US L-1 visa is non-immigrant entry permit granting permission to individuals to reside and work for short duration(to a maximum duration of seven years) for company or companies they are being relocated by to carry out vital tasks deemed critical for the enterprise, thereby facilitating multinational organizations intending to either establish or manage a branch, subsidiary or an affiliate. The individuals being transferred to US should have worked in the particular foreign company for a minimum period of one year in previous 3 year period immediately preceding the date of filing petition.

The L-1 permit enables the family including spouse and dependents to shift to the country on the basis of non-immigrant L 2 visa.  The permit provides the spouses unrestricted freedom (obtained through I – 765) to employment. In certain cases L-1 visa also acts as entry level permission for green card of this country (doctrine of dual intent).

Salient Features

It is necessary for intending organization to meet certain criteria of commercial relationship between non US and US Companies, i.e. both the US and foreign organization must be part of same enterprise and must also be working as

  1. Parent and subsidiary, or
  2. Branch and headquarter, or
  3. Sister companies
  4. Affiliates

Both foreign companies and US should be owned by one or more mutual undertakings, or third parties in whom each of the partnering enterprises enjoys a 50% stake and controlling with veto power.

Types of L-1 Visa

The L-1 permit is classified as

  1. L-1A –(executives and managers)Visa is valid for 7 years and is meant for people being transferred to US to be deployed on senior management ranks to discharge indicated obligations
    1. Regulating and monitoring administrative functions or managing the organizations, or part of the companies
    2. Acting as controlling authority over administrative or professional human resource functions
    3. Taking care of critical functions of organization in relevant capacity.
  2. L-1B (workers with specialized skills)is valid for 5 years and is granted to personnel with specialized expertise and knowhow about various aspects specific to the company.
  3. Regular permit is applied for and sanctioned on merit for each individual by USCIS.
  4. If you are willing to open a new office in USA to expand your business, you may qualify for this category.
  5. Blanket facility is extended to qualified employers (under A and B). Blanket visa enables organizations to get sanctions for multiple numbers of personnel. With blanket facility, there is no need for
    1. Separate petitions for each individual case.
    2. Evidencing qualifications of each individual personnel

ABHINAV Support for L-1 Visa Process

The ABHINAV is experienced immigration consultant for various US visa categories. We

  1. Render specialized competent support and backup for L-1 two-step petition processes at affordable costs.
  2. Assess and compile all necessary documents, Immigration forms, and prepare them for submission. 
  3. Serve both individual and corporate clients. 

Individual Clients

Abhinav provides expert guidance on all issues connected with L-1 visa.

  1. We prepare the request for submission of petition by your employer
  2. After petition approval, we assist in your visa request

Corporate Clients:

ABHINAV provides affordable time bound competent immigration services. L – 1 Experts at our facilitation center render comprehensive support in assessing eligibility as a qualifying petitioner or employer in strict adherence to US immigration policy

Quality Abhinav Assistance for L-1 clients

  1. Compiling substantiations and inputs, and assessing to determine eligibility of Petitioner and Beneficiary
  2. Collecting vital documents from foreign (Indian) company for L-1A or L-1B
  3. Devising suitable business proposal for new entity
  4. Leasing office premises on behalf of client to provide substantiation for office lease and business address in US
  5. Preparing statutory corporate documentation for new businesses including functional agreements, articles of incorporation or association, establishing company, etc.
  6. Compiling substantiating papers for illustrating
    1. Qualifying relationship between both entities as affiliated enterprise
    2. Existence of “business in progress” between qualifying enterprise
    3. Qualification of stipulations for qualifying employee
  7. Carrying out extensive reviews of
    1. Organizational hierarchy, business track record of and between both organizations, and letter of employment
    2. Documents to establish qualification based on final business proposal and final substantiations
    3. Business proposals that adhere to immigration laws
    4. Employment contracts
  8. Coordinating with external specialists
  9. Preparing
    1. I-129 petitions with L supplements
    2. Cover letters and other supporting papers as per requirements
    3. Supporting documents, hierarchical charts and other paper as per requirements
  10. Completing petition after 2-step  review process
  11. Submitting I-129 petition with USCIS
  12. Following up and updating about communications with USCIS (receipt of notices)
  13. Finalizing RFE, application for additional supportings (if USCIS needs more evidence)
  14. On receiving approval communicating about the matter
For US Immigration Law Firms

Experts at ABHINAV offer reliable 2-step review services, which are carried out in close consultations with professional US immigration law specialists. All our offices are equipped with state of the art “Tracker” immigration software which helps us to complete all the phases of immigration case work efficiently within given time frame and budget.

Our Quality Support:
  1. Placing request for approval for communicating the petitioner and beneficiary to initiate the case process
  2. Placing request for required substantiations 
  3. Assessing papers for accuracy and requesting for any additional requirements 
  4. Preparing and assessing immigration papers
  5. Completing the request filing and communicating with a scanned copy of request for review
L-2 Dependent Visa

The family (spouse and dependent children under 21 years) of L-1 visa holder can travel to US with help of L-2 visa. The validity of this non-immigrant permit relies on validity period of L-1 visa.

Change/Extension of Non-immigrant Visa

If family of L -1 visa holder is already in USA and is wishes to switch visa or obtain L -2 permit, all members can apply jointly for it through I-539 petition. 

Quality Abhinav Assistance
  1. Compiling appropriate papers and assessing to evidence family relationship between beneficiary and primary applicant
  2. Filing I-539 forms (if residing in US) or DS- 160 visa application for L-2 dependent visa
  3. Preparing visa request after comprehensive two step review
  4. Getting ready
    1. Visa application kit after the DS-160 submission
    2. Coordinating with relevant embassy for ASC (Biometrics) and Visa Interview appointment Preparing clients for the visa interviews
    3. Filling up I-765 (Application for Employment Authorization Document -EAD) with substantiations to be filed with USCIS upon admission into the United States

Even if you seek more information about L-1 Intra-Company Transfer Visa you can write an email on [email protected] and one of the most experience immigration consultants will get in touch with you to help you out with your questions and concerns or you can also choose to call us on +91-8595338595 or directly interact with the expert through our Live Chat window.



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