With a view to successfully sail through any given visa procedure of any specific country, it is quite essential to fulfill some pre-decided immigration eligibility conditions. These usually involve the candidate’s age, educational qualifications, economic position, experience, among others.

Experienced visa professionals at Abhinav methodically examine your profile against the pre-decided selection conditions of your chosen immigration hotspot. Whether it is the UK, or Australia, or the US, or Hong Kong, or for that matter Denmark, you can breathe easy that you would receive excellent Immigration Visa Pre-Assessment services from extremely competent and dedicated immigration experts from the Team ABHINAV.

We apprise you whether it would be actually better for you to move ahead even as you present a visa-submission for permit for the identical destination or any another country for which the chances of you making the cut could be high. In addition to this, we also proffer parallel evaluation for some cases, which comprise the profile of the partner/other, half as well. ABHINAV does the profile assessment – to advise best possible immigration destination and visa program most applicable for you – free of charge for all prospective clients.

Immigration assessment is basically to assist and help you avoid the possible wastage of time, resources & efforts that you may unknowingly invest in the permit petition procedure for a specific immigration hotspot, for a particular visa category, for which your profile may not be suitable.

Alternatively--in a situation where in the assessment’s outcome turns-out to be good and positive--there is no reason as to why you should worry. In a condition like this, Team Abhinav will appropriately direct &manage the progress of your visa course, for a magnificent and 100% acceptable conclusion.

And won’t this be great and decisively in your favor?

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