movements
  2. Real estate construction/development/brokerage, insurance brokerage or business brokerage
  3. Specialized services or self-employed business operators needing either accreditation or certification.
  4. Pay day loan, cheque cashing, money changing & cash machines.
  5. Credit unions.
  6. Firms operating from home, and this comprise bed-and-breakfasts and lodging residences.
  7. Co-operatives.
  8. Investments made into a firm run chiefly for the objects of deriving inert investment proceeds.

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