The category is limited to providing 1000 places. The new category is meant for exceptionally talented people having performed remarkable work in the arena of science, arts and humanities with intention to work and settle in the UK in the later stages.

You need to be exceptional or outstanding in the field which you have chosen to apply under when you move to the UK. You can work under this visa if you are eligible and are endorsed by either a renowned leader (exceptional talent) or an emergent leader (exceptional promise) as a matter of fact. 

The prospective applicant must be globally recognized, or are likely to become global leaders in their niche area. Our immigration experts at Abhinav would assist our prospective applicants in filing applications under the New Exceptional Talent Program for UK category, provided they qualify. Below mentioned are the pre-requisites to qualify under the UK Immigration New Exceptional Talent Visa Program.

Process to apply for the UK New Exceptional Talent Visa Program
  • The first stage begins with Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) visa wherein you first need to apply to the Home Office for endorsement in the role of a leader or an emergent leader in your specific line of Interest. This is for those who have proved time and again about their exceptional talent in their own field to be considered for an endorsement like a proven record of successive successes. 
  • When it comes to Exceptional Promise it speaks about the category of individuals who already are proven leaders in their respective field. These might have been the early birds, but have achieved tremendous success in their respective endeavours. The theme of progress is crucial when you file an application for the UK New Exceptional Talent Visa.
  • This first stage of endorsement must be applied for via online means as your application which has been submitted shall be analysed by an organisation who is in connection with your turf and can also be referred to as the  ’Designated Competent Body’. Some of the examples one can site are the Royal Society which is for science and medicine, The British Academy catering to humanities, Tech Nation complies to digital technology), Arts Council England is specially for art and architecture and not to forget the Royal Academy of Engineering.
  • In case you are an architect or are in to architecture, fashion or film and television, the Arts Council shall put your application forward to the Royal Institute of British Architects, British Fashion Council, as well as Producers Alliance for Cinema and Television when it comes to their designated bodies.
  • The new Tech Nation Visa Scheme of the government permits the body to authority endorse applications for the exceptional talent visa of the UK. This is due to the fact that the government wants to increase the number of talented immigrants to be able to help build the economic health of the UK. 
  • It takes a period of 8 weeks to get a decision as once you have succeeded once you get an email from the Home Office along with a copy of an endorsement letter.
  • The second stage of the UK New Exceptional Talent Visa process involves you applying for the actual visa. But if there is a dismissal of your visa you can even ask for a re-assessment of your endorsement.
  • Just keep in mind that just because you have the endorsement letter does not mean that you are guaranteed a visa. Reviews for the eligibility of your visa shall be made apart and on their very own grounds and reasons which are submitted for the UK New Exceptional Talent Visa

Entry requirement the UK New Exceptional Talent Visa

1. It is essential to be endorsed by a designated Competent Body.
2. Not mandatory to have any English level requirement
3. General Grounds for Refusal would be applicable.
4. You should be outside from the European Union or Switzerland 
5. You should submit the copy of the endorsement letter emailed to you at the first stage itself
6. If you are staying in the UK already ensure that you apply for the UK New Exceptional Talent Visa prior to the ending of your existence of your current leave to remain which is best described as a month prior to its end.
7. Make it a point to apply 3 months prior to you receiving your endorsement letter as this can lead to a refusal of your application. 
8. In case you are applying from out of UK you should be submitting the test results of Tuberculosis if you come from a nation wherein it is mandatory to take the test. 

Fees to be submitted at the First and second stage of the UK New Exceptional Talent Visa
The first stage of the entire process for the UK New Exceptional Talent Visa comes to £456. Whereas when it comes to the second stage of the UK New Exceptional Talent Visa it generally costs £152 but only £97 if you belong to either Turkey or Macedonia. The cost of the application for the UK New Exceptional Talent Visa for dependants can come to a total of £608.


  1. It is mandatory for the applicant to be economically active in their niche.
  2. Intermediate English level.

Grants of leave

  1. Initial grant of 3 years and 4 months
  2. 2 years extension (after fulfilling the pre-requisites)


  1. It is mandatory for the applicant to be economically active in their niche
  2. Knowledge of life test is applicable
  3. May qualify for ILR after a span of 5 years.


  1. Granted leave in line with main applicant.

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