L-1A Permit Requirements

There are two dissimilar processes to gain the L-1 Permits, namely, Regular & Blanket. While the Regular L-1 Permits are individual and require having sanction from the USCIS individually; the Blanket L-1 Permits, do not require sanction individually even as these are made available for recruiters that fulfill some conditions. The contents of this booklet refer to INDIVIDUAL L-1A petitions.

L-1A Visa Prerequisites – Qualifying Employer Association

It is vital that the firm has an association, which makes it qualified for this kind of permit, like an affiliate organization, a new local office or subsidia-1 Visa Requirements on the overseas grounds.

The L-1 Permit is a Dual Intent Permit. Dual Intent signifies that there is no need whatsoever of L-1 receivers to maintain an overseas residence and could file a petition for a Green Card later on.

Permit Requirements for the L-1A Permit

  1. The executive/manager should have worked out of the country for the overseas organization for a continuous duration of 1 year during the preceding three years, prior to entry to the US.
  2. The transferee should have been hired overseas in either a managerial or an executive capacity, otherwise called a qualifying capacity.
  3. The executive/manager should be arriving to the US firm to offer his professional services in a managerial or executive position. The federal law suggests that the executive capacity, by and large, refers to the worker’s capability to make decisions with a great freedom, and minus much oversight.
  4. Managerial capacity commonly refers to the capacity of the worker to manage and have power over the work of professional workers and to administer the group or a section, subdivision, function, or part of the group. The same could also refer to the managers’ capability to supervise an indispensable function of the firm at a high level, minus the direct administration of others.
  5. Directors, partners, proprietors or senior executives of existing overseas business that are opening their branch or subsidiary in USA make an application under either of above – executive or managerial – capacities and manage the USA operations of the principal company.
  6. The executive/manager should be skilled for the position by asset of his or her previous education & experience.
  7. The L-1 Permit holder should aim to leave the shores of the US upon the conclusion of his sanctioned stay.

L-1 A Visa Prerequisites – Documents

To start with, it is vital that a notarized English translation accompanies every paper/certificate in a foreign language.

Overseas Firm:

  1. Latest yearly report or financials – the previous three years
  2. Firm Brochure or Marketing matters
  3. Duplicate of US Office Lease
  4. Proof of Ownership with the US Firm
  5. An employment offer letter mentioning the duties to be carried out in the US
  6. A duplicate of a comprehensive Organizational Chart of the Foreign Firm

US Firm:

  1. Latest yearly report or tax return– the previous three years
  2. Firm Brochure or Marketing Material
  3. Duplicate of the Office Lease
  4. Proof of Ownership with Foreign Company
  5. A duplicate of a thorough Organizational Chart of the U.S. Company
  6. Reproduction of Visa & I-94 (in case in the US)
  7. Proof that the migrant worked at overseas firm for not less than 12 of the previous 36 months (letter from boss, paycheck reproductions, etc.)
  8. Carbon Copy of CVA copy of Resume/CV
  9. Duplicates of diploma and transcripts from university degrees (in case accessible)
  10. Reproductions of letters of experience from preceding recruiters (in case obtainable

L-1A Visa – Representative List of Supporting Certificates/Papers required to be submitted with the application

From the Overseas Firm:

  1. A firm brochure
  2. Duplicates of Articles of Incorporation
  3. Duplicates of financials
  4. Duplicates of bank statements
  5. Duplicates of the business lease or mortgage or deed.
  6. Duplicates of telephone & utility bills
  7. Duplicates of agreements with other firms, including US firms
  8. A reproduction of the Organizational Chart

From the US Firm:

  1. A firm brochure
  2. Reproductions of Articles of Incorporation
  3. Reproduction of business plan (in case new business)
  4. Reproductions of financials
  5. Reproductions of bank statements
  6. Reproductions of the business lease or mortgage or deed
  7. Reproductions of telephone & utility bills
  8. Reproductions of agreements with other firms, including the US firms.
  9. A Reproduction of the Organizational Chart (or planned Chart)

From the Overseas Person:

  1. Duplicate of Passport
  2. Duplicate of Permit and I-94 (in case in the US)
  3. Proof that the migrant worked at overseas firm for not less than 1 year out of the previous three years (letter from recruiter, paycheck duplicates, etc.)
  4. Copy of CV
  5. Duplicates of diploma & transcripts from university degrees (in case accessible)
  6. Duplicates of letters of experience from previous recruiters (in case accessible.

Remarks: This is a representative list. Any additional document can be requested by our offices or lawyers or by USICS or any other US government agency.

L-1 A Prerequisites for the Blanket L-1

  1. The firm should already have a place of work in the US that has been running for not less than 1 year.
  2. The firm should have not less than three domestic/foreign local offices, branches, or subsidiaries.

Apart from this, the firm should cater to one of these:

  1. The business should have gained not less than 10 sanctions for L-1, during the 12-monthtime frame prior to presenting a blanket application.
  2. The business and its US branch & affiliates should have shared yearly sales of not less than $25 million dollars.
  3. The company has a workforce in the United States of at least 1,000 employees.
L-1 A Requirements for a Fresh Firm:

Every one of the above; however, in place of the yearly report or tax return a business plan (and this covers the predictable income statement, organizational chart, & balance sheet).

L-1 A Visa Prerequisites for an Extension/Renewal:

Every one of the above and reproductions of the receiver’s three latest paychecks

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