Canada Express Entry- An Overview?

Want to live and work in Canada? Have you heard anything about Canada Express Entry? If no, then you have come to the right place. Each economic immigrant who wants to migrate to Canada is required to navigate through their PR process via Express Entry System. Introduced in January 2015, the express entry is an online system that manages the applications for Canada PR visa for all economic migrants. Economic immigrants are skilled people who move to Canada for job opportunities and better life quality. The Canada express entry program is very comprehensive and plays a significant role in controlling the flow of migrants entering into Canada by using various scoring parameters.

What is Canada Express Entry?

The Canada Express Entry (EEP) can be understood as the swift and unique point-based immigration program through which the skilled workers can attain the Permanent Residency to the Maple leaf country. This system speaks of the distinct approach undertaken by the Canadian government in choosing skilled professionals for entry in to the country as a permanent resident. The system grants the applications from eligible candidates to immigrate to Canada based on their Canada Express Entry Points consisting of skills, experience, and other factors.

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Canada Express Entry- How It Works?

  • Fill Out Your Profile: The process commences with the candidate filing up the online express entry form by uploading key documents of education, experience and other personal documents.
  • Express Entry Pool:
  • Once the application is filed in the pool, the candidate is issued with an Express Entry Profile Number and Job Seeker Validation Code.
  • Using the Express Entry Profile Number and Job Seeker Validation Code, the candidate can build his resume in the Canada Job Bank.
  • Invitation to Apply: After attaining the Canada Express Entry Points in line with Immigration Draw, the candidates are shortlisted to receive an Invite to Apply from Citizenship and Immigration Canada.
  • Apply for Permanent Residency Online: The final step is to provide required documents to the application for the purpose of Canadian permanent residence status. Duration of 60 days is granted to these shortlisted candidates, failing to respond to which the Invite to Apply (ITA) stands to be cancelled.

Below are the types of visa streams for which Express Entry System accepts applications:

  • Federal Skilled Worker
  • Federal Skilled Trade Program
  • Canadian Experience Class Program

In fact, various Canadian provinces and territories also invite skilled newcomers from Canada Express Entry Draw via Provincial Nominee Programs. Once a pool enters the pool, each applicant is then assigned a CRS points (Comprehensive Ranking System) out of 1,200.  The scores are assigned based on various factors, such as age, work experience, education, language competency, adaptability, and arranged employment. Periodically, applicants with the highest scores are issued Invitation to Apply (ITA) after which they have 60 days to submit a full application for Canada PR visa.

Additionally, once the profile creation is done, candidates may start searching for jobs after creating a job bank account. After they land in Canada, they may continue with their job search process using Job Bank. 

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What is Canada Express Entry Points Calculator?

The Express Entry Points calculator for Canada gives a general idea about how many points one must score in order to be eligible for Canada immigration. These points are granted based on a number of factors such as, age, qualification and work experience, language skills, etc. In every two weeks, IRCC conducts express entry draws to select candidates with the highest CRS scores. Selected candidates receive an ITA from IRCC to apply further for the visa process.

Am I Eligible for Express Entry?

If you want to settle in Canada permanently and work as a skilled worker, then you need to answer a series of questions to find out your eligibility under the Express Entry. As mentioned early, there are three programs that come under this system, and each of them has unique requirements to qualify.

You’ll be asked questions based on the below-mentioned:

  • age
  • language ability
  • education or level of skills
  • work experience
  • Arranged job offer

Based on your answers, you’ll be informed about streams that are suitable for you. While doing so, make sure not to provide any false or misleading information related to your profile.

Candidates who successfully qualify the Express Entry criteria, will be provided a detailed list of instructions on steps to be followed. This would start from filing up an online profile to providing the necessary information. Candidates whose profile meet the requirements, will be put in a pool of candidates for PR visa process, and will be invited to apply through ITAs. 

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How to increase CRS Points to get ITA (Invitation to Apply)?

If you have less Canada express entry points, don’t lose hope as there are multiple ways to improve your CRS scores. Some of them are described below:

IELTS- Proving language proficiency is one of the key steps in your Canadian immigration process. Demonstrating reports of IELTS scores or other authorized language tests are crucial for all economic migration streams for Canada. Therefore, if you have scores less this time, you may think of taking it again through some professional help. This will definitely give an instant boost to your CRS scores.

Spousal Factors- Express Entry candidates who are not single are required to include their spouse/ common-law partner while creating the profile. In case, a person applies as a single applicant, then they are eligible to claim 1200 available CRS points. However, if a candidate includes his or her spouse, then 40 points, then the spouse can receive up to 40 points for their skills. So, if you have a spouse with stronger credentials than you, it’s advisable to make your spouse as a primary applicant to claim more points.

Education Level- Your spouse may claim up to 10 points for their education. However, for this you’ll need to get their credentials assessed by World Education Services to demonstrate the value of their education in Canada. Education equivalent to a Canadian Master’s degree or higher will earn your spouse the maximum number of points.

Proof of Funds- Express Entry candidates are required to demonstrate sufficient source of funds to support themselves initially in Canada. Therefore, it makes sense to accumulate as much funds as you can to increase your chances for Canada immigration. Applicant must calculate this amount based on the size of their family. This includes, them, their spouse, and dependent children, irrespective of whether they accompany you in Canada or not.

Latest Canada Express Entry Draw

CIC, government of Canada conducts express entry draws after every two weeks in a month. The latest express entry draw was conducted on May 1, 2019 where around 3,350 candidates were invited to apply further for the PR process.

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