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Provincial Nomination Immigration Limit of Canadian Nova Scotia Raised

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Skilled migrants are in high demand everywhere with Nova Scotia, Canada being no exception. So much so that often a great deal of effort is made, at the highest levels, to urge the concerned bodies and people to facilitate the entry of more such people.
As per a report, the province has recently been given an extra 300 spaces for its Nova Scotia Nominee Programme (NSNP), in the process, taking the total yearly distribution limit for the NSNP to 1,350. The development comes in the wake of wide lobbying of the federal administration by the administration of Nova Scotia.

Recently, John McCallum, the Federal Immigration Minister, stated that he has agreed on the 300 after some weekend talks with the province’s premier. He pointed-out that the province, thanks to its aging populace, is rather anxious for immigrants. Hence, what one is looking forward to do in the time between at the moment and the fall is to hold dialogues, to engender huge figures of immigrants in general, and to agree to Nova Scotia to welcome drastically more migrants.

Last September, the province effectively lobbied the federal regime for a comparable improvement in its 2015 allocation, which also ended up being fixed at 1,350. Despite the fact that the incumbent Canadian Liberal administration had formerly fixed the NSNP limit for 2016 at 1,050, both the involved parties have presently come to a decision to a revisit to the 1,350 number.

Sharing his thoughts on the development, the province’s Premier Stephen McNeil, reportedly, stated that there’s no question the region requires additional people even as it would be better if the cap is lifted and the province is allowed to move forward.


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