Canada Visit Visa - Application Process

From filing of a faultless application and attachment of essential supporting documents to submission of the application to the right visa office, everything must be in perfect order when you file for a Canada Visit Visa. Visit visa grant for Canada is quite a subjective affair and a lot depends on the discretion of the visa officer. So, any discrepancy can cause refusal or delay of your visa grant.

Expert Canada Visit Visa Counselors at Abhinav help you do away with loopholes by following an organized step-by-step process to get you a transitory visa for Canada, as explained below:

  1. We conduct a prior assessment of your skills to see if you qualify according to the current eligibility requirements for Canada visit visa.
  2. If you are eligible, we provide necessary assistance in correct filling of the desired application form.
  3. We compile all your essential supporting documents, such as an invitation letter received from Canada, proof of your employment in your home country so as to nullify any doubts in the mind of Canada visa officials about your intentions to stay in Canada forever, and other such documents.
  4. We pay non-refundable processing fee on your behalf along with the submission of your documents to the Canada Visa Office of your country. Our experts make sure that your profile is presented in the most impressive manner.
  5. After the approval of your application, the next step is appearing for the interview. With a thorough grooming session to prepare you for the interview, there is almost no possibility of your not passing the interview stage.
  6. You undergo medical and security checks.
  7. It`s done! Your visa is in your hands.

Abhinav`s team of Canada visit visa professionals never recoils from helping our clients and are always ready to fulfill your dream to visit Canada. If you want us to pave a smooth way to Canada for you, please allow us to conduct a free assessment of your profile today!

Canada Visitor Visa - Why Are Applications Refused?

Abhinav does not limit its approach to the conventional route and often adds its own expertise edge to Canada visit visa cases. This makes us take pride in our satisfied and always-expanding customer base.

We stand confident of our position as an industry leader with our able team members, who are ever careful to avoid the given mistakes that often cause rejection of Canada Visitor Visa Applications:

  1. Inability to convince the visa officer of your intention to return to your home country.
  2. The applicant doesn't seem confident and looks confused while answering questions during the interview.
  3. Incomplete or inaccurately filled application forms
  4. Absence of the relevant supporting documents
  5. Lack of enough finances to support oneself and the dependents
  6. The applicant is found to have a criminal record
  7. Revelation of any undesired hidden fact by the applicant

While there is no turning back once you entrust us with your visa approval task, there are many applicants who are disguised by the apparent simplicity of the visit visa procedure for Canada and try to do it all by themselves.

Being in the industry since years, we often come across applicants who regret their do-it-yourself initiatives and the money and time they lose with it. Sometimes, referral of visa cases through inexperienced immigration consultants can also land you in a similar predicament.

Our Canada visit visa advisors take great delight in handling even the rejected cases. The reason being, rejected cases are taken as a good challenge by our team that they overcome with utmost pleasure and ease. So, you may be applying for a Canada Visit Visa for the first time, or yours may be a refused case, simply let go the hesitation and fill our free assessment form to know what our experts have to say about your profile for approval under the Canada Visit Visa Program.

Even if you seek more information about Canada Visitor Visa Step by Step Process you can write an email on [email protected] and one of the most experience immigration consultants will get in touch with you to help you out with your questions and concerns or you can also choose to call us on +91-8595338595 or directly interact with the expert through our Live Chat window.



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