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UK NHS Leaders Lobby Home Office Concerning Tier 2 Permits for Nurses

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As per a report, the fears of the NHS bosses over amendments to the British Tier 2 immigration laws have been duly presented in a letter sent across to the UK Home Office. A report brought out in this connection asserts that several Tier 2 visa petitions of the nurses--hired from outside the shores of the European Union (EU)--are being rejected.

Apart from this, some NHS nurses from the non-EU nations are leaving their jobs, courtesy the latest immigration norms, which would find them departing from the nation, as of April 2016, in case their annual wage is found to be less than 35,000 Pounds even as they have been living in the UK for six years.

Allegedly, getting Tier 2 Permits is more and more hard. Not only there is a need for workers to have Tier 2 Permits, but it is also compulsory that recruiters/firms possess a Tier 2 Sponsorship license.

It may be tricky and not an easy job to maintain one’s Tier 2 sponsorship license in the backdrop of the fact that there have even certain cases where the Home Office has come up with fallacious documents to carry revocation of sponsorship licenses. Besides--somewhat strangely--the concerned bureau seems to have become engaged in the administration’s efforts to cut-down net overseas movement to Britain.

Tier 2 Permit Scarcity Profession List

The decision of the concerned body to not take account of nursing on the Shortage Occupation List back in February reportedly encouraged the NHS leaders to send across the letter to the UK immigration minister.

Elimination from the Shortage Occupation List leaves non-EU nurses--who fall under the general pool of the Tier 2 visa candidates--confined to a combined total of 20,700 visas per annum.

Meanwhile, throwing light on the development, a clinical director at an NHS hospital in the UK Capital, London, reportedly, divulged that the professionals in question were already leaving only to take up employment opportunities in the private segment for bigger wages, in the belief that the same will allow them to stay in the nation.

The clinical director pointed out that it’s an enormous blow. The UK capital depends on nurses with Tier 2 Work Visas to carry on the NHS activities. It's, in reality, hard to hire nurses in the existing atmosphere, courtesy high living expenses in the capital.

He added that it will be catastrophic in case the administration allows the said laws to get through as even words of the threshold will result in the professionals exiting the NHS out of dread.

Reportedly, NHS recruiters and individual NHS Trusts have given a warning to the concerned bodies that until and unless amendments are made to the immigration laws and the Tier 2 Permit Shortage Occupation List, the NHS will not find it easy to engage nurses for the available positions.

Designed Employment Levels Unmet

According to a report, as much as 83% of the NHS trusts failed to meet their own planned staffing levels for nurses, in spite of hiring a huge figure of people from abroad. The same is thanks to a lack of candidates from inside Britain.

Allegedly, rejecting the Tier 2 visa petitions of the non-EU nurses while those inside the EU keep on to being recruited is a cause of worry even as these fears have been duly expressed in black & white to the concerned bodies.

Besides, it is understood that it's a battle for many NHS groups to enlist, and employing from out of the country provides a medium term solution while they apply plans to offer training to fresh nurses. Recruiters will have used every new option prior to searching out of the country.

Further, the British immigration strategy makes little or no sense given the incessant struggles the NHS undergoes to draft the needed numbers of capable skilled labor force.

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