1. With a view to make the grade for the L-1 position, the overseas (non US.) firm- for which the L-1 executive works for - ought to have a specific association with the future job-provider (applicant) in the US.
  2. It is crucial that the two firms share common power.
  3. In relation to the overseas (the non US) firm, the petitioner (the US Firm) should be either a parent or a subsidiary.

The USCIS duly identifies 4 different business structures as subsidiaries even while the common constituent in every case is control by the parent group of both the migrant worker’s overseas recruiter & the future US recruiter.

Any legal body of which a parent firm owns either via direct or indirect ways over 50% & exercises power over the body. A business possessed 50% by a parent firm with control of the body. A 50-50 Shared Undertaking directly or indirectly, possessed 50% by the parent firm, and equally managed by the parent firm, in which the parent firm has the important veto power. Any unit of which either via direct or indirect methods a parent firm owns less than 50%, but over which the same, i.e., the parent firm, has real power.

Affiliate (the same comprises joint ventures organized in the US.): It’s basically a kind of subsidiary. The L-1 affiliates are typically either one of two subsidiaries of a common parent, or one of two entities possessed by a common group of people. Each owner should own roughly the same share of each body.

50-50 Joint Undertaking: Should be either directly or indirectly possessed 50% by the parent firm, and uniformly controlled by the parent firm, in which the parent firm has the veto authority.

Branch: A bureau or division of the identical group situated in another nation is regarded a branch.

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