It should come as no surprise that Australia is one of the hottest destinations in terms of immigration for many aspirants across the globe. This certainly has given a boost to the Australia immigration services from India as more and more people are interested in migrating to this country for a better future.

Australia is a multi-cultural ethnic country with a large number of Indians residing in various parts of the country. Despite, more and more Indians are heading towards Australia by leveraging visa services to Australia from established and well-known Immigration Consultants.

These days, there is absolutely no dearth of immigration service providers in many parts of India who are proficient in providing quality immigration services at reasonable prices. One can easily approach them through a single Google search and they will get in touch with you to solve all your doubts and queries.

Reaching to a professional consultant is always advisable as they have the relevant expertise on different visa categories one can choose from as per the requirement. These consultants make use of their extensive knowledge and experience to guide candidates regarding the evaluation process, credentials assessment, and visa options to opt.

It’s a no secret that the formalities for filing a petition can be rather complicated and may be even time-consuming. It is all the more essential for the intended immigrant to keep themselves updated about the latest visa and immigration developments and amendments. Given this, it is all the more advisable to take the help of these service providers for the Australia Immigration Services.

So, below are the visa categories that perspective candidates can choose from while apply for Australia Visa:

Australia Skilled Immigration Visa

It is a general visa category designed for skilled foreign professionals who wish to live and work in Australia. The program is operated under SkillSelect, which is an online point-based system that evaluates a candidate’s eligibility to move to Australia based on their skills.

The purpose of this program is to attract highly-skilled and employable people to Australia, who can contribute to its growth and economy. Under this migration program, prospective migrants and workers can use their skills, professional experience, and educational background to settle in Australia.

Australian Family Migration Visas

This visa category allows individuals to join their partners or families in Australia. Under this program, eligible persons can sponsor their immediate family members after meeting the certain set of requirements. The sponsor must be an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or an eligible New Zealand citizen.

The Australian Family Migration visa is divided into the following categories:

  • Parent Visa
  • Dependent Children
  • Spouse Visa
  • Interdependent Partner Visa
  • Fiance Visa, and
  • Other Relatives

Australia Business Visas

The Australia Business Visa program allows high net worth business owners, entrepreneurs, and investors to permanently settle in Australia via investment route. To succeed, one needs to submit a relevant investment plan to the Department of Home Affairs, and also needs to show a strong business background in their home country.

Australia Visit Visas

The Tourist stream visa (subclass 600) is a visitor visa that lets you to enter Australia as a tourist or a visitor. It is a temporary visa which can be used for the purpose of recreation activities, vacation, or visiting friends or family. There are multiple visa options to choose from to obtain a visa and enter the country for a limited period of time.

Australian Temporary Visas

Australian Temporary Visas are designed for individuals who wish to enter the nation on a temporary basis to contribute to its social, cultural, and economic development. With this visa, one can easily work and live in Australia for a limited time. Additionally, it is mandatory for the candidates to obtain a sponsorship by an Australia organization, which must be further approved by the Department of Home Affairs before filing for the application.

A Word of Advice

While you choose one Australia Immigration Conusltant for yourself, beware of the many fraud service providers. Before you decide to pay them and seek their so-called professional services, check their credibility and success record for immigration services to Australia. Do not fall a prey to any advertisement. Do solid research and hire the consultant who has a very good record and who is trustworthy.

Though you may be required to pay a little more, please remember: your very life is at stake! Wrong guidance and/or faulty support from a rookie may ‘kill’ your dreams. Even if, by luck, you manage to move to Australia, later on your visa may be cancelled if your papers, and/or the information furnished along with these, are found fake. It is, therefore, strictly advisable that only after you are 100% sure of your choice, make the final decision!

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