L-1A visa holders can convert their status while being in USA and become a US green card holder by making an application under the EB-1C employment-based immigrant visa category for USA. The EB-1C stream requires that the receiver’s status at qualifying foreign firm was managerial or executive.

Being and Continuing in Business

An critical condition for the L-1A & the EB-1C is that the pleading group ought to be "doing business," as the term is described by Immigration US, for not less than 1 year overseas, and in America, prior to submitting a petition. Through the L-1A, “New Office", it is expected that the:

  1. The American firm has obtained enough physical grounds to carryout business;
  2. Recipient fulfills the 1-year nonstop employment abroad condition; and
  3. The freshly formed US firm will, inside 1 year or 12 months, "support an executive or managerial position."

Sanction for the New Office L-1 submission will merely be for 1 year. Towards the close of the 1st year, the firm will require submitting an extension proving that the firm is active, completely ready, and needs either an executive or a manager.

This characteristically involves proving that the US entity has developed its American incomes, and it has employed extra workers. The 1st year for the L-1A holders “New Office” happens to be a temporary time, post which the firm has to establish it is rather committed to being in industry in the country. Post the said extension is sanctioned, only after that the receiver can chase the EB-1C Green Card.

Apart from the condition that the group is in existence in America for a period of 1 year, it is crucial that the applicant also proves that the firm abroad will keep on operating; even post the recipient has been moved to the US bureau. It’s true in the situations of the EB-1C & the L-1 Permit, and is particularly spot on in a situation where in the transferee is a chief factor behind the foreign firm’s success.

Via the L-1 permit stream - in case a firm stops to function in the overseas nation - the L-1 permit standing is annulled, and the recipient should change his position in the US to a new categorization, or leave the country.

Through the EB-1C class, the stoppage of the business activities by the overseas firm, prior to the beneficiary gains their Green Card, would result in the US immigration body, i.e., the USCIS, cancelling the principal I-140, and also refusing the petition filed for Permanent Residence. For these grounds, the continuing running of the overseas and the US bureaus is a constant provision for the L-1 & the EB-1C streams.

Summing-up, making the cut and being accepted for the EB-1C, Multinational Executives and Managers immigrant permit class is beneficial since there is not any requirement of any labor certification for the receiver. Labor certification is a dreary procedure and this involves many extra steps. The firm has to carryout test of the labor market; via a recruitment process to come to a decision in case any modestly qualified US employees are obtainable who are prepared, talented, and ready to occupy the post.

As most of the times, the opening would be for a higher-ranking executive or manager; such staffing would neither help or be sincerely embarked on by the firm. The EB-1C stream is molded for the specific situation, permitting the international groups to move higher-ranking executives and managers to the US with just an employment offer, and minus a requirement for the staffing.

But, making the cut for the EB-1C immigrant permit is not an easy job. As delineated in the edit, getting hold of a prior L-1A support shows that the recipient will possibly also make the grade for an EB-1C, as the qualifications as the two permit streams are incredibly comparable. Still, the same is not an assurance.

The application preparation for the EB-1C permit class is rather difficult necessitating far-reaching study of the petition background and particulars. For these grounds - those keen in pursuing an EB-1C - seek and get advice from an extremely knowledgeable and skilled representative or lawyer who has productively managed the EB-1C immigrant permit submissions earlier.

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