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Fresh Canada Regulations for Dependent Kids Now Into Force

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Courtesy the latest regulatory improvements--that came into force from August 1, 2014--Canada has redefined who has the right to move to the nation as a ‘dependent child’. Now the definition of the dependent children has been confined to include just the people who are either just 19 years,or even less than this.Before, August 1, 2014, 22 years was the age cutoff for the dependent children. The improvement has significant implications for the candidate presenting petitions for immigration to Canada together with their family members.

Dependent Child As Defined by the Canadian Law

He is not just the biological or adopted issue of an aspirant; he ought to also satisfy some prerequisites. Formerly,kids could be judged dependant in case they were:

  1. Less than 22 years and not wedded or involved with a common-law association;
  2. Dependent on the financial assistance of their parent(s), prior to becoming 22, and powerless to take care of themselves,owing to a either mental or physical circumstance; or
  3. Dependent on the monetary backing of their parent(s), and pursuing studies,as a permanent student, since prior to 22, or since changing their married status to a common-law partner or other half.

Key Changes

Thanks to the latest definition of the “dependent child” becoming effective from 1st October 2014, the Canadian Administration has cut-down the dependency age,and brought the same down to 19.  It signifies that now with a view to be deemed a dependent child, for the aim of the overseas movement it is crucial that a person should be less than 19 years of age; and be neither wedded,nor in a common-law association.

Kids who are 19-plus will not be deemed dependents in a situation wherein they are involved with permanent studies. Still, the kids who are 19 years and above, and helpless to take care of themselves,since they are affected with either a mental or physical situation may still be deemed dependants.

Administration’s Motivation

One of the key areas of anxiety for Canada is economic steadiness. So, the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act is molded to make the most of the benefits of Canada immigration on the nation’s economy. Drawing visitors who have the biggest probabilitiesof gaining economic success in the national personnel is,therefore,a major target.

In the wake of a far-reaching study, Ottawa has come to the conclusion that relatively younger dependent kids whose age comes in the age bracket of 15-18 attain more economic prosperity &success, and become accustomed more effortlessly to the country’s labor market,as compared to the kids, who fall in the age bracket of 19-21.

The dependent kids represent nearly 33% or one -third of the immigrants admitted to the nation every year even as such remarkable figures play a role, to a certain degree, in the Immigration Canada’s risingfight in keeping the times for immigration processing manageable.

Immigration Canada claims that the amendments will trim-downthe processing times for the permit officials, who have to work for lengthy periods, with a view to verify the claims of full-time school registrations for senior dependent kids.Counterfeitand fake school attendance records are also regular sources of issues that holdupthe processing. The restructurings fully take school enrollment out of the equation, and make the proceduresimpler for the aspirants,and the Canadian permit & immigration authorities.

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