2023 marks 29 glorious years since the Abhinav Group came into existence in 1994. Mr. Ajay Sharma, President of the company, laid the foundation of one of the best immigration consultancies in India, treasured and trusted by everyone seeking global relocation solutions. In the 29 years that followed, Abhinav became synonymous with India’s leading migration services firm with extensive knowledge and experience that has entertained and informed individuals, business investors, students, and families looking to settle abroad.

In the past 29 years, we have always strived to honor our past and inspire its future. The company has continued to prosper from the original dreams of its Founder, Mr. Ajay Sharma, to a global relocation solutions provider. Today, Abhinav is much more than a visa consultancy; we are a company that delivers a full range of migration solutions from skilled professionals to students and business investors.

Over the years, Abhinav has significantly diversified its services to become India’s leading migration consultant. It has expanded its footprint, opening offices in various parts of India, with over 200 employees. The company has recently expanded its product lines to introduce migration options in the Netherlands, Hungry, Italy, and Greece.

Abhinav's continual momentum to broaden its services reflects its dedication to providing the best-of-breed visa solutions through tech innovation and client commitment. Our success can be attributed to our workforce's resourcefulness, expertise, and service quality. We strive to amplify our quality of services to support every phase of the visa process.

Today, Abhinav's three growth platforms — Trust, Credibility, and Excellence — are the building blocks to deliver high-end services to our clients and stakeholders. Together, these growth platforms serve the common purpose of helping individuals make their second home abroad. These values underpin our commitment to supporting our clients' dreams through genuine and professional assistance.

Our esteemed customers recognize the differentiated value we bring to them regarding immigration services through customized solutions and responsiveness to their needs. On this occasion, we would like to reflect on our journey so far, where we stand today, and what the future holds for us. The future of Abhinav is highly positive as we see our expansion and growth in new products and regions, making immigration accessible for all.

We want to thank all our clients, employees, and stakeholders for their trust, support, and continued commitment to us.

To all our employees, old and new, thank you for being with us through thick and thin. Your dedicated efforts enabled us to achieve our goals, and with our passion, we will climb many more peaks.

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