Provincial Nominee Programs permits the provinces and territories of Canada to nominate skilled professional workers who want to immigrate, eventually settle down in Canada and contribute effectively to the local economy in a fruitful manner. Canadian provinces and territories who wish to participate in this exercise, sign an agreement with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). This pact lets the provinces select applicants based on their respective requirements.

Canada’s PNP Programs essentially accommodates prospective immigrant filing a petition through a specific province or territory in Canada and the related province has the legitimate right to nominate individuals via the Canadian Provincial Nomination Program. Québec is an exception to these programs as the province has its own pre-defined cluster of selection criteria.

The continued influence from The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) had made possible for many provinces and territories to settle down into a treaty with respect to skilled immigration agreements involving the particular requirement of recruiters and capital investment necessities for each geographical region. Hence a number of provinces in the nation have acquired their own specific business immigration schemes that are focused to motivate trained manpower to settle in these provinces.

Canada PNP - Provincial Nominee Programs for Skilled Workers

Each and every province or territory of Canada has its own exclusive Provincial Nomination Programs, suitably molded to positively cater to the specific requirement of the province or territory, to draw business individuals, investors, and/or qualified manpower. The aspirant will require zeroing in on the specific Canadian province that he/she wishes to move to, through the provincial nominee schemes (as mentioned below):

  • Alberta Provincial Nominee Program
  • British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program
  • Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program
  • New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program
  • Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Nominee Program
  • Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program
  • Northwest Territories Provincial Nominee Program
  • Nunavut Provincial Nominee Program
  • Ontario Provincial Nominee Program
  • Prince Edward Island (PEI) Provincial Nominee Program
  • Quebec Provincial Nominee Program
  • Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program
  • Yukon Provincial Nominee Program

In one’s own right, as a potential aspirant to the Maple Leaf Country you would be given a nomination from the administration of appropriate provinces, which is though subject to an obtainable employment offer from a provincial recruiter/job-provider. To be eligible to shift to the nation as a provincial nominee, you must present an application to the involved province or territory wherein you hope to stay, through its nomination course. For receiving a PR state of any explicit Canadian Province, you need to get an appraisal for your profile by the provincial visa and immigration authorities.

Our Canada RCIC Agent

If you have a confirmed job offer from a provincial employer, Abhinav would lead your application through rest of the processes such as filing for various approvals from Human Resource Canada and provincial government and making certain that you follow provincial nomination procedures applicable through the skilled migration scheme. It will be succeeded by due preparation, and submitting your petition under the applicable federal submission procedure meant for the provincial nominee candidates.

ABHINAV and its certified authorized representatives, have several years of relevant experience in supervising and safeguarding the needs of the prospective provincial general skilled immigrants, and also the provincial investor and business class applicants.

With a view to submitting anapplication, through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), the candidates should, among others:

  • Havereceived a nomination from a specific Canadian province or territory, and afterwards submit a submission to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), to obtain the nation’s cherished Permanent Resident Canada position.
  • Each and every concerned province & territory has its own particular nomination guidelines, and it could amend these without any prior notice. Given this, it is vital that the aspirants check province’s& territory’s websites for the latest updates.

How to Apply Canada PNP

Once the above criterions are met, you are required to present a submission to the CIC for PR, as soon as a province or territory acknowledges your profile.

Follow these major steps to submit your submission for provincial nomination under the Express entry pool.

  • File your application into the express entry pool.
  • File your application with the qualifying province.
  • Wait for confirmation for intent to nominate from the province.
  • File the application/provide required documents to the provincial agency.
  • Received provincial nomination
  • Update the information related to nomination the pool application.
  • Wait for invite.
  • File on-line permanent residence application with CIC, along with all documents and required fee.
  • Wait for file transfer to nearest visa post and complete rest of the formalities including medical and visa issuance.

What are the key benefits of applying to a Canada PNP program?

  • Provincial Nomination speeds the application processing for your Canada PR will be processed quickly.
  • There is no Job Offer requirement for the PNP Canada which is another beneficial factor to consider
  • The candidate can enjoy the No-hassle pool selections
  • After receiving the PNP Nomination candidates are authorized to live and work in Canada for as long as they want.
  • The applicant can sponsor relatives for a temporary and permanent stay after the Permanent Residency.
  • Canadian permanent residents have the access to travel throughout the country without any restrictions
  • Canadian citizenship can be easily attained once they live in Canada for the necessary amount of time.

Express Entry Vs PNP Canada- Which is best to apply Canada PR?

Express Entry is the most common pathway that all the aspiring candidates choose for their Canada PR. If a candidate could not meet the score in accordance with the latest draw then he/she has another opportunity to receive Permanent residency through Canada PNP program. It is the most convenient way for the immigration as there is no points regulations and no additional requirements.

Which PNP require lowest IELTS score?

Saskatchewan and Manitoba are the provinces which has no strict regulations for Language Proficiency wherein they accept the applications with the minimum CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark) 4.

The PNP professionals of Abhinav would advocate which plan would be best for our customers, as per their specific case studies, thus bringing the finest option before them. The CIC clearly describes which immigration specialist can represent a petition on the behalf of their customers to the body. The CIC calls them sanctioned agents, even as the Regulated Canadian Immigration agents who happen to be members in good standing of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council are among them. In case you are signing-up an immigration advisor who charges money for his professional services to be on the safer side, make certain that he is a certified agent to represent your case with the CIC & other government bureaus of the nation.

PNP immigrants find good jobs in Canada

A Research by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), Statistics Canada revealed that immigrants who come to Canada through provincial nominee programs find better job opportunities and have stronger labor market outcomes. These newcomers also have the ability to earn high wages and demonstrate an excellent labor market participation with their skills, experience, and sheer determination.

Why PNP immigrants are successful in Canada?

  • PNP immigrants are selected based on their calibre to meet the local labour market needs of a specific province and territory.
  • These migrants also high levels of human capital, such as strong language skills, impressive educational background, work experience, and strong networking skills.
  • PNP selection criteria often screens for Canadian work experience, Canadian education, and pre-arranged employment in Canada.

The goal of Abhinav is to fruitfully make you well established in the nation, in your favored province. In case you wish to immigrate to Canada, and are eager to get established in the country that too in the province of your choice, send across your CV to [email protected], or fill our Free of Charge Appraisal Form sooner than laterItis also important to make certain that in case you are employing the services of an immigration agent who charges for these services that he is a certified agent and has the rights to represent your case with the CIC, besides other bureaus of the Government of Canada.

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