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Quebec Immigration is one of the specialized genres of services that ABHINAV offers. The province of Quebec in Canada offers an immigrant visa separate from the programs offered by Federal Canada. The Quebec Skilled Worker Program is an option for those who intend to permanently settle down in Quebec. This program is managed by the Quebec provincial authorities.

If you are an IT professional, this program is an excellent opportunity for those intending to immigrate to Canada. Since, the new List of 29 Occupations brought out by Federal Canada does not feature this profession; Quebec is definitely a scorer in this regard. However, there are other niche areas for employment as well.

When it comes to Quebec immigration, an immigrant has unrestricted access to the local job market. More so, an immigrant under this program does not need to have an additional work permit in order to be employed in this province. At the same time, he can always seek employment post landing. This means than an applicant need not have a job offer in prior neither does he require a sponsoring employer in order to immigrate to Quebec.

As a province, Quebec is host to some of the world leaders when it comes to niche industries. With this, its largest city - Montreal is considered as one of the good cities in the world. This city is caters to some of the important industries in Quebec and offers numerous employment opportunities.

We, at ABHINAV offer a Free Assessment of your credentials to see whether or not you qualify for this program. Based on the assessment, we further guide our clients accordingly. Incase, we do not find your profile appropriate for Quebec immigration; our experts are always ready to alternatives for immigration to other destinations.

Quebec Immigration Skilled Workers Program, French Language Tests Requirements

French is the most widely spoken language in the province of Quebec. Knowledge of French is critical when it comes to filing an application for immigration to Canada under Quebec Skilled Worker Program. This is altogether a different issue that myths and misconceptions surrounding this criterion exist in plenty, with the most common being the growing perception that those who do not know the French language are ineligible to apply. This is incorrect as knowledge of French language is just one of the many skills sought by the Quebec Immigration authorities. This includes education; number of years of experience, occupation is which experience is earned, language factor, application spousal credentials, and number of children, financial capability, and visa officers’ assessment on personal suitability, among many others. If one meets the pass-mark and selection criteria without consideration of the language factor points, then a successful application can still be filed even if the applicant does not know or learn French.

However, meeting requirements without consideration of language points in a highly unlikely scenario in almost most cases and for such applicants it will become a requirement that they appear in French and English language tests and provide the scores in both the language along with the application form. This implies that an applicant should learn French language, appear in French language test, also appear in IELTS test and THEN file the application under the Quebec immigration skilled worker program. Those who are unwilling to learn the French language or those who lack the aptitude or the time to learn the same should not file an application under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program. As simple as that! No rocket science! Lack of knowledge of French language by the time interview is scheduled will mean clear refusal.

Quebec skilled worker program is an excellent option for applicants who are not interested in any other immigration destination except Canada and are not qualified to make an application under Canada Federal or Canada Provincial Nominee programs or other immigration destinations for various reasons. When not qualified for ANY destination but still interested in Migrating to a developed country like Canada, then why not Quebec program? Quebec is a great province to make your home. Also remember that in the process one also learns a widely accepted international language and will be a credit on ones’ resume. Post landing in Canada, it will also improve the employment prospects for those who take the initiative to learn the language as both French and English are official languages in Canada. So for investing a few months in learning French language, one can hope get permanent resident visa within 24-36 months.

Do remember, however, that French being the most widely spoken language in Quebec does not mean or imply that the local residents of Quebec do not speak English. The City of Montreal is just one of the many shining examples of the cosmopolitan cities in Quebec and Canada. The point based eligibility criteria is definitely an important part for an application to be processed further under the program, and it has a wide range of components.

Find more! Contact Us! ABHINAV is your best guide for Quebec Skilled Worker Program. We are in this business since long!

Employment Opportunities

We understand your need to be financially secure when you immigrate to a new destination. For this, employment would be your first priority when you immigrate. Quebec is the largest province in Canada which is thriving with professional opportunities. According to a latest release from the Labor Force Survey, this August, the employment increased by another 36,000. This clearly projects the further downfall in the rate of unemployment making the province with the lowest unemployment rate in Canada.

When it comes to immigrating to Quebec, you do not have to worry about qualifying under any specific occupation lists as it is with Federal Canada where in one has to qualify under the List of 29 Occupations. The eligibility criteria and application process for Quebec immigration are completely different from that of Federal Canada.

When it comes to the economy of Quebec, it is highly diversified catering to numerous opportunities for its immigrants and residents. For your convenience, we have enlisted of some of the most productive industries in the province. These include the following:

  1. Aerospace Industry
  2. Information Technology
  3. Finance
  4. Health Industry
  5. Biotechnology
  6. Tourism
  7. Transportation
  8. Agriculture
  9. Optics and Photonics
  10. Hydroelectricity
  11. Mining

The list does not end here. When it comes to these industries in Quebec, they are one of the best in the world or leaders in Canada itself. These industries employ millions of people which include many immigrants.

In order to live and work in Quebec, a foreign migrant has to apply for immigration under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program.It has to be remembered that this program is different from that of the Skilled Migrant program offered by Federal Canada.

Abhinav has a separate team for consultants who deal with Quebec immigration. With years of experience and specifically trained in this genre, we offer the best of services to ensure that your endeavor is a success.

To get more details on the program and overall application processing that may be applicable to your application, please send following details to immediately:

  1. Your updated resume
  2. If married, also resume of your spouse with clear mention of her age and qualifications
  3. If applicable, information on children and their age
  4. Have you at any time during qualification or work, learned French language?

Contact us to get information on employers as well as a list of industries and economy sectors functioning in Quebec.

If you are hiring the services of a paid consultant for Immigration to Quebec, then such an immigration consultant must be an Authorized Representative. He must have been authorized by the Quebec Government. The Government of Quebec and related Quebec Immigration office will not deal with non-authorized representatives who are paid a consulting fee for their service.

Even if you seek more information about immigrating to Quebec you can write an email on and one of the most experience immigration consultants will get in touch with you to help you out with your questions and concerns or you can also choose to call us on +91-8595338595 or directly interact with the expert through our Live Chat window.

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