Canada is touted as one of the employment havens of the world, garnering countless opportunities for skilled professionals. As per the trends, the jobs in Canada have risen to the unimaginable numbers due to the shortage of labor, low population, increasing retiring professionals, and low birth rate. Therefore, many businesses in Canada, from low-scale to large-scale, are experiencing a huge deficit of professionals in the country. It creates unprecedented opportunities for skilled foreign workers to seek jobs, live and settle in Canada with families.

With a robust immigration system, professionals can even apply for Canadian permanent residency for the entire family. Finding jobs easily leads to a smooth process to enhance the chances of immigration to Canada. Thankfully, there are plenty of immigration pathways for skilled professionals to gain permanent residency by meeting certain eligibility requirements. And, interestingly all applicants from any occupation or profile can apply for Canada PR Visa without any restrictions.

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What are the in-demand jobs in Canada?

As explained, there are abundant jobs in Canada for Indians, considering the optimistic job market trends in the country. Post-pandemic, the country has responded positively to the jobs and employment of foreign professionals. Businesses in Canada demand more workers, generating thousands of employment opportunities for foreign professionals each month. Below are the in-demand jobs in Canada:

Occupations  Salary Per Annum
Developer CAD 68,000 to CAD 155,000
HR Manager CAD 75,000 to CAD 156,000
Mechanical engineer CAD 66,000 to CAD 131,000
Welder CAD 40,000 to CAD 74,000
Accounting technician/bookkeeper CAD 61,000 to CAD 114,000
Registered nurse CAD 68,000 to CAD 94,000
Customer service representative CAD 43,000 to CAD 74,000
Driver CAD 42,000 to CAD 65,000
Sales associate CAD 46,000 to CAD 84,000
Administrative assistant CAD 47,000 to CAD 99,000
Business analyst CAD 62,000 to CAD 142,000
Production supervisor CAD 53,000 to CAD 114,000
Digital marketing coordinator CAD 62,000 to CAD 122,000
Construction project manager CAD 61,000 to CAD 150,000

Apart from these, there are substantial jobs in Canada for Indian freshers, but it is limited to certain sectors only.

Which should I apply? Canada PR Visa or Job visa?

Considering the benefits of each pathway, applicants can easily choose the pathway as per their preference.

Features of Canada PR Visa:

  • The entire family gets permanent residency in Canada with access to social benefits
  • Receive the Universal health care program of Canada, where most medical expenses are covered
  • Free education and Child Tax Benefits for children under the age of 18
  • Guaranteed Income Supplement (even if one loses his/her job)
  • Maternity and parental leave, Old Age Security, and Canada Pension Plan at the retirement age of 65
  • The Immigration Processing time can be longer, up to several months
  • The program can be competitive due to the canada point system and high cut-off score

Features of Job Visa:

  • Abundant job opportunities jobs in Canada for Indian graduates
  • The faster process to achieve a visa and move to Canada
  • A job visa can lead to PR Visa for Canada after meeting certain requirements
  • After PR, applicants can enjoy all the benefits entailed by PR Visa holders
  • Must have a valid job offer to apply for a job visa
  • Applicants cannot switch jobs between different employers

Considering the above features of PR Vis and work permit Canada from India, applicants can choose their pathway as per choice and circumstances.

How to apply for jobs in Canada?

It is a known fact that there is Canada job vacancy for Indian in each and every province in almost all sectors. But, one must be equipped with the knowledge to get the jobs without any hurdles.

Draft an ATS-optimized CV – Creating a Canadian Resume should be the first step for job hunting in Canada. And the document should be profile and skill specific. Supposedly, if the profile is in banking management, but the responsibilities pertain to credit operations, the applicants must emphasize more on their responsibilities and credit skills to meet the banking jobs in Canada.

A Canadian company received thousands of resumes from across the globe; therefore, the resume draft should be unique and meet the Application Tracking System (ATS criteria). These companies filter CVs with the Application Tracking System (ATS) to select suitable candidates for open job vacancies. Therefore, applicants must understand the requirements and description of the job vacancy and modify the resume accordingly by including all the relevant keywords pertaining to the job.

Do the research – Enhance the search for jobs in Canada by conducting thorough research on the Canadian job market, employers, specific provinces, and sectors. Improve your audience and connections on LinkedIn and interact with employers through proper channels of follow-up. Contact the agencies, job consultants, and HR job fairs to build chances to get employed in Canada.

Choose proper channels for applying for jobs – The market has become competitive; therefore, an applicant must be vigilant and innovative in their approach. They can interact directly with employers through LinkedIn and other online portals to send their updated CVs, Cover Letters, and unique SlideShare Resume to improve their chances. Social media has also emerged as a job-finding tool for applicants wherein they can reach employers through social media handles to send their relevant details and HR consultants or even apply on the company’s website directly.

What is the step-by-step process to apply for Canada Work Permit?

With abundant jobs in Canada for Indians, one can easily grab the opportunity with the steps mentioned above. After attaining a job, applicants must apply for a work visa in Canada for Indian:

  • Step 1 – The Canadian employer applies for Labour Market Impact Assessment from Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC)
  • Step 2 - The Canadian employer offers Employment Contract or Agreement
  • Step 3 – Arrange the documents and submit them online for Canada Temporary Work Permit
  • Step 4 – Canada Authority issues Work Permit for a maximum duration of four years

The applicants should meet certain criteria:

  • Must have a clean work history, sufficient experience, and intention to work in Canada
  • Demonstrate adequate funds to support the applicant and their family in Canada
  • Must validate their intent to leave Canada once their work authorization expires
  • Proof of Character and medical certificate
  • Job Offer/agreement from a Canadian employer

Once completing the process, applicants can take advantage of Canada job vacancy for Indian and apply for Canada PR Visa eventually.

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