Quebec Immigration- An Overview

Known as the French province of Canada, Quebec is the second most populated Canadian province with country’s second largest city- Montreal. It is the only province in Canada with French as its official language as people in the province are very proud of their language and the French heritage. The province also has strict laws and policies in place to protect its French language and immigration status. Every year, Quebec attracts thousands of skilled immigrants due to its highly developed economy, promising career opportunities, great climatic conditions, and many more.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program

The government of Canada has given provinces rights in setting their own rules and guidelines in selecting economic immigrants. In this regard, Quebec was the first to be granted a high degree of authority in the selection process for all economic immigrants. Quebec Skilled Worker is unique in multiple ways where if someone has been issued a Certificat de sélection du Québec (CSQ – Québec selection certificate, then they have great chances of obtaining Canada Permanent Residency, even if they do not satisfy the basic eligibility requirements under Quebec Express Entry System.

However, there is a catch here. Applications of candidates with the Quebec Selection Certificate can only be subject to rejection when they fail to clear the Medical Exam. Or, if they fail to meet the general admissibility requirements, including police clearance certificates.

Talking about the skilled worker program, it is designed for people who have the right skills and expertise make lasting contributions province’s growing economy. Prospective applicants are required to claim sufficient scores under the QSW Points Assessment Grid. Candidates with the most competitive scores will be invited to apply further.

Notably, this program does not require the applicant to be proficient in French language, thus making it attractive for people with strong English-speaking skills as well.

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What are the Basic Eligibility Requirements for QSWP?

Though the process for Quebec skilled worker program isn’t complicated, however, it’s always advisable to take some professional help to avoid errors in your application. Below are some of the basic requirements for Quebec immigration:

  • The applicant must be 18 years or above at the time of application
  • Must meet the minimum 50 scores (if without spouse) or 59 points (with spouse/common-law partner) under the eligibility point grid.
  • Must be proficient in either English or French.
  • Must demonstrate minimum work experience in the last five years and provide supporting documents for the same.
  • Candidates must show enough source of funds to settle and sustain themselves in Quebec.
  • QSW candidates, unlike FSW, can claim additional points for training in an occupation that is in high demand in the province.

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How to Apply for QSWP?

Applicants who are interested in applying for Quebec Skilled Worker Program must follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Apply to the Government of Quebec online for a Quebec Selection Certificate.
    • Once your application is submitted, the immigration authorities in Quebec will assess your application as per their own rules.
    • If your application has been selected by the province of Quebec, you will be issued a Quebec Selection Certificate (Certificat de sélection du Québec).
  • Once the province has selected you, then you must apply to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship a permanent residency Canada.

What is the processing time of Quebec Immigration?

The processing time under the Quebec Skilled Worker can be between 15-17 months. You may require to provide biometrics with your application, which is also included in the processing time.

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Key Benefits of Settling in Quebec:

As a dynamic and prosperous society, Quebec offers the following key advantages to its residents:

  • The province of Quebec offers its immigrants with not just a strong economy and natural beauty but also a wide range of immigration programs that attract skilled workers around the globe.
  • Easy and secure access to health care facilities, insurance, and education.
  • Quebec is a highly preferred immigration destination among skilled professionals due to its world-class education system, safe and secure environment, and a wide range of employment opportunities.
  • Quebec features a vibrant and rich multi-cultural society thus making it an ideal destination to raise families.
  • The province of Quebec puts a lot of emphasis on the administration programs to encourage businesses and technological developments.
  • The province also provides social security as well as financial assistance to its residents.

Quebec Immigration Points Calculator?

If you are interested in moving to Quebec, then it’s crucial for you to score the minimum points as per the points assessment grid. For applicants without spouse, the qualified point is 50 out of 100, whereas in case of an accompanied spouse, the minimum scores are 59.

Every application under QSW Program will be assessed on the basis of several factors- age, qualification, work experience, language proficiency, spouse or common-law partners, adaptability, etc.

Which documents are required for Quebec Immigration?

If you receive the Certificate of Selection from Quebec then you’ll need to submit the following documents for the Quebec immigration process:

  1. All Educational Certificates along with Mark sheets of self & spouse (10th onwards
  2. Work Experience Letters, including Appointment Letter, Promotion Letter, Experience Letter, and Salary Certificate/slips/statement & Reference Letter – Notary Attested. spouse.
  3. Passport copies of self & spouse and each dependent child (first & last page)
  4. A copy of marriage certificate
  5. Proof of funds - mode of Saving, FD, PF PPF
  6. Proof of French proficiency
  7. IELTS – General only for self  

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