So many aspiring immigrants have chosen the province of Alberta as their true home. Alberta is a hub of economic growth and development. It offers numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs. Alberta province provides well-paying jobs and has lower taxes.

The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program has been replaced by the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP). Under this new program, prospective immigrants with the right balance of skills and work experience required by the Canadian province of Alberta shall get their Alberta Provincial Nomination Certificate.

Alberta Immigration Streams

Alberta Opportunity Stream

This stream is created for skilled workers who want to migrate to Alberta in eligible occupations taken out by the province. You are eligible to apply for this stream if you are overseas nationals who work in Australia and overseas graduates who have finished their studies in an approved Alberta post-secondary institution. You need a valid work permit, a minimum CLB of 4 or 5 as per the occupation, and a high school degree.

Alberta Express Entry Stream

This stream permits Alberta to nominate applicants who have created the federal Express Entry system profiles. Those who have shown their ties to Alberta and have the skills to contribute to the province's economic growth. All you need is a profile in the Express Entry pool and an expression of interest to move to Alberta. Also, a CRS of 300 and working in an occupation in Alberta.

Alberta Accelerated Tech Pathway

This pathway is for Tech workers who have submitted their profile in the express entry pool. They become eligible under the Alberta Express Entry Stream. To be qualified for this pathway, not only do you need a minimum of 300 CRS points, but you are either required to be working or should have a got an in an eligible tech occupation in Alberta.

Rural Renewal Stream

This stream is for applicants who have secured a job offer from an employer in Alberta to work in their rural communities. The eligible candidate requires a full-time job offer from an Alberta employer to work in an eligible occupation in a designated community. Also, language requirements, high school equal to Canadian standard of education, and enough funds to support themselves.

Alberta Farm Stream

This Self-Employed Farmer Stream is designed for applicants who wish to immigrate to Alberta to start a farming business here. To apply to this stream, you must possess Farm management skills and a minimum investment of CAD 500,000, an Investment documented in a proposed business plan.

Graduate Entrepreneur Immigration Stream

This stream of Alberta is for overseas graduates of approved Alberta post-secondary institutions who want to either establish or operate a business in Alberta. To apply to this stream, you need a valid Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) during the application, a minimum CLB of 7 and must either establish a new business or operate an existing business with minimum ownership of 34%.

Foreign Graduate Entrepreneur Stream

This stream is for those foreign-educated international graduates who want to introduce a start-up business in Alberta and become permanent residents of Canada. One needs a minimum of six months minimum of full-time work experience in managing and owning the business. A business plan with projected financials and a minimum investment of $100,000 for an urban center, or $50,000 for a regional area

Rural Entrepreneur Stream

This stream is for those immigrants who wish to start their own business in rural communities in Alberta. To apply for this stream, you need three years of minimum work experience as an active business owner or a manager or a minimum of 4 years of experience in the role of a senior manager within the past ten years.

Also, the applicant should have a minimum net worth of $300,000 and a Minimum investment of $200,000 from the spouse's equity or the common-law partner. Not to forget, they must have a Community Support Letter from a participating rural Alberta community.

Step by Step Process to immigrate to Alberta

Step 1

The first step is choosing an ideal stream for you, depending on your situation.

Step 2

You need to submit your application for the stream which you have chosen.

Step 3

Procure your provincial nomination from Alberta

Step 4

In the last step, you will be required to apply for permanent residence at Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Top reasons to build your future in Alberta

  • Breath-taking landscapes, diverse and welcoming communities, and excellent job opportunities are some factors that attract immigrants worldwide to Alberta.
  • Alberta is known for its diverse set of cultures and cities featuring a range of world-class services. The province offers an excellent quality of life and a plethora of career opportunities for skilled workers, and abundant business opportunities for foreign investors.
  • Life in Alberta is all about more nature, more income, and more opportunities from education to work, and to business.
  • Living in Alberta is pretty affordable. There is no provincial sales tax and no healthcare premiums. You can easily rent a house in Alberta at $1266.
  • Residents of Alberta enjoy a higher family income compared to the rest of Canada. Typically families in Alberta can earn a median income of $104,000 after tax. This is more than the Canadian average of $92,400.
  • You can easily buy a house in major cities for $450,000. As of November 2022, the average price of a house in Edmonton was $368,576, which is quite affordable than other large Canadian house markets.
  • Alberta has no health insurance premiums, however, all residents must register for the same. Residents of Alberta have access to free medical clinics and hospitals. Most medical services are covered under the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan.

FAQ: Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program

Question: What is the processing period for the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program?
Answer: The petition processing time for the AINP basically depends on the specific visa class you filed a petition for and also the CIC bureau to which you have presented your submission. But, it normally takes somewhere between 6 to 12 months for Skilled Worker and International Graduate Class, and nearly 9 to 15 months for the Semi-skilled Worker Class.

Question: What kind of service or employment offer is required to be qualified for the AINP?
Answer: You require having stable, full-time letter of work from a recruiter/firm of the province.

Question: Do I require filing a petition to the CIC office post gaining nomination certificate from Alberta?
Answer: Yes, you do!

Question: Is it possible to get an update of my position or follow my Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) petition?
Answer: updates on position or follow-ups are denied.

Question: Do I require depositing any chargewhile presenting a petition to the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP)?
Answer: There are notany such requirements. You don’t have to make any payment at the said time. But, post getting the nomination, you require presenting fee to the CIC bureau with your petition.

Make contact with us for additional comprehensive information on the Alberta PNP or the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP). Fill in the Appraisal Form to review your possibilities of the AINP permit sanction complying with the latest and amended immigration rules.

The CIC clearly delineates which Immigration agent can represent a submission, for their clients, with the organization. The CIC calls them sanctioned agents.The Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants are one of them; they are members in good standing of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council ( Guarantee that in case you are employing an immigration agent, who gets paid for his services, that he is a certified agent to represent your case with the CIC, and additional government bureaus of Canada.

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