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Number of Countries Able to Utilize SmartGate Technology at Australian Airports Increases

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According to a report, at present, more travelers from abroad are in a position to make use of the latest SmartGate technology when they land at the different Australian international airports. Guests from France, Sweden, the People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, and Korea, with ePassports will be entitled to employ the airport gates, even as these are faster and much easier, vis-à-vis conventional passport control centres.

The same allegedly signifies that the figure of the nations whose nationals can fast-track via immigration has headed north to 15 from 8 since the Australian Government launched the system. The same also denotes that SmartGates at every international airport of Down Under will at the present offer a permanent automated border clearance alternative for numerous of Australia’s most regular guests, and this comprises those from the People’s Republic of China--which after Australia & New Zealand--is the third biggest source for the visitors from abroad.

The development will facilitate the travelers to self-process employing SmartGate even as they go through border clearance much more speedily and efficiently. The most recent statistics reveals that the Australian Border Force (ABF) duly processed over 35 million visitors through the different airports in Oz in 2014-2015.

As per an ABF spokesman, the figure of the guests landing in the nation is steadily improving even as the expansion of SmartGate to other nationalities will prove crucial and aid the ABF continue border security while administering the difficulty of the rising visitor figures.

In the meantime, the Tourism Australia--in association with Tourism and Events Queensland--has reportedly signed a fresh agreement with the famous Korean airline Jin Air in Seoul to get a fresh seasonal facility to Cairns.


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