Canadian Government may return federal skilled worker application

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Canadian Government may return federal skilled worker application filed before
Feb 27th 2008 without processing

On 29th March, 2012, the Canadian budget came and as per the budget proposal, Canadian Federal Government is planning to refund $130-million received from immigrants applicants filed under federal skilled worker program. In the process, such applications – likely to number around 300,000 - may be removed from the pending queue under federal skilled worker program and their applications returned.

The proposed change will leave a queue of around 160,000 applications under the federal skilled worker category. The applications filed after 27th Feb., 2008 will not be impacted or returned without processing. They can now expect to be judged within next 12 months as per available indications.

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For the moment, we have following comments to make

  1. There is no formal announcement by Department of citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) (as we write) and we need to wait for how this entire situations plays out.
  2. Such a proposal has been introduced as part of the Canadian Budget but we cannot confirm unless it has been officially announced by CIC as its policy.
  3. We will inform them of next course of action as soon as the plan is formally announced. At that time, CIC will also announce procedure that will be followed by the department in returning the clients application and fee. We will accordingly update them at that time.
  4. Some of our clients are already part of a small group of applicants who have already challenged the application processing delays. The latest action will add another element to the ongoing court case. Many of clients not part of this action may now be wishing to be part of this case or another class actions suit. We expect many such announcements – regarding class action suits – to be made in near future. We will keep you posted in due course.

In my opinion, while it is clearly bad (very) news for waiting applicants, if finalised, it will remove the uncertainty on the processing of these applications. They can now decided future course of action – including filing fresh application, become part of class action suits or look at other immigration options.

At this stage, we recommend wait of final and formal announcement and then each individual applicant should chose an option best suited to them and their family.

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