The Australian Department of Home Affairs (DHA) offers numerous easy-to-follow visa categories that suit the aspirants of all kinds. Right from Business Visas to Student Visas, from Tourist Visas to Skilled Worker Visas the number of visa kinds offered both permanent and provisional by the DHA is fairly big. To get any of these visas, it is compulsory to fulfill the obligatory Australia Visa Requirements and pay the necessary visa fees.

While for the different permanent visa categories, you require fulfilling the compulsory Australian Permanent Residency requirements, which are comparatively harder to fulfill; for the impermanent categories, such as the Tourist Visas, you require fulfilling Temporary Visa requirements which are somewhat easier to meet.

Of all the categories of visas up-for-grabs, the Skilled Worker Visas enjoy widespread popularity. Offered through the General Skilled Migration (GSM) Programme, also known as SkillSelect, these visas necessitate fulfilling the compulsory Australia visa requirements to obtain them.

Eligibility Criteria for Australia Skilled Worker Visa
  • All applicants, whether skilled or sponsored workers, must be younger than 45.
  • They must be of sound mind and character, as proven by a necessary character certificate.
  • They must have a good IELTS score.
  • They must choose a profession from the Australian SOL/CSOL to apply for.
  • They must achieve a score of more than 60 points based on important profile variables such as age, education, English proficiency, and work experience, among others.
  • They must have their skills evaluated by a Skill Assessment Authority.
  • They must fill out an Expression of Interest form and submit it to the Australian Immigration Authority online.
  • If they apply through the sponsored or nominated visa categories, they must obtain a nomination from an Australian state or territory.


Australia Immigration Visa Requirements

Australia Visa Requirements for Skilled Worker Category

Skilled Worker Visas are permanent by nature and so you require fulfilling the mandatory Australia PR Visa Requirements for these to get them this year.

  • Age: As per the requirements for emigrating to Australiaunder the visa category in question, you must be less than 45 years old when you submit an application.
  • English Language: You should have adequate skills in the English language to do a job in the Maple Leaf Country (not less than at a skilled stage).
  • Nominated Profession: At the time of submitting your application, you need to nominate a skilled line-of-work, which suits your particular abilities & qualifications. It is mandatory that the profession finds mention on the Australian Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List.
  • Skills Assessment: Prior to you submit your petition, as per the Australian visa requirements and beyond for the specific visa category, you must have your skills duly assessed by the Australian reviewing organization chosen to review your nominated line-of-work (which will typically have particular qualifications conditions).
  • Health Appraisal: As per the Australian visa application requirements for the particular category, your health must be practically good and you should not be suffering from any communicable disease that may present a danger to the well-being of the local Australians. You must have your health appraised by a panel doctor and go through a medical examination.
  • Character Appraisal: You should be of a good character and there should be no criminal charges slapped against you even as this too will be reviewed.
  • Get The Minimum Required Points: You require getting not less than 65 points on the points test to meet the Australia visa requirements for the specific visa category.

In case you cannot fulfill the mandatory Australian Visa Requirements for the category and successfully sail through the Points Test, then you should not continue with a GSM application.

How to Obtain a Permanent Resident Visa to Australia from India
The Australian Skilled Worker Visa is an "invitation only" program, which means you must be invited by the Department of Home Affairs (former DIBP) before you may apply for a PR visa to Australia.
The first step is to declare your interest in the form of an expression of interest (EOI). You must determine how many points you may be entitled to under the Skill Select point scoring system as part of your EOI.
Although you are not needed to give proof to support your self-assessed point score during the EOI stage, if you are invited to apply, you will be asked to supply the papers to support your EOI points claim. Candidate must apply within 60 days after receiving an ITA (Invitation to Apply) and must demonstrate that at the time of application, you meet all visa criteria as well as your EOI points score.
As a result, if you receive an invitation to apply but are unable to gather all of the required documents within 60 days, you will either run out of time and miss your chance to apply, or you will submit an application that will fail due to a lack of evidence.
As you can see, it is critical to prepare the full case before to the EOI process. The first stage in preparing for your Australian Skilled Visa Eligibility is to identify a suitable skilled occupation and compute your points score.
Different Subclasses for Australia Skilled Worker Visa 
There are various options and classifications by which an applicant might relocate to Australia. The following are examples of subclasses:
Australia Skilled Independent Immigration Visa Subclass189: This visa is for individuals with in-demand skills and competencies in the country. It is a visa with a point system. And this visa is only for candidates who do not have sponsorship from a state or territory government or a relative who lives in Australia. It permits the individual to live and work in Australia and enjoy all of the services such as medical, educational, social, and so on. The individual can also petition for citizenship after spending a certain amount of time in the homeland.
State Sponsored Visa (Sub Class190): The Sub Class 190 visa program is for candidates who have skills and abilities that are in demand in a specific state or territory of a country, as demonstrated by the independent states occupation list, but are unable to meet the eligibility criteria required to obtain a skilled independent visa. This visa is based on an invitation.
It takes 60 points, which are computed based on age qualification, experience, and an English test.
This visa permits you to live and work in Australia, as well as apply for Australian citizenship after spending a certain amount of time in a certain state.
Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa (Sub Class 489): This visa is a four-year temporary visa for applicants who have skills and abilities in demand in a specific state or territories of a country, as demonstrated by the independent states occupation list, but are unable to meet the criteria required to obtain a sponsored visa (subclass 190).
It is a visa that requires an invitation. This visa allows you to reside and work in Australia for four years and to travel as many times as the visa allows.
Australia Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186: The employer nomination scheme for Australia is primarily intended for qualified temporary residents or trained personnel who are based abroad and may, at the time of application, be residing and actively engaged in a job. This visa is part of the group of employer-sponsored visas. Applicants may apply for the permit only after being nominated by an Australia-based recruiter/company.
Business Talent in Australia (subclass 132): The Significant Business History Stream and the Venture Capital Entrepreneur Stream are subcategories of this visa category. The first is intended for successful business owners or partners who want to take on a key management role in a brand-new or established business. The number two position is reserved for individuals who have obtained at least AUD1 million in funding from an Australian venture capital firm.
Skilled Worker Visa for Australia from India
The skilled worker migration process in Australia is becoming increasingly complicated. Because current rules are continuously being changed to reflect Australian policy requirements, and new rules are being implemented, application processes can quickly become complicated.
Abhinav Immigration offers advice on how to assess eligibility for the Australian Skill Select visa at a basic level. However, to increase your chances of success, seek a personalized eligibility assessment from an immigration consultancy.
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