Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189

The Skilled independent visa subclass 189 is the permanent visa for all the individuals having skills in demand, in the country’s thriving labour market. The permit is proffered to the candidates, via Points Based System (not sponsored). It enables the holders to immigrate to Australia, in case they have a good proficiency in the English language, employment experience, and also qualifications in a vocation in need in the famous immigration hotspot. The permit employs the points test to choose visa applicants who are in a field of high demand in the national labour market of Australia.

To put it differently, the skilled independent subclass 189 is essentially a points-based permanent permit/visa, even as it is meant for those trained/qualified experts from abroad & tradespersons, who do not have any sponsorship from any of these an Australian recruiter/firm, a territory or state, a family member. The holder of the (Sub-class 189 visa Australia) Immigration Permit is entitled to reside and get professionally involved on a permanent basis anywhere throughout the nation. Significantly, the aspirants for the visa can mention some of their family members in the petitions presented for the visa.

Eligibility Criteria for the Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189
The Skilled Independent Subclass 189 visa is not available to everyone who wants it. The 189 Skilled visa subclass has few established eligibility conditions for applicants. The following qualifications are required:
You must have been asked to apply for the visa subclass 189, and you must submit an expression of interest to indicate your plan to apply for the visa subclass 189.
For the visa subclass 189, your nominator should be a State Government agency or any Australian territory. You may apply for this visa only if you have been nominated in accordance with the requirements.
If you are requested to apply, you must be younger than 45 years old.
When applying for the Skilled Independent Visa subclass 189, you must certify that you have the necessary skills as determined by the Australian skills assessment body.
You must meet the English qualifying criteria and be fluent in the English language at the required level.
To be qualified for visa subclass 189, you must have a score of at least 65 points in your Expression of Interest.

189 Visa PR Processing Step by Step

Check Your Eligibility

Requirements of Australia Visa Subclass 189 (Skilled Independent):

Only those individuals can befittingly present a petition who possess an invite from the concerned organization. To suffice the Australia 189 visa requirements, it is vital that the candidate:

  • Submits an Australia Expression of Interest (EOI);          
  • Possess a vocation/line-of-work, given on the concerned skilled profession list;
  • Possess a suitable skills assessment for the given profession;
  • Is less than 50 years of age when he gets the invite;
  • Satisfies the compulsory English language requirements;
  • Obtains a minimum of 60 test points; and
  • Satisfies the character & health conditions.

It is essential that, before the submission for Australia Skilled Independent (Sub-class 189) Immigration Visa, the aspirant must submit an Expression of Interest (EOI), through Australia Skill Select. It is crucial that the Australia EOI submission has the information regarding positive skills evaluation from the concerned skills assessment group, and also the essential details related to the IELTS Test score.

Benefits of Australia Visa Subclass 189 (Skilled Independent):

  • This popular permit enables the holders and minor aspirants (if any) mentioned in the permit submission to reside as permanent residents in Australia.
  • Since it is basically a permanent residence visa, the holders are entitled to stay in the country for an indefinite period.
  • Australian PR Holder is entitled to all the benefits like access to healthcare which is Australian government subsidized, access to social security benefits, basic and advances education and the person owning this visa can also apply for Australian citizenship.
  • The Visa holder can convert his Australia permanent resident citizenship status once he completes his stay of 4 years.

Subclass 189 Point Test Calculator / Australia Point System

In order to acquire the Permanent Residency in Australia, an applicant must secure the required score of minimum 65 points under the subclass 189 points test calculator. The applicants are awarded certain points under the Australian PR Points system based on the parameters of Age, English Language Proficiency, Educational Qualification, Work Experience etc.


Subclass 189 Visa Processing Time

The entire application procedural time under the 189 Skilled – Independent Points-tested visa will take around 6 to 11 months to receive PR Permit post submission of your application.

Subclass 189 Visa Cost / Fees

The visa fees for Primary Applicant under the skilled independent visa subclass 189 is 3755 AUD

Interested in presenting a submission for Australia Skilled Independent (Sub-class 189) Immigration Visa? If yes, please share with us:

  • Your updated CV
  • Your partner’s bio-data, in case applicable
  • Particulars of kids, in case applicable


How Do I Apply for Visa Subclass 189?

Only on invitation can you apply for the skilled independent visa (subclass 189). Invitees must apply within 60 days of receiving the invitation. Only after the SkillSelect assessment can the procedure move further. Higher first exam scores will boost your chances of acquiring this visa. Based on the timing of submission and other factors, the immigration service may examine or prioritize applications. Close relatives and family members can also be included in the application.

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