If there is any visa which is best for expanding or setting up your own business, then there is nothing better than to apply for Canada Entrepreneur program, which is now known as the Canada Start-up visa. Canada is a potential hub for upcoming business opportunities for those who want to start or expand their business in the enterprising nation.

Which is why you must apply for Canada Entrepreneur Program if you have the plan to make your business reach new heights on an international platform and simultaneously apply for Canada permanent resident visa.

It is one of the leading cities when it comes to a fruitful financial and healthcare sectors as well as an ever expanding and growing industry, making it a favourite among business immigrants who wish to opt for Canadian Immigration. The nation is a hotbed of business opportunities, a qualified workforce, political stability, tax incentives, business-friendly policies, and many other advantages.

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Perks of Canada Entrepreneur visa

  • Just like Start-up Visa Canada the candidates will receive direct permanent residency visa for an indefinite period of time along with access to all Canada PR Visa benefits.
  • According to your financial capacity and eligibility requirements you can select any provincial Entrepreneur program of Canada.
  • Canada as per the World Bank is one of the top-rated places for conducting business and starting or establishing a new business.
  • Due to the business-friendly policies framed by the Canadian government, it is relatively easy to commence business anywhere in Canada as it takes less than a month to finish all the necessary procedures.
  •  As a Canada permanent resident visa holder has access to benefits such as universal free healthcare till the age of 18, after which university fees is subsidized, universal free healthcare, as well as social security perks such as unemployment allowance, employment insurance, child aid and support as well as maternity, disability as well as family related benefits along with public pensions.
  • As a PR holder you will have a direct pathway to Canadian citizenship.
  • With a Canadian passport you can have access to visa-free travel to more than 150 countries.

Net Worth and Investments for Canada Provincial Entrepreneur Visa Programs

Canada Provincial Entrepreneur Visa Programs



Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (Entrepreneur Stream)

Investment for business in GTA CAD 600,000 and businesses Outside GTA CAD 200,000

business in GTA CAD 800,000 and for businesses Outside GTA CAD 400,000

British Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration (Base category)

CAD 200,000

CAD 600,000

Quebec Entrepreneur Program

CAD 300,000 for business in Montreal and CAD 200,000 for businesses outside Montreal.

CAD 900,000

British Columbia Regional Pilot Program

CAD 100,000 in the BC Regional Areas.

CAD 300,000

Saskatchewan Entrepreneur Stream

CAD 300,000 for business in Regina or Saskatoon and CAD 200,000 for businesses other communities.

CAD 500,000

Manitoba Entrepreneur Route

CAD 250,000 for business in Capital and CAD 150,000 for businesses outside the capital

CAD 500,000

Nova Scotia Entrepreneur Stream

CAD 150,000

CAD 600,000

Prince Edward Island (Business Impact Category)

CAD 150,000

CAD 600,000


Eligibility Requirements for Canada Entrepreneur visa program

The entrepreneur programs which fall under the category of Canada Business visa are carried out by different provinces of Canada. Following are the eligibility requirements as per the provinces for Canada permanent resident visa.

  • As an applicant you should hold net worth and funds a minimum of CAD 300,000 and a maximum of CAD 800,000.
  • Must be eligible to be able to make a minimum Canadian minimum business investment of CAD 100,000 to a maximum limit of CAD 600,000
  • You should have a drafted a business plan comprising of business concept, marketing plan, staffing, products and offerings, finance management as well as creation of jobs for the local citizens.
  • Have a business management as well as ownership experience between 2 to 5 years.
  • The applicant should be able to meet the minimum language proficiency of CLB 5 in every band inclusive of Reading 4.0, Writing 5.0, Listening 5.0, and Speaking 5.0.
  • They must be able to display their active engagement in the daily ongoing activities of their business.

Required Documents to be eligible for Canada Entrepreneur visa

  • Net worth verification report
  • For owners of business you need to submit Business Registration License, Reference Letters, registration with taxation authorities, Proof of Shareholding, Business income tax returns, financial statements as well as Articles of incorporation.
  • Employment Reference Letters, employment contracts and Pay Slips for senior managerial level
  • Exploratory Visit Document (in case you are buying an existing business)
  • Business plan draft
  • Proof of business ownership
  • T4 statements
  • Education Credentials
  • Test Results indicating proficiency in language
  • Photographs, Passport, Family member's passport
  • Standard Resume according to Canadian standards

Visa Fees and processing time required for Canada Entrepreneur Program

The processing time for Canada Entrepreneur Program application is between 12 to 15 months for all the Canada PNP Business Immigration programs. Here is a list of fees for each of these PNP immigration programs:

  • Manitoba PNP - CAD 2,500
  • Nova Scotia PNP - no Application Fee
  • Saskatchewan PNP - CAD 2, 500
  • British Columbia PNP - CAD 300 and Registration fee is CAD 3,500
  • Ontario PNP - CAD 3,500
  • Prince Edward Island PNP - CAD 10,000


FAQs for Canada Entrepreneur visa Program

How to get Canada Entrepreneur Visa 2024?

Your first step to do that is to be able to choose the right visa program. Two of the best ways to go about this, is to apply for either Start-up visa program or any one of the various Provincial Nominee Entrepreneur programs. Applying via the Start-up visa programs needs you to have supporting funds from designated organization as well as meeting certain language as well as financial requirements.

Is Canada a great place for entrepreneurship?

Canada is a potential hub for upcoming business opportunities for those who want to start or expand their business in the enterprising nation. Which is why you must apply for Business visa for Canada if you have the plan to make your business reach new heights on an international platform.

Which is the best business you can conduct in Canada?

If you want to know about the best business you can take up in Canada when you come via the business visas is to carry out some serious market research and look for the recent business trends in demand. Opportunities for successful business can be found in the sectors of agricultural, accommodation and food services, wholesale and retail, construction as well as professional, scientific, as well as technical service. 

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