The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Programme (MPNP) allows the province to draw the precise immigrants who have the perfect credentials and whose qualifications and experience best suit the specific local job market. The province understands the numerous benefits the qualified immigrants may bring to both the region’s economy and people. Against this backdrop, the Manitoba PNP was brought into existence, and tailored in such a way that the immigration procedure for the talented people keen to reside inside the province got accelerated.

Two different methods are available for the prospective immigrants to submit an application to the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Programme 2017. Outside of Express Entry, they may send an Expression of Interest (EOI) openly to the Immigration Manitoba. In case the applicant gets a Manitoba nominee certificate from the MPNP, he may present a petition to acquire PR in Canada employing Express Entry, via creating a fresh profile and uploading their qualifications.

On the other hand, those keen to move to Manitoba via the MPNP, may start out via generating a profile for the Express Entry that officially exhibits their interest in movement to the province.

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The Immigration Manitoba Provincial Nominee Programme may send the individual a Notification of Interest (NOI) through Express Entry, sending an invite to him to present an EOI to the scheme.

In case offered a Manitoba nomination, the would-be immigrant's profile for Express Entry then will be promptly given the nomination certificate with an extra 600 points under the Express Entry CRS.

This noteworthy swell in the CRS total would fetch the person an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for PR in the nation through the following Canada Express Entry draw.

The Permanent Resident petitions for the nation processed via Express Entry are much faster; it takes less than 6 months to process it.

MPNP Categories

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Programme 2017 has three classes, namely, Manitoba Invitation, Manitoba Connection, and Business Investor.

Manitoba Invitation Stream

As the name suggests, an actual Letter of Invitation from the Manitoba Nominee Programme 2017 is involved. With a view to get this invitation there is no requirement on the part of the would-be immigrant to reside in the province. The MPNP moves across the globe hunting for the gifted people who have abilities and experience that can make a difference to the province.

Manitoba Connection Stream

Candidates with a link to the province have many potential streams to PR and these streams involve a direct link to an individual, business or establishment (like a university, for instance) in the region.

Manitoba Business Investor Stream

A successful Manitoba firm/enterprise is good for both the province and the business holder. This provincial nominee Manitoba immigration class is for those who wish to become a permanent resident Canada in the province, for the object of either launching their own firm/enterprise or purchasing an already running one.

Latest Update: This September 29, a combined total of 298 LAAs to the MPNP were doled-out to the aspirants in two sub-classes of the Skilled Workers category. While 258 LAAs were proffered to the candidates from the Skilled Workers in Manitoba sub-category, 40 were given to those from Skilled Workers Overseas sub-class.




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