One of the most influential and preferred destinations across the globe, from immigration perspectives, the United Kingdom encompassing Great Britain (England, Wales, and Scotland) & Northern Ireland is 200% of the geographical size of the New York State. It enjoys an important place in the world, thanks to its buoyant economy and the quality of life that it offers to those who immigrate to it, for residence and business purposes.

This is the country wherein the sun did not set once even as it ruled over more than half of the world, courtesy its unmatched economic might and military powers. Great Britain was the first industrialized country in the world. It was also an amazing power with unmatched political, economic, military, cultural, & scientific influence the world over.

Though those days may have been vanished, and new players merged on the world map, the island nation still continues to enjoy widespread popularity and influence across the globe. Immigration is one of the most important things which has come in to the fore.

UK is an epicentre of immigrants wherein people from diverse communities come and settle here along with their families either on Work visa, study visa as these provide a direct route to permanent residency in UK. It is important for us to learn how UK Immigration has shifted and there are no better people to explain than the UK Immigration Consultants in Delhi.

This highly developed western nation boasts of a robust economy, proffers superior lifestyle, vast business opportunities, a plethora of employment opportunities, unique infrastructure & public transportations, not-too-high personal taxation, impressive law & order, apart from an array of public welfare schemes. These combined together make the country one of the most preferred immigration destinations across the globe.

Skilled workers from across the globe find the country the best place to exhibit their expertise, acquire widespread name & fame even as they enjoy a peaceful & prosperous life therein. For the world immigrants, the UK immigration program is the best choice for study, business, employment, and/or settlement purposes.

Population & Geography

The beautiful island nation is home to over 62.74 million people (2011 census) even while it is renowned and famous for its multicultural social living worldwide.

Its capital, London, is a famed world cosmopolitan city and holds the maximum number of the nation’s people. The mega city is said to be one of the best place on the earth, for residence purposes.

The nation’s total land area is 243,160 square kilometers even while the UK is the 6th biggest economy in the world & the third biggest in Europe, measured by the GDP. The Island nation is a permanent member of the UN Security Council. It is also a key member of the European Union (EU), the Commonwealth of Nations, NATO, G20, G8, OECD, World Trade Organization (WTO), and the Council of Europe.

UK Culture & Lifestyle

The overall quality of life and the living standard of the nationals of the UK is regarded one of the best in the world. London is celebrated for its high fashion culture, stock market, & commerce goings-on. A large number of migrants from all across the globe wish to make London their home, for obvious purposes.

Every key living aspect, like home, work, safety, society, law, education, entertainment, & healthcare are at its best and most appealing in the country. The nation’s Permanent Residents are proffered essential public healthcare that too absolutely free. Many of the globe’s well-known sport shows are organized in the country with the BPL Football season, Cricket, Golf, Tennis (Wimbledon), Rugby being just some of them. The migrants to the country get every possible facilities, luxuries, and things for which they immigrate to the country.

UK Economy

The national economy is said to be one of the most powerful in the whole world (even today) even as the same is based on the partly regulated market economy. The nation’s economy has direct & significant influence on the global economy & stock markets. Being the 6th biggest global economy, the UK economy generates employment to accommodate and reduce joblessness on the global stage.

One of the factors of the UK economy which we cannot ignore is the flocking of innovative and talented overseas individuals who are interested in making UK their home. When it comes to finance and business services you will be glad to know that London which is the capital of the UK is regarded as the financial centre of the world with many big brands and companies ready to invest here. 

Further, industrialization & manufacturing is the main source of the nation’s economy & employment. Automotive industry is the chief manufacturing sector with £52.5 billion of turnover, and recruiting over 180,000 workers, besides accounting for £26.6 billion.

The Aerospace segment accounts for a turnover of £20 billion. It is succeeded by the pharmaceutical industry with the reason being the same is the third biggest share of world R&D expenditures in the pharmaceutical.

Significantly post the world economic meltdown the UK is beginning to see positive results with business activities picking-up, firms continuing to employ fresh workers & the end-users beginning to splurge yet again. A chain of studies made available reveal that the UK is back on the path to recovery even as the experts expect the national economy to develop by 1% this year and by 2% during 2014.

In short, the UK’ economy is the best playground for investors and/or business aliens, besides entrepreneur-migrants to exhibit their skills and lead a flourishing business.

Employment & Working Conditions

The UK Work Visas are usually much sought after by the world migrants keen to shift to an overseas country through the skilled UK Immigration Programs. London safeguards the right of its workers, via slapping strict employment rules & salary criteria.

There is a mandatory rest period for workers which is up to 4 hours of work every day and a minimum of one day of rest per week. Also there is an additional pay for overtime work and laws speak of full-time workers to get minimum of 4 weeks paid vacation each year.

Nearly every employee enjoys the right to not less than 4 weeks of fully paid leave per annum, illness pay, & maternity or paternity leave. It’s the duty of the recruiters/firms to take care of its workers’ health & safety. The UK job and income conditions are regarded to be one of the best in the world.

UK Immigration Programs

During the past couple of years, the nation has brought-in several fresh UK immigration classes. The points based skilled immigration category the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme which earlier had proved to be very successful & fruitful has been substituted with the Tier 1 (General). It’s a component of the nation’s latest five-tier points based system even as the same includes highly skilled migrants, Sponsored Skilled Workers, Temporary workers, global students.

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