Canada Express Entry runs both at the federal and the provincial levels. The different Canadian Provinces and Territories (PTs) that run a Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP) nominate applicants via the Express Entry Pool, apart from offering nomination to the overseas people to the existing paper-based procedure.

Important: While Nunavut does not possess a PNP, the different economic immigration schemes of Quebec are not administered via Express Entry.

Those who possess a PT nomination get enough points under the Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System (an extra 600 points), even as this is normally enough to lead to an Invitation to Apply (ITA) at the following round of invitations, subject to that PT’s general nomination availability and the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s (IRCC's) ministerial orders for every specific round of invitations.

The PTs have straight access to the Express Entry Pool via a dedicated portal and it enables them to observe and offer nomination to the applicants in the pool. Every PT has a chosen manager who administers access to the portal for their influence while Immigration Programme Guidance’s (IPG’s) Permanent Resident Programme Delivery Division (PRPD) administers the access of the PT administrators to the portal.

In case you have a nomination that is not for Express Entry, or it came your way prior to January 1, 2015, you require applying employing the paper-based procedure as you do not have the right to employ the nomination for Express Entry.

The details are basically for the candidates to the Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP) who are submitting a petition via Express Entry.

In case a particular Canadian province or territory proffers nomination to you via an Express Entry arrangement, the same will be duly listed on your nomination certificate. And, you may check this with the concerned territory or province.

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Two methods to apply are available:

You get in touch with the province or territory and present a petition for a nomination under their Express Entry Class.

In case the province or territory decides to offer nomination to you, you generate an Express Entry profile (or duly bring your profile up-to-date in case you already possess it) even while you illustrate you have been given nomination.

You receive a nomination via your account, which you admit electronically.


You generate an Express Entry profile and display the different provinces and territories that are on your radar. Instead of inactively cooling your heels for any of the Canadian provinces to offer you a "notification of interest", it is possible to directly apply, for a nomination, under a specific stream.

In case a province or territory proffers you a “notification of interest” and presents it to your account, you get in touch with them straightway.

You present a petition to their Express Entry Class.

In case you get nomination, they will provide the same to you via our account, even while you receive it via electronic methods.

In both situations, since you will have to generate an Express Entry profile through the procedure, do it in the beginning itself.

Putting the optimal PNP Class (s) on your radar, via Express Entry, may dramatically boost your chances of being acknowledged to submit an Application for Canada Permanent Residency (PR) in the country.


The Nova Scotia Nominee Programme (NSNP) is tailored to boost the overseas movement to the region, by enabling the immigration authorities of the province to choose those interested overseas people, who possess the precise abilities as the local provincial economy needs.

To get a Nova Scotia PNP Nomination Certificate you have two different methods.

Option 1: Outside of Express Entry, you may present an Expression of Interest (EOI) straightway to the Nova Scotia Office of Immigration (NSOI). Applicants will afterwards be evaluated on the basis of a Points Grid, even while the qualified aspirants will get an invite to submit an application to the NS PNP. Once you have the nomination, you can generate a profile for Express Entry before your submit your nomination particulars.

Option 2: The other option for the potential immigrants, keen to shift to the province, is to make a fresh Express Entry profile and employ the online immigration arrangement, to show an interest in Nova Scotia. The Express Entry profiles that have the specific abilities and experience that suit the needs of the province will afterwards be contacted by the Nova Scotia PNP with the condition being they have mentioned NS as a province they would wish to reside at.

Under the technique you can include your Canada Express Entry Profile ID in your EoI, and so those who are interested in the Nova Scotia Nominee Programme 2017 must use it. Those who obtain an ITA from Immigration Nova Scotia may later submit an application to the NSNP in a direct manner, and once they get positively nominated, they will promptly get 600 points under the Express Entry CRS. And, this will be sufficient to be picked-up to present a petition for Permanent Residency in the nation through the subsequent Express Entry draw.

The general immigration procedure is also massively sped up through Express Entry, enabling the immigrant to move to the Maple Leaf Country far more speedily. Actually, majority of the petitions under NSNP Express Entry are duly processed under 6 months.

Latest Update: As per the latest available information, Nova Scotia will admit petitions under their 2018-2020 call for the proposals for Settlement and Job Fund Agreement.

It is highly positive development for those trained individuals who are interested to shift to the province since the said fund is directed towards assisting working and worthy experts shift to the province and unearth an appropriate employment opportunity in one of the provinces several service oriented businesses.

The fund also relates to settlement of the chosen candidates and in all probability will have a fund reserve to be given to the establishment of the working specialists inside the province. Check the page for information on the Provincial Nominee Programmes for the Skilled Workers for the different Canadian provinces.

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