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Certified Immigration Consultant for Canada PR Visa in India

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Profile of Yvon Guerin, Authorized Representative

Canada being an important immigration destination, the focus has shifted to the role of the immigration consultancies and representatives towards facilitating the smooth progress of their clients’ immigration process. The Citizenship and Immigration Canada clearly defines who can represent his application with the department as an authorized representative. Amongst them is Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC), who needs to be members in good standing of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (

Immigration Consultants who are either not a lawyer or notary or an RCIC cannot and are not allowed to represent you with any Canadian government agency or immigration department. A consultant or partner not meeting requirements of either of the 3 qualifying categories simply cannot act as authorized representative and is just acting as a documentation guide. And, if you wish to hire such a representative, then you might as well file directly; as such partner do not have any right to follow- up on your behalf.

Canada Government certified Immigration Consultant is your assurance of quality and are equipped with the latest information on immigration law, procedures and practices, and they go about their business according to a strict, enforceable Code of Conduct of ICCRC.

To become certified consultants, one must pass a rigorous application process, which requires evidence of good character, and tests knowledge and language skills. For added security and client protection, the certified consultants are fully insured for errors and omissions, and they can be subject to complaints that are all duly investigated by Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). The Council’s mandate is to protect the consumers of immigration consulting services and also ensure the competent and professional conduct of its members. Thus, you can formally complain to the ICCRC for any misdeed or professional misconduct of a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC). No such course is available when you hire an unauthorized immigration representative or a plain vanilla documentation company or consultant to manage your Permanent Resident Visa application for Immigration to Canada. In addition, such an unauthorized representative would not have been formally educated in Canadian Immigration laws, or gets an opportunity to update knowledge on regular and ongoing basis. What you get is from an unauthorized immigration representative is the information available on the Internet something that you are already may be aware of!

The Government of Canada and the related Canada Immigration office will not deal with non-authorized representatives who are paid a consulting fee for their service. This key benefit and value addition come your way when you deal with an authorized immigration representative, or with a company that offers you the services of such an authorized representative. Much more importantly, such a representative has adequate knowledge of immigration laws to deal effectively with immigration agencies, on your behalf and can represent you effectively in addressing Canada Immigration Office queries, refusal and rebuttals.

Beware of companies that mention that they are offering representation of an authorized representative on their website but whose services are actually not available on the contract you are signing as a client! They are cheating you without saying so. In fact, the package they are offering does not carry services of authorized representative. When you dig deeper, they say that services are available but at higher fee. You MUST get all clarifications on this critical area and one-way of asking them is at whose address (email/postal) is available with CIC as regards your application. If you are informed that it is YOUR mailing address, then your antenna should go up.

ABHINAV - A Trusted Immigration Partner for Mr. Yvon Guérin

ABHINAV is an partner of Mr. Yvon Guerin, a well-experienced immigration industry veteran who meets the specific requirements to represent our clients, with various Canadian immigration government departments and agencies. He is based at Montreal, Canada. Mr. Yvon Guerin is director of section Immigrate to Canada.

Mr. Yvon Guerin’s RCIC Membership Number is R411407 and his Quebec Membership number is 11067.Mr. Yvon Guerin’s employment and professional career spans almost 40 years and includes more than 20 years in the field of Canadian Immigration. Mr. Guerin worked with Government of Quebec - Ministry of Immigration, as an immigration counselor for almost 10 years. While being employed with Ministry of Immigration, he held responsibilities as a Immigration manager in Hong Kong, Beirut and Rome; In Paris, manager of North Africa; Head officer in Buenos Aires, Sao Paolo, Rome and Damascus; Manager of Refugee department; Manager of ministerial cases and sponsorship department; Training of new counselors; Manager of Middle East zone.

Mr. Yvon Guerin brings a lot on table for Canada destined applicants and he has entered into an agreement with ABHINAV for representing ABHINAV applicants with various Canadian Immigration offices. Mr. Yvon Guerin has excellent knowledge of Canadian Immigration matters being an ex-officer with Immigration agencies;
Mr. Yvon Guerin is based in Montreal, Canada and being an RCIC and member of ICCRC, he is always updated with latest happening in immigration arena;
Mr. Yvon Guerin is an authorized representative for federal and Quebec and is mentioned on Quebec domain registered for Immigration consultants and with RCIC.

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