The beautiful Canadian Province of Manitoba, located in central part of the country, is one of the three Prairie Provinces in the nation, and home to over 1,200,000 people. The largest city in the province is the capital, Winnipeg, with a population exceeding 730,000. The second largest city is Brandon, with a population of around 56,000. Manitoba has received increasing numbers of immigrants in recent years, and it has set goals of encouraging 10,000 immigrants to settle within its borders annually.

Manitoba Economy & Employment

Mining, manufacturing, agriculture these are one of the principle industries of the province even as traditionally, farming has been a major occupation for Manitobans. The rich farmlands in the Southern Manitoba produce wheat, barley, oats, sunflower, flax and canola crops, as well as dairy and livestock farms. From this agricultural base, a considerable food processing industry has emerged. Apart from this, Manitoba is home to considerable manufacturing, aerospace and transportation industries.

Winnipeg, the capital, has a sizable financial and insurance industry, as well as government administration and services. The unemployment rate in the province is presently 5.4% well below the Canadian average of 7.0%. The economy is expected to continue its recent growth. While this should provide robust job creation, the Government of Manitoba also provides different programmes to help immigrants settle and find jobs in the province. Among these are free English as an Additional Language (EAL) classes, job preparation programmes, etc.

Manitoba Standard of Living

Low cost of living is one of the most appealing aspects of the province and this enables one to enjoy a very comfortable life here. Housing, energy, insurance and post-secondary education in Manitoba are all among the least expensive in the country. With a lower share of income dedicated to these costs, the Manitobans have more money left over to spend on other things. One such example is a cottage/vacation home, as Manitobans have the highest rate of vacation home ownership in Canada.

The Manitobans are hooked on to Golf and play it a lot. Such a high craze for this sport cannot be found anywhere else in the nation. Manitoba has a mandatory minimum wage in Canada at 10.70 Canadian Dollars. The province also has the fourth-lowest marginal personal income tax rate in the country. Not to be underestimated, the friendly nature of the local people also contributes to the quality of life in the province.

A very special thing about the residents is that they are very generous and volunteer at a higher rate than any other Canadian province. They also give the highest proportion of their incomes to charity. This generosity helps to create supportive communities that can help new Canadians get off to a good start in the province.

Manitoba Residential Housing

Housing is not very expensive here and it’s a key draw factor about residing in the region. The province’s residential housing market is very competitive, and affordable housing is readily available. The average house price in Manitoba is 269,000 Canadian Dollars the fourth lowest average of any province in the country. The average percentage of household income taken up by ownership costs varies between 15-30%. Another benefit of the housing market is that without too much urban sprawl, one does not have to go too far outside the cities to find a good place to live. Winnipeg has the shortest average distance to commute to work of any Canadian city over 500,000 people, with an average under just six kilometres. Shorter commute means more time available to spend at home with family or taking part in other activities.

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Much like other Canadian provinces and territories, Manitoba, too, has its own provincial nominee programme, called the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Programme (MPNP). It is basically an excellent administration managed immigration scheme that chooses those candidates for migration who manage to establish that they have both the capability and the desire to move and settle themselves, along with their families, in the province.


The province has recently made numerous important changes to its PNP. The formation of an in-demand occupations list, and a new corridor allied with the nation’s Express Entry system are just two of the main improvements made to the MPNP.

A component of an extensive rearrangement and restoration of the MPNP, the steps are in keeping with the province’s declared commitment to provide the new entrants with new and better trails to the prized Permanent Residence (PR) status in the province and the nation.

The improvements comprise the restructuring of three present and running immigration categories, namely, the MPNP-B Business Immigration Stream, Skilled Worker in Manitoba Stream, and Skilled Worker Overseas Stream and the making of a completely new International Education Stream.


Let’s start with the Business Investor Stream (BIS) first!

The improved Business Investor Stream (BIS) will substitute the current PNP-B business immigration category. The BIS will enable the Canadian province to sign-up and nominate those qualified foreign business investors and entrepreneurs, who are determined and possess the ability to either start or purchase businesses in the province, inside the first 24 months of landing in Canada with a Temporary Work Permit. As per the new arrangements, there won’t any longer be the requirement–on the part of the applicants–to present a deposit of 100,000 Canadian Dollars to the Manitoba Administration.

The BIS will give preference to those candidates who launch a venture/mission inside the first 12 months of their landing in the province, particularly those keen to set-up their venture/mission outside the capital, Winnipeg.

The key motive behind the improvements seems to be generating work opportunities for the residents. Perhaps this is why the changes would guarantee that every business nominee makes investments in the ventures/firms that produce employment opportunities for the province, and makes handy contributions to its economy.

The BIS will have two pathways:

Entrepreneur Pathway

Meant for the candidates, eager to kick-start a firm/venture in the province, the candidates under the scheme would receive a Temporary Work Permit, and in place of proffering a good-faith deposit of 100,000 Canadian Dollars, they would ink a business performance deal. This will be done to either buy a present enterprise in the province or come up with a fresh entity.

Not less than three years of full time work experience during the preceding 5 years, either as an active business owner or working in a senior management role of a successful business, is required. Business proprietors are given higher points, vis-à-vis high-ranking managers. To make the cut for points, it is mandatory that the business owners possess not less than 33.3 % proprietorship. The new terms & conditions are listed to become effective in the first quarter of the next year.

Investment Requirements

  1. The bare minimum investment will be 250,000 Canadian Dollars for the ventures/firms located in the Manitoba Capital Region.
  2. In case a venture/firm is based outside of the territorial limits of the Manitoba Capital Region, the bare minimum investment will be 150,000 Canadian Dollars.
  3. Making Business Investment in an entitled firm/venture as described by the MPNP is also mandatory.
  4. The planned firm/venture must either generate or continue not less than 1 job for either a local Canadian Citizen or a Permanent Resident in Manitoba (this does not include the proprietors of the firm/venture and/or their close family members).

Farm Investor Pathway

Meant for those planning to set-up and run a farm operation in the rural areas of the province, under the pathway, the applicants will firstly get a Temporary Work Permit. Not less than three years of farm business management or farm proprietorship and operation experience well supported by provable certificates/papers is required. They will get nomination for Permanent Residence (PR) when they successfully set-up a firm/venture, which fulfills the different terms & conditions of a Business Performance Agreement.

Investment Requirements

  1. An investment of not less than 150,000 Canadian Dollars is required. You must also set-up a farming business in the rural areas of the province.
  2. It is mandatory that the farm business investments are ineligible physical assets as described by the MPNP.
  3. You need to have a farm business plan even as it’s a vital component of the petition.
  4. Investments in a farm business run and managed mainly for the objects of getting either passive investment income or hypothetical objects are not qualified.



It has two streams, namely, the Skilled Workers Overseas Stream, and the Skilled Workers in Manitoba Stream both of these run under the MPNP Expression of Interest (EoI) System. Under the same, qualified applicants complete some questions online only to get a total, on the basis of the answers they offer. Those who get the highest scores obtain invites to present a petition to the MPNP. There are not any restrictions on the figure of the aspirants who may present an EoI and no deadline.

Important: The eligibility requirements for the two classes continue to remain in effect as of now.

The Process

The (EOI) system of the province has a three-step process.

  • Number 1: Probable applicants make an EoI in moving to Manitoba via answering a chain of questions and making a profile online. The profiles of eligible applicants are assigned a total on the basis of the answers given only to be put in the Pool for Manitoba EOI with other qualified aspirants. Applicants are given a position on the basis of the unique MPNP Ranking Points system and proffered a total out of a maximum of 1,000 points up-for-grabs.
  • Number 2: Those who get the highest scores can be sent an invite to apply to the programme. When a person is drawn from the EOI pool, he or she gets a Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA). Post getting a LAA, applicants will have just 60 days left to present a complete and correct petition to Manitoba.
  • Number 3: Post receiving a nomination from Manitoba, a person presents his or her complete paperwork to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and submits an application for Permanent Residence in the country.



A key change is the launch of a new in-demand occupations list that will be utilized to prioritize the EOI, for the object of sending invites to the petitions, from the new Skilled Worker Overseas category. What is an EOI? In order to submit an application to the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Programme for Business (MPNP- B), it is required that a potential applicant puts forward an EOI and gets a counsel from the MPNP-B to submit an application. While an EOI is not an application, there are no charges whatsoever for the submission of an EOI. An EOI specifies that you are keen to be mulled over for a Nomination Application to the MPNP-B.

Under the new arrangement, it will be further divided into two corridors, namely, the Manitoba Express Entry Pathway, and the Human Capital Pathway.

Manitoba Express Entry Pathway

This pathway may start entertaining petitions in January 2018. Those who may have the necessary qualifications under a MPNP category, and who also fulfill the different requirements for Express Entry, and have a dynamic Express Entry profile can apply under it. In all likelihood, the first draw to be carried-out, via the pathway would occur somewhere in the beginning of next year, 2018.

The applicants for Express Entry who obtain a provincial nomination, via an Express Entry-aligned stream, also called an enhanced nomination or stream could get 600 extra Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points. An Invitation to Apply (ITA) for the prized PR at a federal Express Entry draw may also come their way.

Human Capital Pathway

It is basically tailored for the international skilled worker candidates who have the necessary abilities and training as necessitated by the In-demand Occupations list, and who illustrate a good possibility for setting themselves up in their chosen vocations as soon as possible, post landing in the province. Besides other requirements, family links or previous post-secondary or employment experience in the province, during the preceding 5 years, are required to make the cut for the class.


Under the class, petitions are admitted from the skilled temporary overseas manpower and international student graduates who are presently doing a job in the province and have a permanent work with their Manitoba recruiter /firm. Unlike the other links to the province in the MPNP, Skilled Workers in Manitoba are not subject to a points-based evaluation to decide their eligibility or otherwise. It is mandatory that the applicants fulfill the minimum requirements to be entered into the pool for EoI where they will be given a position on the basis of many factors.

Under the latest arrangement, the Skilled Workers in Manitoba Stream will also be subdivided into two pathways, namely, the Manitoba Work Experience Pathway, and Employer Direct Recruitment Pathway.

Manitoba Work Experience Pathway

It is meant for those presently working in the province armed with temporary work permits, and whose jobs do not find mention on the In-demand Occupations list. The candidates could be International Students who are out-of-province graduates, and the International Students who are Manitoba graduates involved with jobs not mentioned on the province’s published in-demand occupations list.


It is mandatory that the candidates validate both the capacity and determination to live in the province. It is also required that the candidates is living and/or working in the province at the time of petition. Having a long-term, permanent employment offer that fulfills the province’s employment & salary standards for the profession is also required. It is also necessary that the applicant's recruiter has a duly listed money-making firm/venture that has been running in the province for not less than three years immediately preceding the petition.

Other requirements include the candidate’s working conditions being at part with those of Canadian Citizens/Permanent Residents of the nation and his position being not home-based, freelance, provisional, seasonal, or commission-based.

Employer Direct Recruitment Pathway

It is meant for the international candidates having employment offers from the pre-sanctioned recruiters/job-providers of the province. A Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) agent and a qualified recruiter will take the interviews of the candidates outside of Canada even while those, who make the grade, will get an ITA, via the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP).


It is compulsory that every aspirant fulfills the different eligibility conditions for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP).

Not less than 3 years during the past 5 years of employment experience pertinent to the profession being recruited, or other pertinent experience acknowledged by the recruiter; OR applicable experience accepted by the recruiter in case more than 3 years. Long-term, full-time job offer that meets the province’s employment & salary standards for the occupation is also what the visa pathway seeks from the candidates.

It is also required that the recruiter has a registered money-making firm/venture that has been running in the province for not less than 3 years immediately preceding the petition. It is necessary that the candidate’s working conditions are consistent to those of Canadian Citizens/Permanent Residents of the nation. Besides, his position must not be any of these, namely, home-based, freelance, temporary, seasonal, or commission-based.


It’s duly tailored to offer quicker pathways to provincial nomination to those international students who graduate in the province, and whose abilities meet the specific requirements of the region’s recruiters/job-providers.

To become effective in April 2018, the new class will have the graduates in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) schemes who are concluding their internships that well support business innovation in their chosen domains of study on the radar. The USP of the programme: under it, the various international student graduates from the different establishments of the province who have discovered a long-term employment opportunity in an in-demand line-of-work won’t anymore have to do a job, for a period of six months, prior to they submit an application for the MPNP.


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