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Latest Requirements for Urgent Processing of Canada Permanent Residence Cards Issued

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In a rather important development, the Canadian administration has reportedly proclaimed its requirements for the urgent processing of the Canada Permanent Residence Cards (PR Cards). A petition submitted for a PR Card takes a projected 41 days to process for a new card, or 63 days for either a replacement or renewal. But, there are some specific circumstances where it is possible to increase the pace of the process.

The PR Card is the official evidence that a person is a permanent resident of the Maple Leaf Country. Residents utilize the small plastic card in question to illustrate that they can gain admission and live in the nation while coming back from another nation.

With a view to make the grade for urgent processing of the PR Card, it is mandatory that the candidates exhibit that they need their card immediately (inside the coming three months) for any of these factors:

A. For journey due to their own grave ill health or the serious poor health or the loss of a family member; or

B. To get a job or to take a trip due to the work necessities or break.

It is necessary that the candidates present all of these papers/certificates to shore-up their request for urgent processing:

A.     A reproduction of evidence of travel, like tickets or an itinerary revealing the place and dates they will be taking a trip.

B.    A reproduction of evidence of payment for journey revealing the date, the complete money, and the way of payment.

C.     A letter of elucidation showing the ground for the necessity.

D.     Evidence of the necessity.

Candidates may request urgent processing when they put forward their petition for a PR Card to the Case Processing Centre in Sydney (CPC-S), or post the same is already in process, by getting in touch with the Immigration Department of Canada Call Centre, via the IRCC Webform.


Situation A: The candidate is in the nation even as he has not still submitted an application for a PR Card.

Situation B: He is in the country and has already submitted an application for a PR Card.

Situation C: He is outside the nation and does not have a legal PR Card.

According to the present processes, it is possible for the candidates to present an application for a Permanent Resident Travel Document (PRTD) to come back to Canada. Upon their come back to the nation, the aspirant may put forward a petition for a new card.


Petitions for the PR Cards, where urgent processing is requested, are first examined by the IRCC staff to find that urgent processing requirements are fulfilled and in case so, the petition is duly evaluated for completeness. Petitions that lack the documents in the checklist will be sent back to the aspirant with a memo informing them of the documents that are missing.

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