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Teachers on Tier 2 Visa Shortage Occupation List Appraised by UK Immigration

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Sometime back--on May 26, 2016 to be precise--Theresa May, the in-office UK Home Secretary, reportedly, hired the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) to duly evaluate if the nation is plagued with the dearth of skilled primary & secondary school teachers overall or only teachers in some particular subject domains. The Home Secretary also asked the MAC if it would be rational to fill teaching openings with the migrants from the non-European Union (EU) nations on the Tier 2 Visas.

Under the present UK immigration legislation, schools, together with academy trusts, have a right to offer sponsorship to the petitions presented for a Tier 2 Visa for those based outside the territorial limits of the EU.  But, as per a report brought out recently, due to the hurdles in getting UK Visas, the present Tier 2 Visa structure is leaving no options for schools except to dump their staffing plans.

Critical Observations

Allegedly, at present, in the country there is massive public interest in the discussion about whether or not Britain remains in the EU. Some individuals have grumbled that the EU is a big costly strange system of government. It appears that "Brexit" will take place and the UK will exit the union. And in case the same takes place, it will become even tougher to discover appropriate teachers for primary & secondary schools even as presently teachers from other nations of the EU can easily reside and do a job in the nation.

There are other big issues with the present UK immigration structure which can still make it rather tougher to usher-in teachers and others from outside the territorial limits of the union.

Immigration Tier 2 Visa Laws Resulting In Famine of Teachers

Tough visa rules have reportedly resulted in many schools having to send applicants from outside of the union away. The fight to hire overseas teachers is expected to exacerbate in April 2017, when the latest restrictions become effective--most remarkably an augmentation in the Tier 2 Visa income threshold, for skilled manpower to 30,000 Pounds.

Reportedly, schools, organizations, & sector chiefs have advised the MAC to take up a more flexible stand. As per a concerned Managing Director (MD), the agencies which would formerly proffer sponsorship to the groups of overseas teachers to be hired for supply or permanent posts could not any longer do it, as the laws underwent a change, which necessitate the recruiter to be the sponsor.

Allegedly, the monthly Tier 2 certificates of sponsorship (COS) limit denotes a smaller number of the Tier 2 Visas are obtainable making it rather unattainable to usher-in teachers when the chosen monthly limit is hit. The schools, keen to offer sponsorship to immigrants on the Tier 2 Visa, are not capable to bring in the teachers they dreadfully require as one requires a Tier 2 COS to submit an application for a Tier 2 Visa.


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