US B-2 or USA Visitor Visa has been designed as a non-immigrant tourist visa to facilitate entry of foreign visitors arriving in the country temporarily for purpose sufficing in leisure and pleasure, tourism, visiting their children, families and friends, attending special events, functions, ceremonies or receiving medical treatment in the US. Other categories that may qualify for this entry permit include

  1. Amateur athletes and Entertainers
    The amateur athletes and entertainers of some non professionals groups and troupes travelling to the country to perform in some charity events, functions and to contest but not receiving any remuneration for such activities can obtain B-2 visa
  2. People traveling for a short course of study
    Although the primary objective of traveling to the US is tourism, during the stay the visitors are likely to partake in a course of study for less than 18 hours per week.

B-2 visas can be granted for a tenure ranging between one to ten years. This visa is also popularly known as multiple entry visas and during the overall validity period, the visitors are allowed to make a trip to the US without contacting US consulates. The period of stay is, however decided by the immigration authority (Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) officer) at the port of entry. As per the current statutes, duration of a stay during single visit cannot exceed 6 months though in certain cases where the visitors can duly justify the reasons for extension as being genuine can get an additional extension of 6 months, but the overall stay in the country on a single trip cannot exceed one year from the date of arrival in the US on B-2 visa. The B-2 visa holder must leave the shores of the country on or before the last date of exiting the USA (mentioned on I-94).

Eligibility Parameters

The people intending to obtain US B-2 tourist visa must be able to substantiate certain essential facts like

  1. Evidencing their intent of travel being purely for temporary objectives, like for pleasure or for medical purpose, and in no way would the applicants involve themselves in paid employment or study
  2. Substantiate their intent to travel back to their country or origin or country of current residence after the accomplishment of their travel objectives, or expiry of stay period whichever earlier.
  3. Evidence that they have enough financial resources to finance their stay in the country
  4. Produce the requisite papers or medical records to evidence their ability to bear medical bills accruing during treatment, if traveling to the US for purpose of seeking medical treatment.

Certain categories of applicants can get some advantages if they

  1. Are aged above 60 years
  2. Own property in their country of origin or current residence
  3. Have travelled to other foreign destinations in the past

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