Are you a self-employed individual? Do you wish to settle in Canada? There is a unique pathway of Canada self-employed visa that can fulfill your dream of migration. This program will grant direct and indefinite permanent residency for the selected applicants. A self-employed person can be a business person, freelancer, artist, actor, performer, tech individual, T.V. broadcasting technicians, editors, writers, etc.

What is a Self-employed visa Canada?

The federal Self-Employed Programs fall under the business immigration pathways of Canada. An applicant must identify himself/herself as a Self-employed individual and demonstrate the intention to contribute to Canada's artistic, social or cultural life. Unlike other business pathways where you need to have net-worth and invest in a business, under this program, eligible candidates do not require investing or having net-worth for self-employment in Canada.

What is the Selection Criteria for Self-Employed Program?

The program runs as a points-based system wherein every applicant will receive certain points in each factors. These factors are Age, Education, Experience, Language Proficiency, and Adaptability. To be eligible for the program, you need to score minimum 35 points. Below is the selection criteria for the Canada self-employed visa:


Age Points
20 8
21 to 49 years 10
50 8


Education Points
Master’s Degree or Ph.D. 25
Two or more Bachelor'sFactors University Degree or three-year diploma 22
Bachelor's Degree of minimum two years or two-year diploma 20
One year Bachelor Degree or One-year Diploma (13 years of study) 15
One year Diploma (12 years of study) 12
High School Certificate 5


Experience Points
Five years of relevant self-employment experience 35
Four years of relevant self-employment experience 30
Three years of relevant self-employment experience 25
Two years of relevant self-employment experience 20


Language Proficiency Points
English language – High Proficiency (IELTS 6.5 to 9) 16
English language – Moderate Proficiency (IELTS 5 to 6.5) 8
English language – Basic Proficiency (IELTS 3.5 to 5) 2
French language – High Proficiency (IELTS 6.5 to 9) 8
French language – Moderate Proficiency (IELTS 5 to 6.5) 8
French language – Basic Proficiency (IELTS 3.5 to 5) 4


Adaptability Points
Spouse's Education Master's Degree of Ph.D. 5
Spouse's education two or three-year diploma or degree 4
Spouse's education one-year diploma or Degree 3
You or spouse has minimum one-year work experience in Canada 5
You or spouse has completed minimum two-year study in Canada 5
You or spouse has blood relative in Canada as PR 5

Note: You can only earn maximum 6 points in the adaptability factor

What is the Processing Time for Canada self-employed visa?

Like every business immigration to Canada pathways, the Self-employed program also abides by the federal processing timing. The current trends and approval rate will take around 15 to 22 months to complete the entire process.

What are the Canada Self Employed Fees?

Once you make the payment, it will become easier to immigrate to Canada. Upon completing the process, you need to make below-mentioned processing fee:

Self-employment application fee CAD 1575
Self - right of permanent residence fee CAD 500
Spouse - application fee CAD 825
Spouse's education one-year diploma or Degree 3
Spouse - right of permanent residence fee CAD 500
Dependent Child CAD 225 per child

Who is Eligible for Canada self-employed visa?

Self-employed individuals can mark their eligibility for Canada Immigration under this program, if they:

  • Score minimum 35 points on the points assessment grid of the program
  • Have relevant self-employment experience of minimum two years or demonstrate two years of participation in a Global Level Event in the field of their Self-Employment
  • Have sufficient settlement funds to support their initial stay in Canada
  • Demonstrate genuine intention to contribute in the economic, cultural and social life of Canada

How to Apply for the Self-Employed Persons Program?

Below is the step-by-step process for Self-Employed Programs visa for Canada:

Step 1 – Documents Arrangement

  • After meeting the eligibility requirements under the points assessment, you must arrange the documents
  • Documents should be as per the Document Checklist (IMM5784)
  • Must appear for the medical exam to prove the medical fitness of entire family
  • Must arrange the Police Certificates for the native country to prove the transparent family background

Step 2 – Prepare the application

  • Arrange all the application forms (IMM 0008, IMM 0008DEP, IMM 5669, IMM 008 – Schedule 6A, IMM 5406, IMM 5476 for the use of representative)
  • Fill all the application forms with accurate details
  • Must fill the undertaking questionnaire with accurate information

Step 3 – Application Fees payment

  • Pay the processing fee, Residency Fee and other fees on their official payment portal
  • Take the receipt of the payment before exiting from the page

Step 4 – Submit the application

  • Arrange all the documents, duly filled application forms, and apply by mail
  • For Mode of Mail – Address (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, Self-employed Class, Centralized Intake Office, P.O. Box 7200, Sydney, NS, B1P 0E9, Canada)
  • For Mode of Courier Service – Address (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, Self-employed Class, Centralized Intake Office, 49 Dorchester Street, Sydney, NS, B1P 5Z2, Canada)

Step 5 – Application Review & Approval

  • After the application submission, the immigration office will review the application and request additional documentation if needed.
  • Upon review, if your application is suitable as per the Canadian norms, then you will receive the Canadian Permanent Residency under Canada self-employed visa.

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