In a recent development, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced Marc Miller as the new Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) as part of a major cabinet shuffle. The former IRCC Minister, Sean Fraser, will head the Ministry of Housing, Infrastructure, and Communities. His new role will focus on overseeing the Canadian economy and housing.

Before being appointed as the minister of immigration, Marc Miller served as the Minister of Indigenous Services. His political stint started in 2015 when he was first elected as a Member of Parliament. Before joining politics, Miller practiced law after graduating from McGill University. He also served in the Canadian Army Primary Reserve as an infantry commander. 

While Sean Fraser emphasized increasing the immigration quotas in his tenure, it is unclear how Marc will approach the Canadian immigration system and set new policies to make Canada an attractive immigration destination. Our team has been monitoring the situation closely and will update all relevant information and events as they unfold.

Apart from announcing the new immigration minister, the cabinet shuffle on 26th July (Wednesday) saw 30 new appointments. The cabinet is typically a body responsible for managing government-related operations and responses. The Canadian Prime Minister appoints the cabinet minister. Cabinet ministers prepare and set government policies and propose legislation for their respective areas before presenting it to the parliament.

Cabinets are often shuffled about every two years by the Canadian Prime Minister. While the majority of positions are intact, many of them have been replaced with promoting ministers who are doing a tremendous job. Moreover, the shuffle aims to reorganize and refresh the government’s focus on the most critical matters.

Marc Miller’s close ties with Justin Trudeau

Miller’s close friendship with Trudeau will be an influential asset in deciding Canada’s future in immigration. Besides being Trudeau’s childhood friend, Miller was essential in organizing and managing Trudeau’s first run for office in the Papineau riding in 2007.

Miller is married to Elin Sandberg, an ex-Swedish diplomat, and has three children, two boys and a girl.

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