Eligibility Criteria

The qualifying criteria for Quebec immigration Skilled Worker Program are completely different from that of Federal Canada program for skilled professionals. This criterion has been devised by the provincial authorities of Quebec as per the immigration requirements of the province and under the Canada-Quebec Accord on Immigration. When it comes to selecting its set of prospective applicants, Quebec especially looks into the aspect of adaptability for its future migrants. Based on this aspect, the eligibility requirements have been brought about which has to be satisfied by each applicant applying for Quebec Selection Certificate under the Skilled Workers Program. The application process is demanding and requires a high level of preparedness by the applicant. The eligibility criteria include the following:

  • Intention to live and work in Quebec: All applicants applying for this program must intend to live and work in Quebec. With this, they should also be able to demonstrate that they have the skills and ability to contribute to the provincial economy.
  • Educational Qualifications: All applicants have to be academically qualified which could cater to the economy of Quebec. So, a minimum of a diploma has to be possessed by the prospective immigration. This diploma should be equivalent to either a Diploma of Secondary School or a Diploma of Vocational Studies or degree under the Education System of Quebec. Assessment experts at ABHINAV will check the equivalency levels of your current qualifications with the Quebec Education System. They will advise whether or not you can claim points under the criterion against your earned qualifications.
  • Training Factor: Applicants can earn points if their earned qualifications fall under the designated and applicable list of foreign earned qualifications. Where qualifications are unrelated, one can claim credit if such an unrelated qualification is earned in the five year period preceding the filing of the application. Assessment experts at ABHINAV will assist you in determining whether or not you can claim credit under the training factor.
  • Professional Experience: Applicants can claim points for maximum of four years of experience.
  • French Language Skills: Quebec Skilled Migrant program is the only one its kind where credits are given for oral and understanding aspects of French and English language. There are many misconceptions regarding French in Quebec Applicants need not worry about reading and writing aspects of French language as they carry no special point credits. Applicants at initial stage of learning or even with low skill level can also apply. Assessment experts at ABHINAV, through years of experience in managing applications under Quebec Skilled Migrant program, will advise you about precise levels of French language that you or your family need to achieve in order to get a successful decision. Many of you on account of varying factor may be able to get selected under the program against very low French language skills.
  • Financial Security: The applicant must have sufficient funds to support self and dependents during the initials days of landing in Quebec. The funds requirements for Quebec skilled program are very low.

Other factors include age, a validated employment offer, number and age of dependent children, qualifications of the spouse and so on. If you are confused whether or not to apply, our experts are here to guide at all levels. Send the following details now at [email protected] and get Free of Charge Assessment from experts with years of experience in managing applications under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program:

  1. Your updated resume
  2. If married, also resume of your spouse with clear mention of her age and qualifications
  3. If applicable, information on children and their age
  4. Have you at any time during qualification or work, learned French language?

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Application Process

There is a specific procedure in order to apply for the Quebec Skilled Migrant Program. The first step in this process is the filling and filing of this application at the Quebec Immigration Visa Post. Take note that all the incomplete applications are rejected. Relevant mandatory documents have to be provided with the application for it to be processed further. Based on the credentials and documents provided by you, it would be decided by the visa officer, whether or not you qualify for the next stage.

A personal interview is an important part of the selection procedure. This interview is conducted for the visa officer to assess you as a potential migrant. He evaluates the level of adaptability along with the necessary skills that could prove you to be a successful migrant in Quebec. Your oral skills in French would also be evaluated completely. However, those proficient in French along with meeting the other selecting factors might be exempted from this personal interview. Immigration experts with years of experience in managing applications under the Quebec skilled worker category will brief you on interview process and related queries. We have experts who can guide you with the kind of questions that are asked and so on.

This interview is conducted at the place where you have filed your application. Also, the Government of Quebec may send their delegation of visa officers to specific nations for these interviews to be conducted. In case of applicants from Asia, Hong Kong is the designated visa post. So, if an Asian applicant qualifies for an interview, he would have to fly to Hong Kong at his own expense. However, if the interview is scheduled to take place in the nation where the applicant is residing, it would usually be conducted at the Canadian Consulate of that particular nation. In recent past, interviews for Quebec skilled migrant program have been conducted at nearest Canadian High Commission rather than at Hong Kong.

All the successful applicants and their accompanying family members (post interview or those exempted) would be issued a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) or the Cértificat du Sélection du Québec. Here, one has to be aware that this certificate is not the Permanent Visa.

Your application is then filed at the federal level along with the above CSQ. This is done for the medical and security checks to be conducted. Further instructions would be given as to how to go about the process. For security checks, you would be expected to present documents which prove your identity as well as civil status. A police clearance certificate should also be accompanied with these documents. In case of medical clearances, a medical examination by a physician is required. This physician should have been approved by Citizen and Immigration Canada.

The Permanent Resident Visa would be issued to you after it is approved by the federal authorities. The stamping of your visa on travel documents as well as on your landing papers would be done by the federal authorities.

To get more details on the program and overall application processing delays that may be applicable to your application, please send following details to [email protected] immediately:

  1. Your updated resume
  2. If married, resume of your spouse specifying her age and qualifications
  3. If applicable, information on children and their age
  4. Have you at any time during qualification or work, learned French language?




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