With an economy shaped by settlers from across the globe, “Canada” is a very familiar name amongst the immigrant community. Through its lenient immigration policies Canada’s federal government have made possible for applications from around the globe to live, work, and settle permanently in Canada. For all those who are permanently settled in Canada and desire to bring in their spouse with PR privileges to Canada can opt to avail for spouse sponsorship program. This procedure of spouse visa for Canada PR has a higher variable as compared to other visa applications as they’ll not be restricted to fulfill stringent educational requirements, language proficiencies or work experience.

What is Canadian Spouse Visa?

The Spouse Sponsorship program allows Canadian citizens and permanent residents to sponsor their common-law partner or spouse as Canada Permanent Residents. Upon receiving the sponsorship by their partners, this visa category allows the spouse to come, live, work, and settle permanently in Canada.

The spousal sponsorship visa can be further categorized into:

  • Outland sponsorship: to be applied if the sponsored partner is residing outside the Canadian border.
  • Inland sponsorship: to be applied if the sponsored partner is living together in Canada but under a temporary Canadian status.

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Rules for Spouse Visa in Canada

Only Canada PR Visa holder and Canadian citizen are entitled to sponsor their spouse. The sponsor and sponsored partner have to be an adult (at least 18 years old) and should state the authenticity of their relationship to fulfill the criteria set by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Spouse Visa Canada Requirements

Eligibility Requirements for Spouse

In order to be eligible for sponsoring their spouse, one must:

  • 18 years or more in age
  • Must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • Must have a clean police record or must have not be charged with any serious offence
  • Must have not been invited to Canada as a sponsored spouse within a span of last 5 years

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Factors that can terminate your chances of sponsoring your spouse:

  • If you fall under 18 years of age or were married to someone else at the time of his/her marriage to the sponsored applicant,
  • have failed to provide any financial evidence to support a previous sponsorship,
  • lived separately and any one of the two had been involved in a conjugal or common-law relationship with a third person,
  • have been admitted to Canada but not examined by CIC.
  • have been engaged in an existing sponsorship agreement which is valid at the time of filing another sponsorship application to CIC.

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Canada Spouse Visa Processing Time

The processing time for Canadian Spousal Visa varies from country to country, according to the recent change in the immigration policies, the processing time for applicants under spouse visa for Canada from India may span from 12-26 months.

Is IELTS Required for Canada Spouse Visa?

Factually speaking, IELTS is not required at all for Canada spousal visa, although if you wish to include your spouse under the Canadia PR Application via express entry you can get additional points by with your partners IELTS score.

How much does it cost to sponsor your spouse/common-law partner to Canada?

The government processing fee to sponsor your spouse is as follows:



Amount in CAN


Sponsor your spouse or partner

Sponsorship fee ($75)

Principal applicant processing fee ($490)

Right of permanent residence fee ($515)


Sponsor your spouse or partner (without right of permanent residence fee)

Sponsorship fee ($75)

Principal applicant processing fee ($490)


Sponsor a dependent child

Sponsorship fee ($75) and processing fee ($75)


Include any dependent child

Include any dependent child on an application with your spouse or partner

Processing fee ($155)



Biometrics - per family (2 or more people)

Maximum fee for a family of 2 or more people applying at the same time and place











$150.00 (per child)



$155.00 (per child)









Spouse Immigration to Canada 2022 Changes

A few months ago, the Liberal Government of Canada announced several significant changes to the family sponsorship immigration process. Some of them are described below:

  • Quick processing times
  • Increased flexibility for spousal applications
  • A common application for all candidates inside or outside Canada
  • Simplified relationship questionnaire
  • Medical exam exemption
  • Police certificates are now only required from the current country of residence and country in which you spent most of your adult life (if different than your current country
  • Application status tracker to access real-time information regarding your application.

Besides shorter processing times, IRCC is putting efforts into approving more Canadian sponsorship applications as part of Canada’s commitment to family reunification. The government is actively working on reducing the backlog and increasing the number of allocation under the spousal immigration program.  

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