Experienced business people who wish to own and manage their Canadian business actively are ideal applicants for the Entrepreneur category of Canadian immigration. Abhinav immigration specialists are glad to help its clients establish a successful business in Canada that makes a positive contribution to the Canadian economy as well as create jobs there.

We carefully review your documents related to business, experience in managing the business and personal net worth. Evaluation on business and personal objectives are also done before filing your immigration application for Canada permanent resident visa. We assure that you are filing in the most suitable of the three Canadian business categories, namely, entrepreneur, self-employed or investor.

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Being a Canadian Entrepreneur, you are not expected to seek employment and may not be permitted to work in Canada. This also implies that ideally you should initiate business in specific areas that contribute to the business environment of the region where Entrepreneur visa holders settle in Canada. You must know that the visa granted under this category is a conditional one and you must comply with some post-landing requirements for three years in order to get the PR (Permanent Resident) status.

Abhinav Immigration advisors prepare, file and manage your entrepreneur application with CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada). We also equip you with extensive tips and suitable answers for expected interview questions that form a very critical stage of the application approval process.

Given below are enlisted a few primary requirements under the Canada Entrepreneur category:

Federal program (To settle anywhere in Canada, except Quebec)

Basis Minimum requirements
Net worth CAD $300,000, obtained legally
Business experience Ownership and active management of your qualifying
Business, as mentioned by CIC
Miscellaneous Security background check and medical examination
Visit to Canada before
Visa issuance

Quebec Settlement

Basis Minimum requirements
Net worth CAD $300,000, obtained legally
Business experience Management experience gained in a profitable and Lawful, agricultural, industrial or commercial Business.
Miscellaneous Security background check and medical exam
Visit to Canada before
Visa issuance
Explanatory visit compulsory

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The Citizenship and Immigration Canada clearly defines which Immigration consultant can represent an application, on behalf of clients, with the department. The department calls them authorized representatives, and among them are the Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants who are members in good standing of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council. Ensure that, if you are hiring a paid immigration consultant, he/she is an authorized representative to represent you with Citizenship and Immigration Canada and other Canadian Government agencies.

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