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Abhinav Immigration Services Pvt. Ltd., with over 29 years of experience in offering quality visa consultancy services, support and assistance, has come of age. We have successfully established ourselves in the market as one of the most reputed Canada and Australia visa consultants in Bangalore now better known as Bengaluru and in India and as well.

We carry with us a track record of success that is unique in its feat, enviable and incomparable; and our clients know us for the highly specialized assistance as Canada immigration consultants that we have rendered in all these years. We have all the necessary components required to ensure a quality and transparent back-up support to help you in taking well-informed decisions about immigrating to another country.

We are currently catering to a diverse customer segment that includes a wide range of clients:

  • Individuals intending to travel abroad on the basis of
    • Skills or business immigration; or
    • Travel for tourism or visiting families and relations;  or
    • Pursuing higher studies in foreign universities;
  • Corporates intending to relocate their employees to other difficult locations like the USA;
  • Legal outsourcing for well entrenched International visa law firms seeking service partners to improve their processes here our visa law expertise and professional knowhow comes in quite handy and we assist them in completing legal work to increase efficiency at their end; and
  • Business brokerage – we, as Canada immigration consultants Bangalore, act as an essential link between the parties intending to sell businesses in international locations and those intending to procure businesses in other countries.    

Immigration has always been not easy as it may have been envisaged, and with various countries going in for tougher visa norms, immigrating to any destination has become a testing task. It involves synchronization of various processes and sub-processes right from negotiating preliminary steps and compiling preparing required documents for attachments with application to final preparation and filing of requests with the visa office Bangalore.

Our strength lies in identifying the typical conditions attached to each instance and case successfully and offering solutions based on the exhaustive analysis of the profile in relation to the probabilities and possibilities of success in visa applications. We have worked hard to set up this visa service system by acquiring necessary knowhow and installing appropriately trained and accomplished expertise at strategic points.

Our top brass is led by eminent professionals from fields of economics and law who form the core of the think tank; and we are equipped with well-trained professionals to assist the clients in various steps and phases of the immigration process. To take the things further, we also make use of all modern techniques and equipment to help us to carry out our work right from preparation and filing of application to following up each case.

For us, the clients are not just cases but individuals who have handed over their future to us, and it becomes our professional responsibility, as consul general, to handle their cases appropriately and assist them in achieving their objectives.

Benefits of ‘Advantage Abhinav ‘services are being availed by several of our clients for an array of destinations and programs like:

  1. Australia - SkillSelect
  2. Canada - Express Entry and PNPs
  3. Hong Kong - QMAS
  4. UK - Tier 1 Visa
  5. USA - L1 Visa
  6. USA EB 1 Visa
  7. USA EB 5 Visa

Advantage Abhinav

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