Canada has introduced significant changes to its immigration system by replacing the existing National Occupation Classification (NOC) 2016 with National Occupation Classification (NOC) 2021.

There will be three significant changes.

  1. Restructure of Skill Level;
  2. Eligibility requirements, and
  3. Additional occupations.

As a significant change, 4-digit occupation NOC codes will change to 5-digit NOC codes.

The first significant change is bringing the Training, Education, Experience, and Responsibilities (TEER) system to the NOC 2021 and the new Skill Level structure. Below are the details

NOC 2016 NOC 2021

Skill Type 0


Skill Type A


Skill Type B

TEER 2 and TEER 3

Skill Type C


Skill Type D


Most occupations will stay in the TEER category equivalent to the skill level; however, Skill Level B occupations will be categorized as TEER 3 & 4. Below is the TEER Category Explanation:

TEER Occupation Types Examples
TEER 0 Management Occupations Advertising, financial managers, marketing and public relations managers,


Occupations that require a university degree

Software Engineers, Financial Advisors


Occupations that require:

  • College Diploma
  • Apprenticeship training of over two years

Supervisory occupations: Medical laboratory technologists, Computer network and web technicians


Occupations that require:

  • College Diploma
  • Apprenticeship training of fewer than two years
  • Over six months of on-the-job training

Dental assistants, dental laboratory assistants, Bakers


Occupations that require:

  • High School Diploma
  • Several weeks of on-the-job training

Retail salespersons, visual merchandisers, Home child care providers


Occupations that require short-term work practice with no formal education

Delivery service drivers, door-to-door distributors, Landscaping and grounds maintenance laborers

The second major change was the eligibility requirements of each program. Therefore, the abovementioned change with affecting the below-mentioned programs:

  • Express Entry
  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Canadian Experience Class
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Atlantic Immigration Program
  • Provincial Nominee Program
  • Caregivers programs
  • Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot
  • Agri-Food Pilot
  • out-of-status construction workers
  • International Mobility Program
  • Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Predominantly, the requirements of the Express Entry program will be updated to align with the 2021 structure. Below is a detailed comparison:

Eligibility Criteria Canadian Experience Class Federal Skilled Worker Program Federal Skilled Trades Program

Language Proficiency

English or French skills:

  • TEER 0 – CLB 7
  • TEER 1 – CLB 7
  • TEER 2 – CLB 5
  • TEER 3 – CLB 5

English or French Skills:

  • CLB 7 for all TEER

English or French skills:

  • CLB 5 for Listening & speaking
  • CLB 4 for Writing & Reading

Type of Work Experience





Canadian Work Experience in a job profile listed in one or more NOC TEER categories:

  • TEER 0
  • TEER 1
  • TEER 2
  • TEER 3




Work experience in one of these NOC TEER categories:

  • TEER 0
  • TEER 1
  • TEER 2
  • TEER 3

Have Work experience in a skilled occupational trade under groups of TEER 2 or TEER 3:

  • Major Group: 72, transportation officers and controllers, excluding Sub-Major Group 726, transportation controllers and officers
  • Major Group: 73, general trades
  • Major Group: 82 supervisors in agriculture, natural resources, and related production
  • Major Group: 83, natural resources and related production
  • Major Group: 92, utility supervisors, processing, manufacturing, and utilities controllers and operators
  • Major Group: 93, central control and process operators, aircraft inspectors, and assembly assemblers, excluding Sub-Major Group 932, aircraft assemblers and aircraft assembly inspectors
  • Minor Group 6320, cooks, butchers, and bakers
  • Unit Group 62200, chefs

Work Experience

Work in Canada for One year in the last three years (full-time or part-time work)

Work one year continuously within the last ten years (part-time, full-time, or more than one job in your primary job profile)

Work two years within the last five years (full-time or part-time)


Not Required

Minimum Secondary Education

Not Required

Job Offer

Not Required

No Required


  • Authentic job offer for a minimum one year
  • Certificate of Qualification in the skills trade granted by the Canadian territorial, provincial or federal authority.

The comprehensive ranking system and FSW selection factor points will follow the same skill-type chart. It means that the applicant would have received 50 / 10 points for arranged employment in Skill Type Level 0, A, B, and then they would still get 50 / 10 points for arranged employment under TEER 0, 1, 2, 3.

The Third significant change is the addition of Occupations to the list of occupations. Below is the list of added occupations:

  • Payroll administrators
  • Dental assistants and dental laboratory assistants
  • Nurse aides, orderlies, and patient service associates
  • Pharmacy technical assistants and pharmacy assistants
  • Elementary and secondary school teacher assistants
  • Sheriffs and bailiffs
  • Correctional service officers
  • By-law enforcement and other regulatory officers
  • Estheticians, electrologists, and related occupations
  • Residential and commercial installers and servicers
  • Pest controllers and fumigators
  • Other repairers and servicers
  • Transport truck drivers
  • Bus drivers, subway operators, and other transit operators
  • Heavy equipment operators
  • Aircraft assemblers and aircraft assembly inspectors

To understand more about the TEER Occupations, TEER Codes, and how they may impact your application, you can reach our documentation specialists at 8595338595 or mail us at [email protected].




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