For Canadian immigration, the FSW program, a component of Express Entry, employs a points-based method for the selection process. The following table provides a detailed explanation of the selection factors and the maximum points allotted for each factor:

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Selection Factor

Maximum Points


Language Skills


Proficiency in English and/or French is essential for the Canadian job market. Points are awarded based on the candidate's ability to read, write, speak, and listen assessed through approved language tests.



Points are awarded for Canadian education or equivalent foreign education as assessed by an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA).

Work Experience


Skilled work experience in relevant National Occupational Classification (NOC) TEER categories is required, with points allocated based on duration.



Points are awarded based on the age of the applicant.

Arranged Employment


Having a valid job offer from a Canadian employer can add points to the applicant's score.



Factors such as spouse’s language level, and past work or study experience in Canada contribute to adaptability points.

To be eligible for the FSW program, you need to score at least 67 out of 100 points. Once this threshold is met, you can then submit your profile to the Express Entry pool.

For a comprehensive assessment and precise calculation of points, it is advisable to refer to official resources provided by the Canadian government or seek guidance from an immigration expert at +91-8595338595 or [email protected]




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