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Australia PR Points Calculator for 189/190/489 Skilled Migration Visa - Check Eligibility

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Australia Permanent Residency (PR) Points Calculator System for 189/190/489 

Australia Skilled Immigration is based on specific point calculator based system. An applicant must meet a specific criteria for immigrating to Australia, so to make the point based system more easy to understand you can refer the below table and calculate your points and check your eligibility for Australia Permanent Residency.

General skilled immigration self assessment test is a very useful way to calculate your points score for Australia permanent residency in the Skilled Immigration Points Test.
If you would like more detailed assessment of your eligibility for Australian PR, please use our Online Points Test Assessment. The assessment gives a more reliable assessment of your likely chances of qualifying for Australian Immigration.

Do you know what Australia PR Points Calculator 2019 is? It is an excellent tool for checking your suitability for Australia immigration, on the basis of your in-demand skills and some other important factors.


Australia PR Points Calculator System


You have the option of skilled migration through Skilled Regional Provisional Visa Subclass 489, Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189 and the Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190. But before you embark on your journey to Oz, figure out if you have the eligibility for skilled migration through the categories mentioned before. For this, use the Australia Permanent Residency Points Calculator 2019.

The eligibility conditions for skilled immigrants are decided by the SkillSelect System. This Australia immigration PR points system reviews the candidates’ suitability on the basis of certain parameters via giving points to the aspirants on these factors.  Those who manage to get not less than 65 Australia PR points are allowed to compete for a PR Visa.

Coming back to the Australia PR Points Calculator 2019, the parameters on which you will get Australia PR points for skilled migration are: age, education, relevant employment experience, overseas experience, English language skills, etc.

While for age, the maximum Australia Imigration PR points available for 2019 and beyond are 30; for education, the maximum points available are 20. While for relevant employment experience the maximum Australia permanent residency points available are 20; for overseas experience, the utmost points available are 15. While for English language skills, you would obtain not more than 20 points, using the Australia PR Points Calculator; you would not get more than 10 Australian immigration points for certain other factors.

Australia Permanent Residency Points Calculator Table:

Factor Description Points
Age: 18-24 25 points
25-32 30 points
33-39 25 points
40-44 15 points
45-49 0 points
English Language: Competent English - IELTS 6 in each
TOEFL iBT Listening – 12, Reading – 13, Writing – 21 and Speaking – 18
PTE Academic -  Listening – 50, Reading – 50, Writing – 50 and Speaking – 50
0 points
Proficient English - IELTS 7 in each
TOEFL iBT Listening – 24, Reading – 24, Writing – 27 and Speaking – 23
PTE Academic -  Listening – 65, Reading – 65, Writing – 65 and Speaking – 65
10 points
Superior English - IELTS 8 in each
TOEFL iBT Listening – 28, Reading – 29, Writing – 30 and Speaking – 26
PTE Academic -  Listening – 79, Reading – 79, Writing – 79 and Speaking – 79
20 points
Australian Work Experience in nominated occupation or a closely related occupation One year Australian (of past two years) 5 points
Three years Australian (of past five years) 10 points
Five years Australian (of past seven years) 15 points
Overseas Work Experience in nominated occupation or a closely related occupation Three years overseas (of past five years) 5 points
Five years overseas (of past seven years) 10 points
Eight years overseas (of past 10 years) 15 points
(Australian or recognised overseas)
Offshore recognised apprenticeship
AQFIII/IV completed in Australia
Diploma completed in Australia
10 points
Bachelor Degree (including a Bachelor degree with Honours or Masters) 15 points
Ph.D 20 points
Recognition of Australian Study Minimum two years fulltime (Australian study requirement) 5 points
Designated Language 5 points
Partner Skills 5 points
Professional Year 5 points
Sponsorship by State or Territory Government 5 points
Sponsorship by Family or State or Territory Government to Regional Australia 10 points
Study in a Regional Area 5 points


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