There are a number of Canadian immigration programs, among which, the Federal Skilled Worker Program is considered to be the best. For potential overseas aspirants, skilled migration program is the easiest way of immigration to this country.

However, there are a number of prospective immigrants who might not be completely aware of the Quebec Skilled Worker Program and even those aware of it, have certain misconceptions regarding this program.

If you are aware of Quebec Skilled Worker Program and want to migrate to this Canadian province under skilled category, then there are certain things that you need to know for your successful migration.

Quebec Skilled Workers Immigration, French Language Tests Requirements

Though many people think that higher level of French speaking skills is required to qualify for Quebec Skilled Worker Program, but in reality, Quebec welcomes applicants with different level of French proficiency. Some may get qualified with their low French speaking skills, while at the same time, some others may required to have higher proficiency level in French. It all depends on their other educational qualification levels.

The selection process of Skilled Worker Program depends on certain factors, such as: work experience, education, and language proficiency. Applicants are provided with points on every factor. An individual applicant has to score minimum 55 points and the applicant with his spouse or common-law partner has to score minimum 63 points.

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University degree not required to obtain high points

The applicants qualified with a degree from university, college and with diplomas in technical or vocational courses are provided with points. Even applicants with high level school diplomas and vocational or technical components are also awarded with higher points. Thus, the Skilled Worker Scheme of Quebec provides points not only on educational qualifications, but also on the field of your educational Training.

Spouse and children can also help in scoring points

In the Quebec Skilled Program, qualification of both applicant and his spouse or common-law partner gets counted. On the basis of 5 factors, such as: Education, Work Experience, Area of Training, Age, and Proficiency in French Language, points are awarded to the applicant’s spouse. Even if the applicant has children of 21 years of age and under, he will be awarded points.

Job offer or specific work experience not necessary to qualify

Although, a lot of people think that a job offer from Quebec or Canada is required to qualify for the skilled worker program of the province, but actually it is not necessarily required. Even work experience in a particular field of work is not required to qualify. Professionals, such as: Computer and IT Specialists, Accountants, Professors and Teachers, Butchers, Welders, and even Plumbers all can apply under Quebec Skilled Migration program.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that while having a job offer is not necessary to qualify for this program, yet having a valid Quebec job offer can provide you with some additional points.

Easy to obtain Canadian permanent residency after approval

If the applicants applying for Quebec immigration under the Skilled Worker scheme and have the intention of obtaining PR, then they can go for it. After providing the approval, applicants are issued with a Permanent Resident visa. Similar to other Permanent Residents of Canada, it provides the immigrants the right to live and work anywhere in Canada.




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