India's most trusted and legitimate immigration consultancy presents an exciting opportunity for people from all walks of life to participate in a unique refer-and-earn program.

Since 1994, the Abhinav Group has been the industry leader in providing lawful and transparent visa solutions to:

  • Skilled workers, self-employed people, and foreign job seekers
  • Businesspersons and start-up entrepreneurs
  • High net-worth individuals
  • Intra-company transferees
  • International students
  • Family members of immigrants

The Group now has five distinct domains catering to specific immigrant profiles:

Each field operates under the keen supervision of industry stalwarts and a team of dedicated professionals who have 750+ years of cumulative experience.

What Does an Affiliate Do?

By recommending our immigration and overseas education services to prospective immigrants within your personal and professional networks, you can earn a sizeable commission – while our highly-trained, seasoned experts will seamlessly carry out the client's sign-up and immigration process.

Who Can Become an Affiliate?

  • Business owners providing immigration-related services – including IELTS coaching centers and overseas education consultants
  • Self-employed people – such as artists, insurance agents, freelancers, fashion designers, etc.
  • Skilled professionals – lawyers, medical practitioners, Chartered Accountants, Architects, etc
  • Socialites
  • Retired bureaucrats and corporate executives
  • Established consumer-connect businesses – luxury retailers, salons, and eateries
  • Real estate and travel agents

Role and Responsibilities of an Affiliate

  • The affiliate will provide client referrals through our authorized IT gateway.
  • Affiliates can choose to attend optional workshops conducted by our trainers – to gain information about new offerings and immigration programs.
  • The affiliates should maintain a good rapport with the client from the point of introduction to process completion.

Duties of Abhinav

  • Our experts will be responsible for providing an understanding of the Abhinav Group's product portfolio.
  • We will provide digital marketing collaterals and necessary training on sourcing leads through personal networks and social media.
  • Our consultants will assess the referred prospects' eligibility, suggest an appropriate immigration pathway, address all concerns, and convert the prospect into a client.
  • The client will then be guided through the immigration process by our operations team.
  • Our client relations team will handle client feedback
  • Our trainers will also conduct optional quarterly workshops on current immigration programs, promotional strategies, and the latest product offerings.

How are Affiliates Selected?

  1. Submit application form: Forms are only available upon request. Those who could be eligible should submit a registration fee.
  2. Application Screening: Group Abhinav's core team will assess each application and select the most suitable candidates.
  3. Product Introduction: Shortlisted candidates will undergo a 30-minute product orientation session conducted by our trainers.
  4. Interview: Candidates will appear for an interview with senior executives – to discuss the program and identify potential outcomes. Past and present clients of the Abhinav Group, and affiliates recommended by them, are exempted from the interview process.
  5. Sign-up: Selected candidates will sign an agreement with the Abhinav Group and pay the set fee to become an affiliate.

Registration Fee and Agreement Tenure

Application submission fee: Rs 2,000 + 18% GST – for successful candidates, this application fee will be adjusted in the registration fee.

The registration fee for successful candidates

  • Two-year affiliation: Rs 1,00,000 + 18% GST
  • Four-year affiliation: Rs 2,00,000 + 18% GST

Tenure Extension fee: If both parties agree to continue the affiliation, the agreement can be extended by making an additional payment of Rs 2,00,000 + 18% GST

Commission Structure will be forwaredd after receipt of the duly filled up application form available at

Benefits of Becoming an Affiliate

  • Significant commission – predicted referral income of at least Rs 1,50,000 (minimum 50% return on investment) over two years ending on the 30th month from the date of signing the agreement (the initial six months will focus on orientation and lead conversion).
  • Generous refund policy: If the affiliate does not earn a minimum referral income of Rs 1,50,000, then the affiliate will refund the amount of Rs 50,000. The fellow will retain the referral income earned during the agreed period.
  • No limit on the number of clients an affiliate can refer
  • The affiliate introduces prospective immigrants. Our business team takes it forward by addressing the client's queries and closing the deal.
  • Our marketing professionals will guide affiliates to ensure maximum outreach and lead generation
  • Once the prospect signs up as our client, our experienced processing team facilitates the entire visa process. There is no obligation on the affiliate throughout this stage.
  • The affiliate is not responsible for the outcome of the visa application.
  • Affiliates have an opportunity to develop and utilize their promotional skills to work in collaboration with India's leading global relocation consultancy.
  • Affiliates will also gain valuable insights into the niche field of immigration.

Why Partner with Abhinav?

Since 1994, the Abhinav Group has pioneered visa consultation in India and set industry standards for transparency and legitimacy – earning the goodwill of clients and rigorously building a pan-India presence by offering a broad range of reliable services:

  • Lawful counseling and representation for obtaining residency and citizenship overseas through investment, entrepreneurship, and skilled work
  • Guidance for destination and program selection, eligibility assessment, documentation support, application submission, and follow-up with international authorities
  • Immigration solutions for moving to North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific, and Caribbean islands
  • Financing options (through international associates) for high net-worth individuals who wish to migrate through a one-time investment
  • Essential guidance on sourcing funds, demonstrating personal net worth, preparing viable business plans, business incorporation, taxation planning, and planning growth trajectory for those who wish to migrate by establishing and running a business overseas
  • Coordination with angel investors, business incubators, and venture capitalist groups for those who plan to migrate by establishing a start-up venture abroad
  • Identifying businesses for sale overseas and profitable investment opportunities for those who plan to migrate by purchasing a business overseas.
  • Securing a visa for accompanying spouse, children, and parents; and guidance for meeting residency obligations.
  • Online IELTS coaching sessions with certified trainers
  • Facilitating exploratory visits to immigration destinations with assistance from international associates.
  • Training for visa interviews with our experts or international associates

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