1. BCPNP British Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration
  2. Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program for Business
  3. Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP)


With a view to fruitfully cater to the requirements of more migrants in the urbanized Canadian provinces, the Canada Immigration and Citizenship (CIC) set-up the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP),to achieve the requirement of labor force in these specific provinces. More skills would improve individual economies along with distributing adequate investments in those professions which necessitate labor from abroad.

Those who are looking to get hold of a Canadian Permanent Residency (PR) Card - the PNP could be worth taking into consideration. This specific scheme permits employment based, investment based immigration,besides immigration in some other circumstances.

Ottawa has negotiated several provincial &territorial skilled immigration deals relating to the specific needs of the recruiters &capital investment necessities for each specific geographical region. Hence, a majority of the Canadian provinces also boast of their own particular Canada Provincial Nominee Programs for Businessmen and Investors that are molded to inspire trained manpower to reside in those provinces.

For potential immigrants under the Canada Business Provisional Program understanding the various grains associated with the petition procedure could not be an easy or simple affair, thanks to the many aspects linked to it.

Abhinav's immigration professionals comprehend what all it takes to present and manage the petition under the scheme, in the process, making certain that the bowl gets duly filled systematically, minus any excess spilling.

Our Canada RCIC Agent

Yearly Immigration Quota, Abhinav’s Role

Every specific Canadian province and this does not include Quebec,boasts of its own quota for admitting skilled migration offered by the yearly Immigration quota. Keen aspirants aiming to file a petition, through the Canada Business Provisional Program can choose the province of their choice, even as our immigration specialists would notify them about the many facets linked with province, along with providing the smallest of granule of the job market. These Canada Business Provisional Program specialists using Abhinav’s first-rate network would then assist the clients in getting duly nominated for the planned provinces.

Once the course of the compulsory nomination is concluded, there is no U-turn. The process of filing the submission for Canada Business Provisional Program would begin, leading way to fulfilling other mandates,such as; for instance, vital documents/papers, and sailing through medical, security &background check, etc.

Besides the applicants, applying under the said scheme would be preferred at the stamping level. Abhinav`s PNP experts would advise which program would suit the clients as per their case studies, in the process, bringing the best choice for their perusal.

BCPNP British Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration

British Columbia, amongst Canada’s premier settlement destinations,has started an online registration system for applicants keen in filing application under the BC Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) Entrepreneur Immigration Class.

The procedure for the BC PNP basically involves three primary steps prior to you may file a petition for Permanent Residence (PR).

Preparation Before You Register 

In your capacity as a successful entrepreneur, an exploratory visit to BC is though not compulsory highly recommended. This will offer you in gaining more details related to the existing opportunities and also the local business atmosphere prior to registration under the program.In case you need a visitor permit (Temporary Resident Visa), to make a trip to the nation, it is mandatory that you submit an application to nearest Canadian Consulate or Canada High Commission. If you have not made an exploratory visit to British Columbia and wish to make one, Abhinav can help you in preparing and filing the application and also fix a program and appointment schedule. Also note that making an exploratory visit will help you claim crucial additional points in the BC Entrepreneur Immigration Registration (EIR) Pool.

Through your trip, you can, among others things:

  • Examine and assess possible business possibilities;
  • Develop helpful local business contacts; and,
  • Find-out more about what it’s like residing and doing business in the province, and get a superior understanding of the province’s healthcare &education schemes, accommodation, culture, leisure opportunities, and standard of living.
  • Make useful contacts with local accountants and business brokers who can assist when required in making business establishment plan.

Please note that the BC Government will strictly not proffer a letter of support for you to get a Temporary Resident Permit to carryout an exploratory trip to the province.

British Columbia Regions and Regional Districts

Each and every of the region of the BC comprises special industries, business breaks, demographics, and lifestyle possibilities. Explore the various regions of the BC to discover the finest site for not only yourself and your business.

Registering with the BC PNP Entrepreneur program

The Entrepreneur Immigration Registration (EIR) is basically an online registration route that is the first step to moving to the province in your capacity as an entrepreneur. It is essentially a points-based structure even as you will obtain a score the basis of which is the facts that you offer. Your total and position relative to other registrants will actually decide if you will be sent an invitation to submit an application,through the BC PNP Entrepreneur Immigration Class.

The BC PNP reserves the right to make improvements to the EIR,minus prior notice, and this comprises amendments to the score grid, the bare minimum total needed in every section, the ending of registrations in the pool of selection, and the volume and rate of registrants sent an invite to present an application.

Entrepreneur Immigration Registration some crucial facts

  • There is a registration charge of $300. This is non-refundable.
  • A registration into the Entrepreneur Immigration Registration structure is neither a petition to the Entrepreneur Immigration Class nor an assurance that you will be sent an invite to put forward an application.
  • The BC PNP will just admit a maximum of 200 registrations every month.
  • Your registration is legitimate for a period of 6 months from the time you obtain your total registration score. In case you fail to get an invite to submit an application prior to your registration concludes the same will no longer be legitimate only to be removed from the selection pool. You may afterwards generate and present a fresh registration.
  • You can just have one active registration at a given time.
  • A decision on the overall rate& figure of invitations will be taken by the BC PNP’s processing capacity even as it is subject to amendment.
  • Your registration will be allocated a score on the basis of the specific requirements of the scheme valid at the precise time of registration.
  • Your petition can be denied in case the details in the same are significantly dissimilar from what you presented in your registration.

BC PNP Entrepreneur Immigration Registration Registration Form


Every section of the registration has a bare minimum eligibility total. It is obligatory that aspirants fulfill the bare minimum scores in every section with a view to be given admission into the pool of selection. The utmost total score obtainable is 200. Besides, there is not any bare minimum overall score threshold.As long as applicants make the minimum score for every part, they are entitled to gain entry into the pool of applicants.

Aspirants are given a position on the basis of their scores for business skills, net worth, personal investment, planned job formation, adaptability (and this comprises age, language ability, education, prior trips to the province, and preceding employment or study in the nation), and business idea or concept. A maximum of 80 of the 200 total points can be given for the business idea or concept.

Every segment of the registration has a bare minimum eligibility score. It is binding that applicants fulfill the minimum scores in every segment with a view to gain entry into the pool of selection even while 200 is the highest score obtainable.


Aspirants will obtain points on the basis of their business rights and/or higher-ranking supervision work experience.

It is essential that particulars of your business/work experience for the previous decade are included. Strictly desist from duplicating the particulars of your experience in both segments. For instance in case you held 100%or complete rights of a business but you were also involved in the business as the, say, General Manager you can only choose Business Owner-Manager Experience. The transferability and bearing of your background to your planned firm in the province will be reviewed as component of the BC PNP scoring of your Business Concept.

The highest possible total accessible for this section is 24. It is compulsory that aspirants obtain not less than 8 points to fulfill the bare minimum requirements for the segment.

Net Worth

Applicants will get points on the basis of their total net worth,and this comprises that of their other half or common-law partner, in case valid.

The highest score accessible for this segment is 12. Aspirants must get not less than 1 point to cater to the bare minimum conditions for the total personal net worth.

Personal Investment

Points will be awarded to applicants based on their planned entitled personal investment for the business, and this comprises planned total investment and entitled investment for the planned investments. In case you are recommending a joint venture with a co-registrant, it is obligatory that you take in the names of every associate with your registration.

The highest score to be had for this segment is 30. It is compulsory that applicants get not less than 6 points, or 20 points, in case you are recommending a Key Staff, to fulfill the minimum condition for this segment.


Applicants will get points on the basis of their proposed employment formation&job maintenance in case they are buying an existing company. For the proposed business, it is obligatory that you duly spot the figure of full-time comparable (FTE) openings that will be not only generated but also maintained.

The highest score obtainable for this segment is 36. It is compulsory that aspirants attain not less than 2 points or 12 points in case you are proffering a Key Staff, to fulfill the minimum conditions for the segment. Apart from this, you will not make the cut, in case you fail to generate not less than 1 FTE. In case you are recommending a Key Staff, it is compulsory that you generate not less than 3 FTEs.


Applicants will obtain points on the basis of your self-proclaimed adaptability things with your registration or application, in case you are sent an invite to submit an application.

The highest score obtainable for the segment is 18 and there is no bare minimum required total whatsoever for the segment.

Final Scoring, the Selection Pool

The BC PNP will allocate scores to your Business Concept only to work out your final score.

In case you meet with the requirements for the selection pool, you will get an email authentication from the BC PNP. You will be in a position to view your final registration total, and this comprises scores for every segment.

  • Registrations who fulfill the minimum points total in each and every segment will be given an entry into the pool of selection.
  • Registrations which meet the requirements for the pool of selection are legitimate for a maximum of 6 months.
  • In case you are not sent an invite to submit an application to the BC PNP,inside six months of becoming eligible, your registration will run out. At the given time, you may present a fresh registration to the BC PNP.
  • Registrants can just boast of 1 active BC PNP registration at any given period of time.
  • In case you are offering a joint venture with a co-registrant, the combined total of the lowest-scoring registrant(s) will be duly applied to every co-registrant.

Invitation to Apply (ITA)

Fulfilling the bare minimum eligibility conditions does not,in any manner, assure that a person will be sent an invite to present a complete petition.

In case a candidate has gained entry into the pool of selection, his final registration total will be given a rank together with other registrants. Occasionally, the BC PNP will send an invite to the highest-placed registrants to present an application to the Entrepreneur Scheme. In case a candidate is sent an invite to apply, he will get an email notice and will have a maximum of four months from the date of invitation to put forward a complete petition.

At the given stage, it is compulsory that the candidate gives a $3,500 CAD processing charge to the province. His other half&dependent kids are included in the application charge.
In case requested, he will have to be present at an in-person interview at the Vancouver based BC PNP bureau. Interviews are carried-out in just either French or English.

In case approval is given to a petition, a Letter of Confirmation will be issued by the BC PNP. The same serves as a work permit support letter with a view to submit an application for a two-year work visa to the CIC. The same will allow the aspirant together with his family to shift to the province and execute the business plan. Candidates who are sent an invite to apply will require appointing a qualified supplier to authenticate their personal net worth &accumulation funds as component of the nomination procedure.

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program for Business (PNP-B)

Courtesy more than 1 million of population, different backgrounds, besides abundance of skills, Manitoba can be a pleasant immigration hotspot for you and your family. Whether you wish to launch a firm, buy a farm, or get fruitfully associated with a skilled job, the province perfectly serves your object.

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program for Business (PNP-B) fuels the overall immigration process by offering a Manitoba provincial Nomination Certificate to the potential businessmen, making the whole processing quicker. The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) nominates aspirants eager to reside in the province to the federal administration for Canadian Permanent Resident (PR) position.

We at Abhinav immigration fully understand the benefits brought in by the business immigrants to a province like Manitoba, in the process, improving the economy & its demographic growth further. Interested candidates for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program for Business (PNP-B) can get pleasure from the benefits, thanks to our broad network for newcomers.

Government of Canada & Manitoba PNP-B

Canadian administration along with Manitoba shares the responsibility of business migration to the province, via the MPNP. The Manitoba PNP-B permits a candidate to be duly nominated and get fruitfully involved with a Manitoba company. It is crucial for the business individuals to satisfy the conditions, and have the intentions to shift to the province for the institution of the business or have alliance in a present business enterprise.

With Abhinav`s Manitoba Business (PNP-B) experts by your side, the investors & businesspersons can rest assured that they will be greeted with trouble-free submission procedure for their preferred Canadian immigration scheme. Other choices can be the British Columbia Provincial Nominee program for Businessmen and Investors, and the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program. These programs again have their own specific advantages. We can help those who could be confused and wonder which province to opt for, and proffer the needed guidance.

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program for Business (PNP-B): Eligibility Criteria

MPNP-B Eligibility

Ineligible applications

Submission will strictly not be entertained from those who:

To be accepted for the MPNP-B, interested aspirants should:

The aspirants should be ready to:

The candidates may have to:

Carry-out an exploratory visit to the province. It is essential that the aspirant offers a visit report and other papers to prove the research conducted during this visit; and offer the results of a language competency test to show his language skills.

Note: Fulfilling the basic eligibility conditions does not assure nomination.

Business Ownership or Senior Management Experience

You should possess not less than three years of permanent work experience in the last 5 years either as a business owner or in a higher-ranking management role of a successful business. Your job title, place of job, responsibilities, and business abilities should be duly explained rather clearly in the CV and also in the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program for Business (MPNP-B) Application Form. The submission will be examined in the backdrop of your business ownership & management skills, or your senior management skills, or a combination of both.

Business Owner: As an entrepreneur, it is vital that you are engaged vigorously, and on an on-going basis, in offering goods or services to clients. Also, in your capacity as an entrepreneur, you ought to bear the risk of return for the capital investment in your business venture.

Senior Management Experience

You have engaged a position or rank in the highest level of the management organization of a major business. In the said position, you were accountable for the strategic policy development influencing a key section, or a wide range of functions of that business, and have done so for not less than three out of the previous five years, before filing the petition.

In case your petition is based on Senior Management experience, you should show that you have had a role with considerable decision-making responsibilities involving not less than two of the following features of business:

Apart from the above, it is vital that you also prove that your level of income is proportionate to the prevailing income level of senior managers of other major businesses in your nation. You should clearly make obvious this level of income, via documentation.

Adaptability Matrix

It is employed to appraise your potential (or otherwise) to successfully stay in Manitoba and become economically established by launching a firm. With a view to be nominated, you should get not less than 60 (out of a maximum 100) points on the matrix.

1. Factor - Age (Max 15 points)

Below 21 0
21 to 24 05
25 to 29 10
30 to 44 15
45 to 49 10
50 to 54 05
Above 54 0

2. Factor - Business Knowledge (Max 15 points)

Business Knowledge POINTS
Business Owner and manager (more than 50% ownership) 15
Business Owner and manager ( 20% to 50% ownership) 12
Business Owner (Less than 20% ownership) and Senior Manager in the same business 10
Senior Manager 08

You must have at least three years’ ownership experience to be assessed for points as a business owner. If you own multiple businesses, only the percentage of ownership of the main/principal business will be considered for the purpose of this criterion. If your spouse owns shares in the same business, the combined ownership will be counted together for the purpose of this criterion.

3. Factor - Business Experience (Max 15 points)

Length of Experience POINTS
10 Years or more 15
6 to 10 Years 10
3 to 5 Years 05

4. Factor - Net Worth (Max 15 points)

Total Net Worth POINTS
$350,000 to $500,000 08
$500,000 to $1 Million 10
Above $1Million to $1.5 Million 12
Above $1.5 Million to $2 Million 13
Above $2 Million to $2.5 Million 14
Above $2.5 Million 15

5. Factor- English and/or French Fluency (Max 20 points)

Description CLB/NCLC or equivalent test score Points
No/little English/French language proficiency (e.g., you have no or minimal English/French language skills) Less than 4 0
Moderate language proficiency or you have some English/French skills and can communicate well in most everyday situations 4 to 5 15
Higher language proficiency or you communicate very well, are fluent in English/French Above 6 20

Factor - Enhanced Settlement Factors (Applicant can only score a maximum of 20 points under Enhanced Settlement Factors).

You have visited Manitoba for at least five working days and conducted relevant business and lifestyle-related research 15
You have a close relative currently residing in Manitoba for more than one year 5
Your child is enrolled in an accredited Manitoba educational institution at least six months prior to the date of submission of nomination application and is actively pursuing academic, professional or vocational training on a full-time basis. 5
Your spouse has a high language proficiency (CLB score of 5 or above) 10
Previous Study and/or work experience in Manitoba: You or your accompanying spouse or common-law partner has completed a program of full-time study of at least one year at a post­secondary institution in Manitoba. You or your accompanying spouse or common-law partner must have done this after you turned 17years old and with a valid study permit. or The applicant or his/her accompanying spouse or common-law partner has completed at least six months of continuous full time employment in Manitoba. Applicants must provide a letter of reference from his/her employer and a copy of his/her work permit. 5

The Exploratory Visit should be conducted no more than six months before the submission of an EOI.

A close relative should be aCanadian citizen or permanent resident and staying in the province for more than one year. A close relative is defined as a sister/brother, aunt/uncle, niece/nephew, grandparent or first cousin. Evidence of relationship should be given. In case your relative has resided in Manitoba for over 1 year offer proof that he is well established in the province (evidence of employment, evidence of residence, and Canada Revenue Agency Notice of Assessment.)

You should offer documents supporting the enrollment of your kids in an accredited Manitoba educational organization.
You can achieve a combined maximum of 20 points for this condition.

Important MPNP-B Information & Policies Expression of Interest (EOI)

How to Present an EOI

An EOI should be submitted, via the MPNP On-line arrangement even while no alternative methods to submit your EOI exist. When you complete the EOI questions, it is essential that you take time and guarantee that you really understand the questions. In case you are not pretty sure about the meaning of the questions, employ the help icons or visit our website for additional information.

You will require an active e-mail address to generate your EOI account. You should generate a username and password so that you can access the on-line EOI arrangement. During the first phase of transition, the MPNP-B will only accept EOI submissions from the candidates who have earlier submitted an Exploratory Visit Application (EVA) prior to August 2 2013. Afterward, EOI submissions will be open to all keen applicants.

Post you submit an EOI to the MPNP-B

From time to time, the MPNP-B will choose the highest scoring aspirants from the EOI pool only to issue them a Letter of Advice to Apply. A summary report of such selection will be occasionally published. The same will give you a hint of your potential for getting an advice to apply in the future. You could make every effort to further boost your points, such as conducting an Exploratory Visit to Manitoba, or enhancing your language skills, via language training.

You should be prepared to furnish supporting papers for the claims you make in your EOI submission. An advice to submit a Nomination Application could be given soon after you present your EOI even as you will be have 60 days to submit a conclude Nomination Application.

In case you fail to present a nomination submission, post gaining two notices of advice to file a petition, your EOI will be removed database, and will not be considered for future selection purposes. Your EOI will be considered for selection for a period of one year from the date of your submission subject to the above stated terms & conditions, post which the same will also be removed from the Program database.

Exploratory Visit

What Exactly is an Exploratory Visit?

If you are planning to migrate to Manitoba, via the MPNP-B, you could decide to boost your knowledge of and links to the province by making an Exploratory Visit to explore business & lifestyle breaks.

Despite the fact that the Exploratory Visit is a non-compulsory initiative for a candidate, it is highly suggested even as it ought to be concluded prior to presenting an EOI or filing a petition for the MPNP-B. You are advised to conduct an Exploratory Visit to Manitoba. The MPNP-B allocates an extra 15 points through the “Enhanced Settlement Factors” section of the Adaptability Assessment Matrix for the Exploratory Visits of suck kinds.

It is vital that the Exploratory Visit is carried-out no more than six months before the presentation of an EOI. You can perform an Exploratory Visit post the submission of the EOI and update your EOI with this information to augment your point tally.

You are advised to make a trip to Manitoba for at least five business days (this does not include the arrival and the departure days), to carry-out broad business and lifestyle-associated research. Even though an Exploratory Visit to Manitoba should be for not less than five business days, longer visits are also suggested since they give the aspirant a superior opportunity to discover the region.

An Exploratory Visit gives you time to examine business opportunities to be had, as well as the lifestyle in the province. It is estimated that you will carry-out research activities like, but not restricted to:

While you are on an Exploratory Visit, it is important that you dedicate a noteworthy portion of time to carrying-out business-associated research and meeting many stakeholders and business advisors. You are expected to offer the particulars of your business & lifestyle research, via an Exploratory Visit Report which forms part of a Nomination Application.

How to request and get sanction for Exploratory Visit

You do not have to send any request to the MPNP-B or need any endorsement from the MPNP-B to carry-out the visit. The MPNP-B will not give a letter of advice to support an Exploratory Visit to Manitoba. It is your job to guarantee that you possess the needed travel documents (like a Visitor’s Permit) needed for travel to the province. The MPNPB does not offer letters of support for you to get a Visitor’s Permit and cannot intervene in cases in which a possible aspirant is refused a Temporary Resident Permit.

Presenting Exploratory Visit Report with Nomination Application

In case you have carried-out an Exploratory Visit to the region, you have to present a report of the visit with the Nomination Application. Despite the fact that there is no given format for this report, it is vital that you explain all the activities you have undertaken all through this visit.

It is important that the report covers the whole period of stay in the country beginning from the first day of admission to the day of leaving Canada, and also including the time spent in new provinces, in case any.

You ought to include pictures, airline tickets, boarding passes, hotel receipts, business cards, in addition to every other relevant particular to illustrate the activities undertaken for the duration of the visit. Avoid attaching brochures, flyers, and maps or information booklets gathered during the Exploratory Visit with the report.

Eligible Business Investments

Business Investments will not be entitled in case they do not fulfill he MPNP-B's requirements for investment & business activities.


1. The Investment of your personal assets ought to be not less than CDN$150,000 in tangible assets (items such as land, buildings, automobiles, furniture, office paraphernalia, computers, fixtures & fittings, machinery, and inventory, etc) in Manitoba, unless the Investment includes a section of working capital that is in agreement with the industry's capital investment structure defined by the data from Industry Canada, and the total investment including working capital is not less than CDN$150,000.

In case an Investment is into an existing business, the Nominee should manage not less than 33.33% of the equity, or make a minimum CDN$1 million equity investment in the business. Apart from this, it is essential that a redemption option is included in terms of investment.

Investment made into personal items, like the principal residence & means of transportations for personal utilization will not be counted as part of a business investment.

Investments made into a business operated mainly for the objects of deriving passive investment income are not entitled.

Business Activities

MPNP-B Charges

The MPNP-B charges a CDN $2,500, non-refundable petition processing fee. The aspirant does not have to pay any fee to present an Expression of Interest (EOI). In case nominated, a candidate is accountable for all Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) processing fees and Right of Permanent Residence charges. Aspirants and family members are also accountable to pay for medical examinations & police clearances. You are advised to refer to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website regarding the fee details and payment procedure.

Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) for Businessmen: Overview

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) is basically state centric plan managed in perfect coordination with the federal agency, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). The SINP provides an alternate & faster means of admission into the nation. The same enables the province to offer nomination to the aspirants, who make the grade, through the conditions set-up by the province, to the federal administration for Permanent Residency (PR).

The SINP provides:

With the entrepreneur classification, the provincial officials intend to infuse the province’s economy mainly with business skills and experience along with the necessary funds, for granting permanent residence (PR) recommendation to the qualified migrants. The deciding issues on this class of endorsement comprise the activities and establishments that may bring economic benefits to the province’s economy.

Saskatchewan Business Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP): Main Characteristics
Saskatchewan Business Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) Qualification Parameters

Pre -nomination stage

Among others, you ought to possess:

Saskatchewan Business Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) Qualification parameters – Post - nomination stage

Post after you are short-listed for sponsorship, you should:

Immigration process through SINP is completed in two phases

Phase 1

Saskatchewan Business Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) - Pre Application

It is important for you to prove your financial profile. In order to validate your claims of possession & rightful sources of accumulation, the Ministry of Advanced Employment Education and Immigration has chosen independent evaluation bureaus. With a view to file for nomination, you should initially get a positive advice from one of these bureaus. You would require filing your request, through the form EF-002.

Saskatchewan Business Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) – Application

When you have made up your mind to submit for nomination, you require filling-up the requisite petition forms in 2 sets and annex every needed document before forwarding them to the Nomination program officials.

The 2 sets include:

Once the petition, complete in all aspects, is accepted, you will be supplied with receipt number, and will be advised to deposit CAD 2500 (non-refundable) as the processing charges. Post the corroboration of receipt of processing charges, evaluation of your submission will be started. Your candidature should cater to the basic pre-nomination factors (mentioned above).

Optional Interview

An invite may be sent to you for an interview during the appraisal phase to make it possible for the officials to take a final decision. It is essential that you undertake a tour to province to attend interview within the precise time, if and when you get such an order from officials.

During the assessment procedure, the authorities can ask for more documentary proofs, in case they feel that evidence supplied is not enough or a requirement is felt to include more documentary proofs in assessment of petition. It is compulsory to furnish the demanded papers/certificates inside 45 days of the receipt of such orders.

Post the initial approval is given to you, you will be asked to produce Good faith deposit of CAD 75,000 and approve a business performance deal that mainly is tailored keeping your specific situations in mind.

Once the final stipulation of agreement and deposits have been fulfilled province goes ahead with:

Phase II

Post the provincial officers have indicated CIC on your nomination and also supplied you with a letter, it is important that you approach the immigration body to file for federal PR Permit. You & your family (included in the submission) should however fulfill the necessary federal parameters and standards of health and character to be considered favorably for the grant of PR Permit.

Canada Prince Edward Island Business Provincial Program

PEI Business Impact Class

The beautiful Canadian Province of Prince Edward Island (PEI) rolls-out red-carpet welcome to the newcomers, eager to grip the opportunities duly provided by staying in the nation’s smallest province. As the country’s birthplace, the province has a reasonably long and great history of receiving the visitors.

The PEI is rather eager to build-up an improved, better future for everybody. This covers those currently residing in the province, and the new aliens. The latter covers an important section of both the existing and the probable future development of the province. The Island Prosperity Strategy of Prince Edward Island clearly states the overall plan and procedure that the PEI aims to take, to fuel its economy.

Business Impact immigration to the PEI provides wonderful breaks for the future immigrants to get nomination from the province even as they gain the cherished Permanent Residence (PR) position of Canada, in case they make an investment, and enthusiastically run & administer a business in the region. The PEI Business Impact Category run under the Canada Prince Edward Island Business Provincial Program is basically interested in those business persons, and higher-ranking managers, who may display an idea, leadership abilities, besides determination.

Prince Edward Island Business Impact Class Categories

The category has three segments and the interested applicants have a freedom to select any one from the below given options:

  1. have an unsettled refugee claim in the country;
  2. are in the nation illegitimately;
  3. are subject to a removal order in the nation;
  4. are prevented from gaining admission in Canada;
  5. have a petition pending with an additional Provincial Nominee Program in the country;
  6. had a prior MPNP-B submission denied inside the last one year; or
  7. had a prior MPNP-B petition rejected for misrepresentation or false documents inside the past two years.
  1. Possess a minimum verifiable personal net worth of CDN$350,000;
  2. Possess a minimum three years of successful business ownership & management;
  3. Experience not less than three years of executive-level experience as senior executive/manager of a firm; and
  4. Garner not less than 60 points in the Adaptability Assessment Matrix.
  1. Take part in an interview with a MPNP-B officer;
  2. Make an Eligible Business Investment in Manitoba; and
  3. Stay in Manitoba along with his/her dependent family members.
  1. Distribution
  2. Production/Operations/Project management
  3. Purchasing
  4. Sales
  5. Marketing
  6. Finance
  7. Accounting
  8. Human Resources/Personnel
  9. Research and Development
  10. Information Technology management
  11. Quality Control
  1. Collecting needed information to get ready your Statement of Business Intent, which may include identifying business, general start-up costs in addition to the expenses of leasing or buying business space, buying tools & equipment, employing trained manpower, examining the competition, targeted customers & suppliers.
  2. Exploring the information associated to shifting to and residing in Manitoba, like; for instance, schooling for kids, the expenses & availability of accommodation (rent or purchase), leisure activities, services available for newcomers, besides the general expenses of living.
  1. A business entity should have ongoing and recurring business activities in the province.
  2. You have to dynamically take part in the management of the business on an ongoing basis from inside the province.
  3. The business should be officially permitted and viable in the province’s economic atmosphere, and you should possess the required resources and expertise to manage such a business.
  4. The MPNP-B requires you to perform value-added business doings in Manitoba. Purely tentative activities and inert investment plans do not make the grade under the MPNP-B.
  1. The initial step is to acquaint our clients with the preparation of the petition and filing the preliminary petition. It is essential that the submission at this stage has business intent documents that contains information on the planned business enterprise that the aspirant intends to begin in the province. This information will form the basis on decision of the Provincial Government on whether to invite the aspirant for an exploratory visit visa to the BC. Our business immigration & business research experts at Abhinav will work towards preparing a really convincing business intent document. Failing to file a well drafted business intend document could result in permit denial, and that's where the role of our expert business immigration permit professionals comes in to guarantee that everything starts in the proper way.
  2. The next step is the client's exploratory visit to BC. During the visit, he does research on the market and also creates an official business plan with the support of business brokers, qualified accountants, and lawyers. The client has a choice to either choose his own set of advisors, or get official business plan prepared with their assistance, or take ABHINAV's experienced consultants.
  3. He afterwards seeks an appointment with provincial designated government officers, and offers them information on his insights and learning's and business opportunities given by the BC. He also gets a chance to make an official presentation of his business plan. Our experts will thoroughly prepare the applicant for this decisive interview stage. His case receives in-principal endorsement.
  4. After this, we would now present other obligatory documents, and this comprises the required forms, paper-work, and also a processing charge of CAD $3,000 (non-refundable). As a Business Skills aspirant in case the customer is ready to support the nomination of an important staff member it here becomes vital to pay extra $1,000. We would come-up with a separate submission for such cases for an extra fee. Regional Skills candidates don't have this choice.               
  5. The same will be followed by a decision from the provincial immigration officials of British Columbia even as it would leave the candidate with a choice to settle for either of these two choices:
    1. Post fulfilling the mandates, Abhinav would get approval for the BC PNP decked with a Work Visa of two years. Satisfying the conditions of working and residing in the province in a successful way could clear your way towards getting a PR standing in the province. During the advised 2-year time-frame, the candidate will execute the committed business plan, do suggested investment, generate promised jobs, and afterwards present a submission for the Permanent Residence (PR) position while being in BC. The aspirant is at his liberty to improve his business plan as long as the same is accepted by the provincial bureaus, and the latest business plan does not compromise on the committed areas involving major factors, like investment & jobs.
    2. Post the approval for BC PNP, our clients would be duly guided for "fast track" nomination on their consent. For the given choice, a security deposit worth $125,000 requires to be offered, together with catering to other pre-requisites. In this case, he will get a provisional PR Permit to Canada. For the period of the advised 2-year time-frame, the aspirant will execute the committed business plan, do suggested investment, produce the promised jobs, and then the conditions attached to his PR submission will be done away with. The candidate can alter his business plan as long as the same is permitted by the provincial agencies, and the latest business scheme does not compromise on the committed areas associated with the major issues, such as investment & jobs.
  1. The first step would be to submit, to the BC PNP officials, prepared forms and required documents, involving the firm managers, as per the set guidelines, and under the overall management of Abhinav`s BC investor immigration advisors. The form would have business particulars, like business proposal, managerial/business background of the main aspirant, and in case valid that of other accompanying managers, besides the facts associated with the sponsoring organization, etc.
  2. Post a successful completion of the step 1 and catering to the pre-requisites of BC PNP, the sponsored and chosen executives would obtain instructions to fill the forms along with presenting the essential paper work, like a well-crafted business plan, and a processing fee of CAD $3,000. An extra $1,000 would be added for every staff presenting a petition for nomination. Our team of immigration professionals would help in preparing a professional business plan, which is a mandate in any business oriented permit scheme.
  1. Personal net worth: At least $800,000
  2. Extra jobs creation: 3 jobs for permanent residents or Canadians
  3. Required investment: $400,000 CAD                      
  4. Business ownership demanded: Not less than 33 1/3%.
  5. Active and ongoing involvement in business running: Yes
  6. Number of Key Staff that the major candidate is allowed to include: 2
  1. Personal net worth: Not less than $400,000
  2. Extra jobs creation: 1 jobs for permanent residents or Canadians.
  3. Needed investment: $200,000 CAD
  4. Business ownership demanded: Not less than 33 1/3%.                      
  5. Active and ongoing involvement in business administration: Yes
  6. Figure of major workers that the principal aspirant is allowed to include: One
  1. Additional jobs creation: 3 jobs for every nominee candidate included in the venture of Strategic projects.
  2. Needed investment: $500,000 CAD
  3. Business ownership demanded: Not less than 33 1/3%.
  4. Figure of major workers that the principal applicant is allowed to include: 5 (maximum)
  1. Applicant selection based on the region’s specific economic and labour force requirements;
  2. Competitive petition processing times; and,
  3. Provincial immigration officials who proffer customer support all the way through the procedure.
  1. Individual’s opting for the state’s endorsement will have a chance to set-up a fresh group or obtain stake in a current corporate.
  2. The plan is a fast-track immigration process even as the aspirant can speedily gain admission into the nation.
  3. You can include your family in this submission.                      
  4. The investment stipulations are rather low, vis-à-vis the federal schemes.
  5. It requires a BEP - Business Establishment Plan instead of a formal business proposal.
  6. Your intentions to settle down in the region are gauged via the Intent Grading Grid that is conducted on different parameters mentioned in the BEP. It is compulsory to score not less than 55 points.
  7. Your financial credentials, or otherwise, will be duly examined and verified by a designated independent bureau and report will be supplied to you.
  8. Post gaining sponsorship letter from province, it is essential that you file for PR visa at the CIC. The CIC parameters should also be catered to with a view to obtain PR Permit for Canada.
  1. A net personal asset value of not less than CAD 300000 (your & your mate’s possessions) gathered via legitimate ways & can be proved. It is also vital that these personal assets are free of any claims and levies.
  2. Not less than 3 years of applicable business experience either as a business proprietor or a manager/executive in individual capacities & duties.
  3. Be in a position to verify your intentions to settle down in the province, via a BEP.
  1. Deposit CAD 75000 as Good Faith Security.
  2. Make an investment of not less than CAD 150000 in the state.
  3. Enthusiastically take part in the management of business newly set-up or acquired, via investing in an existing firm.
  1. Forms in original for the PNP suitably filled & authorized.
  2. Reproductions of Federal immigration Forms appropriately filled & certified.
  1. Officially notifying the CIC about your sponsorship.
  2. Offering you a sponsorship letter with instructions as to how to approach the CIC with the provided letter.
  3. Offering Temporary Work Permit support letter in case the need arises for the same.
  1. 100% Ownership Class,
  2. Partial Ownership Class, and
  3. Work Permit Class

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