Canada Business Visa has diverse pathways catering to startup founders, entrepreneurs, investors, self-employed professionals and senior management professionals. Every program has a different set of requirements for the applicants. Once you receive an approval, the applicants and their families will achieve unconditional Canadian Permanent Residency.

Why should you choose a Canada Business Visa?

  • Unconditional Canada PR Visa for the entire family
  • No minimum investment and Low IELTS requirements
  • Have Net Corporate Tax as low as 15%
  • Access to a large market with Trade Agreement
  • Canada is one of the best destinations for ease of doing business
  • Best quality of life with better healthcare & education

Pathway for Startup Founders – Canada Startup Visa:

  • Obtain a Letter of Support (LoS) from a Canadian-designated Body
  • Have 5.0 bands in IELTS
  • Have a qualifying business and voting right of 10%
  • Have enough funds to settle in Canada

Pathway for Entrepreneurs - Canada PNP Entrepreneurs Pathways:

If you have business management experience and can invest from CAD 150,000 to CAD 600,000 with a net worth from CAD 400,000 to CAD 800,000, you have below entrepreneur routes for Canada Immigration:

  • Ontario – OINP Entrepreneur Stream
  • British Columbia – BC PNP Entrepreneur Immigration
  • Saskatchewan – SINP Entrepreneur Category
  • Nova Scotia – NSNP Entrepreneur Stream
  • Manitoba – MPNP Entrepreneur Pathway
  • Alberta – AINP Rural Entrepreneur Stream
  • New Brunswick – NBPNP Business Immigration Stream
  • Prince Edward Island – PEI PNP Business Impact Stream

Pathway for Self-Employed Individuals – Canada Self-employed Program:

  • Minimum 2 years of relevant experience
  • Have experience in cultural, athletic or self-employed activities
  • Secure 100 points in points assessment
  • Must be willing to continue self-employment activity in Canada
  • Clear medical and background check to immigrate to Canada

Do you wish to achieve permanent residency of Canada without any points system? Choose Canada Business Visa – No quota, Low IELTS, No minimum investment and education. Are you tired of waiting in the Canada Visa Pool? Achieve your Business Visa with Abhinav in easy steps. Call our Business Immigration specialists at 8595338595 or mail us at [email protected]

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