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The amazingly beautiful and well-known Canadian province of Quebec, located in the east-central part of the nation, is the sole Canadian province which has a largely French-speaking populace even as French is its only official language at the provincial stage.
Popular amongst the discernible migrants who are keen on Canada immigration, Quebec rolls-out red-carpet welcome to more than 45,000 aliens per annum, from a staggering 100 countries. These people vigorously participate in the province’s economic, social & cultural integration.  For those keen to migrate to the Maple Country for employment, business or study purposes, Quebec immigration would be the best choice.

Significantly, Quebec immigration system is different from other Canadian Provincial Nominee Programs, the reason being that the administration of Quebec has its own separate immigration arrangement & associated laws to propel the economy with investments, besides labor-force. The administration enjoys the right to mandate & change the immigration laws & regulations, apart from the yearly quotas keeping in mind its specific needs, and in sync with the federal administration.

The immigration visa procedures for Quebec are regarded relatively swifter & easier, vis-à-vis the federal immigration schemes even while the province is witness to superior economical movements, as compared to the remaining provinces of the nation, providing a plethora of attractive opportunities to the worldwide investors & qualified manpower.

The province boasts of a rather high living standards, superior educational and transportation facilities even as its administration is eager to draw business talents from across the world, via proffering easy immigration path to them.  Quebec has a healthy economy and a GDP which is at par with some of the leading global economies. Every year, its thriving industries--with generous help from the provincial administration--generate a large number of well-paying employment-opportunities for the qualified persons.  

Quebec Population & Geography

Apart from being arguably the most preferred immigration destination of the nation Quebec is also the second most populated & the biggest province in the country inhabiting more than 7.9 million persons on its territories. By and large, the province’s natives are cosmopolitan with a global outlook, and are perfectly comfortable with the idea of sharing space and the spoils of growth with the immigrants from every nationality & ethnic group.

Quebec Living & Culture

Superior standards and quality of life inspire the world migrants. That they get these in Quebec cannot be contested even while the migrants leave no stones unturned to be a part of the wonderful and forward-looking inhabitants of Quebec. Further, individual and collective growth of all is something that the province and those who administer it strongly believe in. People feel secure and well looked after in the province, thanks to its quality healthcare & educational facilities, and the absence of discrimination against the foreign ethnic groups.

Actually, the diversity in culture has boosted the Quebec society with liveliness & superior values. Hence, it’s no surprise that the province is considered an only-one-of-its-kind immigration hotspot of not only Canada but the entire world.  Importantly, despite being one of the most sought after immigration destinations, the overall expenses of living, accommodation, food, transportation & clothing, apart from personal taxation, is not quite high.

Quebec Economy & Job

The province is a leading industrialized Canadian province even as it houses overabundance of famed global firms. With a capitalist economy--shored-up by mammoth natural resources and well-developed infrastructure--its economy is the 37th world’s largest, and accounts for nearly 20.35% of the total of the Maple Country’s GDP. Much like other industrialized countries, its economy is based mainly on the services sector. Of late, though it’s gradually shifting to the knowledge economy.

Aerospace, Information Technology, Finance, Tourism, Optics & Photonics, Health Industry are just some of the leading sectors for the Quebec economy even while the individuals involved with these fields have exceptional chances of doing well there. For the past some years, the province has shown a robust economic performance. Its economic vigor is thanks to several issues such as: its tactical position in the North America; overflowing natural resources; hydro-electric power at moderately low production expenses; very educated & trained manpower; pioneering & self-motivated R&D; export of goods throughout the globe.

As far as job opportunities goes, it proffers first-rate job opportunities to skilled aliens & experts. Significantly, the City of Quebec & its surrounding areas boast of a robust economy, a very low rate of unemployment, besides an outstanding work atmosphere. It is forecasted that over the next 5 years or so there will be nearly 70,000 job-openings in the area.

Further, the available information suggests that the province GDP is $303.7 billion (2009). When it comes to GDP per person, on an individual basis, it overtakes many countries, including Italy, Greece, & Spain. The province’s economy is placed amongst the 50 leading world economies. Interestingly, though Quebec is just a province and not a nation, its economy matches that of Portugal.

Furthermore, the administration actively supports business immigration, via proffering easy to follow immigration procedure. We, at Abhinav, shall be more than happy to provide you counsel on the eligibility prerequisites & the petition procedure for Skilled Worker Program to Quebec.

Quebec Job & Working Conditions

Since the province happens to be the Maple Country’s key job creator, stumbling across a well-paying employment opportunity in it is, frankly, not really very difficult. The healthy economic, manufacturing & export activities make the Canadian province perhaps the most favored immigration hotspot by the qualified aliens.

Working atmosphere is Quebec something to go town with even as the usual salaries proffered to the qualified workers are comparatively higher than what one gets in other Canadian provinces. No wonder, amongst the many provinces of the nation, Quebec is regarded the best place to get employed & reside at for the trained workers from abroad.

Quebec Immigration Programs

Quebec has the authority to mandate and make public its own immigration arrangement, quota & criteria even while the various immigration schemes on offer from the province are completely different and unrelated with the Canada PNP. These immigration paths to Quebec are up for grabs: Quebec Investor Program, Quebec Entrepreneur Program, Quebec Self-employed Person Program, Quebec Skilled Worker Program, & Quebec Experience Class.

Quebec immigrant investor program likely to reopen from 30th May 2016

From 30th May 2016 this year, the doors for Quebec immigrant investor program could be thrown wide open for accepting new applications. It has been nearly 1 year or more since this much sought after Canada immigration scheme has stopped admitting visa petitions.

Quebec Immigration with Abhinav

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Please note: In case you are employing the services of a professional advisor for immigration to Quebec, make certain that he is a duly certified agent. He must have authorization from the Quebec administration--which along with the concerned Quebec Immigration bureau--will not deal with the non-authorized agents who get handsomely paid for the immigration and visa services that they offer.

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