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Canada British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BCPNP)

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BCPNP British Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration

British Columbia, amongst Canada’s premier settlement destinations,has started an online registration system for applicants keen in filing application under the BC Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) Entrepreneur Immigration Class.

The procedure for the BC PNP basically involves three primary steps prior to you may file a petition for Permanent Residence (PR).

Preparation Before You Register 

In your capacity as a successful entrepreneur, an exploratory visit to BC is though not compulsory highly recommended. This will offer you in gaining more details related to the existing opportunities and also the local business atmosphere prior to registration under the program.In case you need a visitor permit (Temporary Resident Visa), to make a trip to the nation, it is mandatory that you submit an application to nearest Canadian Consulate or Canada High Commission. If you have not made an exploratory visit to British Columbia and wish to make one, Abhinav can help you in preparing and filing the application and also fix a program and appointment schedule. Also note that making an exploratory visit will help you claim crucial additional points in the BC Entrepreneur Immigration Registration (EIR) Pool.

Through your trip, you can, among others things:

  1. Examine and assess possible business possibilities;
  2. Develop helpful local business contacts; and,
  3. Find-out more about what it’s like residing and doing business in the province, and get a superior understanding of the province’s healthcare &education schemes, accommodation, culture, leisure opportunities, and standard of living.
  4. Make useful contacts with local accountants and business brokers who can assist – when required – in making business establishment plan.

Please note that the BC Government will strictly not proffer a letter of support for you to get a Temporary Resident Permit to carryout an exploratory trip to the province.

British Columbia Regions and Regional Districts

Each and every of the region of the BC comprises special industries, business breaks, demographics, and lifestyle possibilities. Explore the various regions of the BC to discover the finest site for not only yourselfand your business.

Registering with the BC PNP Entrepreneur program

The Entrepreneur Immigration Registration (EIR) is basically an online registration route that is the first step to moving to the province in your capacity as an entrepreneur. It is essentially a points-based structure even as you will obtain a score the basis of which is the facts that you offer. Your total and position relative to other registrants will actually decide if you will be sent an invitation to submit an application,through the BC PNP Entrepreneur Immigration Class.

The BC PNP reserves the right to make improvements to the EIR,minus prior notice, and this comprises amendments to the score grid, the bare minimum total needed in every section, the ending of registrations in the pool of selection, and the volume and rate of registrants sent an invite to present an application.

Entrepreneur Immigration Registration - Some Crucial Facts

  1. There is a registration charge of $300. This is non-refundable.
  2. A registration into the Entrepreneur Immigration Registration structure is neither a petition to the Entrepreneur Immigration Class nor an assurance that you will be sent an invite to put forward an application.
  3. The BC PNP will just admit a maximum of 200 registrations every month.
  4. Your registration is legitimate for a period of 6 months from the time you obtain your total registration score. In case you fail to get an invite to submit an application prior to your registration concludes the same will no longer be legitimateonly to be removed from the selection pool. You may afterwards generate and present a fresh registration.
  5. You can just have one active registration at a given time.
  6. A decision on the overall rate& figure of invitations will be taken by the BC PNP’s processing capacity even as it is subject to amendment.
  7. Your registration will be allocated a score on the basis of the specific requirements of the scheme valid at the precise time of registration.
  8. Your petition can be denied in case the details in the same are significantly dissimilar from what you presented in your registration.


BC PNP Entrepreneur Immigration Registration Registration Form - Scoring

Every section of the registration has a bare minimum eligibility total. It is obligatory that aspirants fulfill the bare minimum scores in every section with a view to be given admission into the pool of selection. The utmost total score obtainable is 200. Besides, there is not any bare minimum overall score threshold.As long as applicants make the minimum score for every part, they are entitled to gain entry into the pool of applicants.

Aspirants are given a position on the basis of their scores for business skills, net worth, personal investment, planned job formation, adaptability (and this comprises age, language ability, education, prior trips to the province, and preceding employment or study in the nation), and business idea or concept. A maximum of 80 of the 200 total points can be given for the business idea or concept.

Every segment of the registration has a bare minimum eligibility score. It is binding that applicants fulfill the minimum scores in every segment with a view to gain entry into the pool of selection even while 200 is the highest score obtainable.


Aspirants will obtain points on the basis of their business rights and/or higher-ranking supervision work experience.

It is essential that particulars of your business/work experience for the previous decade are included. Strictly desist from duplicating the particulars of your experience in both segments. For instance in case you held 100%or complete rights of a business but you were also involved in the business as the, say, General Manager you can only choose Business Owner-Manager Experience. The transferability and bearing of your background to your planned firm in the province will be reviewed as component of the BC PNP scoring of your Business Concept.

The highest possible total accessible for this section is 24. It is compulsory that aspirants obtain not less than 8 points to fulfill the bare minimum requirements for the segment.

Net Worth

Applicants will get points on the basis of their total net worth,and this comprises that of their other half or common-law partner, in case valid.
The highest score accessible for this segment is 12. Aspirants must get not less than 1 point to cater to the bare minimum conditions for the total personal net worth.

Personal Investment

Points will be awarded to applicants based on their planned entitled personal investment for the business, and this comprises planned total investment and entitled investment for the planned investments. In case you are recommending a joint venture with a co-registrant, it is obligatory that you take in the names of every associate with your registration.

The highest score to be had for this segment is 30. It is compulsory that applicants get not less than 6 points, or 20 points, in case you are recommending a Key Staff, to fulfill the minimum condition for this segment.


Applicants will get points on the basis of their proposed employment formation&job maintenance in case they are buying an existing company. For the proposed business, it is obligatory that you duly spot the figure of full-time comparable (FTE) openings that will be not only generated but also maintained.

The highest score obtainable for this segment is 36. It is compulsory that aspirants attain not less than 2 points or 12 points in case you are proffering a Key Staff, to fulfill the minimum conditions for the segment. Apart from this, you will not make the cut, in case you fail to generate not less than 1 FTE. In case you are recommending a Key Staff, it is compulsory that you generate not less than 3 FTEs.


Applicants will obtain points on the basis of your self-proclaimed adaptability things with your registration or application, in case you are sent an invite to submit an application.
The highest score obtainable for the segment is 18 and there is no bare minimum required total whatsoever for the segment.

Final Scoring, the Selection Pool

The BC PNP will allocate scores to your Business Concept only to work out your final score.

In case you meet with the requirements for the selection pool, you will get an email authentication from the BC PNP. You will be in a position to view your final registration total, and this comprises scores for every segment.

  • Registrations who fulfill the minimum points total in each and every segment will be given an entry into the pool of selection.
  • Registrations which meet the requirements for the pool of selection are legitimate for a maximum of 6 months.
  • In case you are not sent an invite to submit an application to the BC PNP,inside six months of becoming eligible, your registration will run out. At the given time, you may present a fresh registration to the BC PNP.
  • Registrants can just boast of 1 active BC PNP registration at any given period of time.
  • In case you are offering a joint venture with a co-registrant, the combined total of the lowest-scoring registrant(s) will be duly applied to every co-registrant.

Invitation to Apply (ITA)

Fulfilling the bare minimum eligibility conditions does not,in any manner, assure that a person will be sent an invite to present a complete petition.

In case a candidate has gained entry into the pool of selection, his final registration total will be given a rank together with other registrants. Occasionally, the BC PNP will send an invite to the highest-placed registrants to present an application to the Entrepreneur Scheme. In case a candidate is sent an invite to apply, he will get an email notice and will have a maximum of four months from the date of invitation to put forward a complete petition.

At the given stage, it is compulsory that the candidate gives a $3,500 CAD processing charge to the province. His other half&dependent kids are included in the application charge.
In case requested, he will have to be present at an in-person interview at the Vancouver based BC PNP bureau. Interviews are carried-out in just either French or English.

In case approval is given to a petition, a Letter of Confirmation will be issued by the BC PNP. The same serves as a work permit support letter with a view to submit an application for a two-year work visa to the CIC. The same will allow the aspirant together with his family to shift to the province and execute the business plan.

Candidates who are sent an invite to apply will require appointing a qualified supplier to authenticate their personal net worth &accumulation funds as component of the nomination procedure.

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