EB-5 USA Investor Visa

The USA is a popular investment immigration destination due to the ease of doing business, the scope for innovation, a broad consumer base, and a skilled workforce. Foreign investors (as well as their spouse and children under 21 years of age) can attain permanent residence or US Green Card status by applying for the employment-based fifth preference visa (EB-5), commonly known as the Immigrant Investor Program.

Benefits of the EB 5 Investor Visa

  • Establish or purchase a profitable enterprise, and operate in a fertile business environment.
  • No job offer or sponsorship requirements
  • Fast-track route to securing an EB5 Green Card for yourself and your dependent family members
  • Application processing can be expedited
  • Generate high returns on investment.
  • Access a higher standard of living, sophisticated healthcare infrastructure, and better academic and professional opportunities.

EB 5 Visa Eligibility Requirements

Investment Requirement

The applicant must make a capital investment in a new commercial enterprise in the USA. It should be for a profit activity (sole proprietorship, partnership, joint venture, holding company, corporation, business trust, or any other publicly/privately owned entity) created to conduct a lawful business. To qualify for the US Investor Visa, the minimum investment amount for an enterprise located in a high-employment area is $1,800,000, or $800,000 for one located in a targeted employment area (a rural area or an area that is experiencing high unemployment).

Job Creation Requirement

The capital investment must create or preserve full-time employment for at least ten qualifying workers, including US citizens, permanent residents, or other authorized workers.

Application Process for the Investor Visa USA

First, aspirants must submit a Form I-526 (Petition by Alien Investor) to US Citizenship and Immigration Services. If this petition is approved, investors residing outside the USA must submit a Form DS-260 (Application for Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration);. In contrast, those already in the USA can submit a Form I-485 (Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status) to attain conditional permanent residence and eventually file a Form I-829 (Petition Investor to Remove Conditions on Permanent Resident Status).

Why Choose Abhinav?

For investors, ensuring a smooth transition to the USA does not end at visa authorization. The process includes sourcing valid investment funds, demonstrating the lawful transfer of funds, business incorporation, compliance with regulations, and an in-depth understanding of what lies ahead in establishing or purchasing, and operating a company in the USA. We provide reliable immigration guidance and support through our network of international associates and our highly trained in-house team with decades of visa consulting experience. We will help you lawfully navigate every step of the process – and secure long-term happiness for yourself and your family.

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