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Immigration Canada Revises Orders on Processes Involving Police Certificates, Express Entry Completeness Verifications

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Are you keen to move to Canada? If yes, this news report may be for you! In a rather major development, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has, reportedly, proffered updates to the issued orders on police certificates related to the Express Entry selection structure for overseas movement to the nation.

The update could impact people who get an Invitation To Apply (ITA) for the prized and the much sought after Permanent Residence (PR) status in the Maple Leaf Country, via Express Entry.

Language modifications were made to elucidate the text, and under extraordinary state of affairs, the instructions have been suitably amended to reveal that clients have to proffer both proof of having insisted on a police certificate, and a clarification of their finest attempts to furnish a police certificate, prior to the 60-day deadline, post the ITA has been given.

These Exceptional situations are sketched here under.

Apart from this, instructions have been suitably amended to reveal that police certificates are needed up front, and are required for every particular nation where a person has resided for six months or above in total, not essentially in a row.

Paper/certificates Requirements

  1. For the candidate’s present nation of dwelling, the police certificate must have been given no more than six months, prior to the presentation of the e-petition.
  2. For nations in which the aspirant no longer lives, it is mandatory that the police certificate has been offered post the exit date of the last time the customer lived in that particular nation for more than six months.
  3. Police certificates are needed up front and are compulsory for every specific nation (this does not include Canada) where a person has resided for a combined total of six months or above. The order is basically for the object of the completeness check. Still, it is for all time at an officer’s judgment to ask for a new or extra police certificate.

Some specific nations require that the candidate complete an approval form to kick-off a police certificate. The form is afterwards uploaded (with any other police certificates the aspirant may offer) as part of the e-application. In case the petition is not dismissed as unfinished, the processing official will duly review the approval form and electronic file and kick-off the police certificate.

In some outstanding situations, the IRCC may allow

  1. Evidence of having asked for a police certificate for such nations; and
  2. An elucidation of best efforts (not an assurance of approval). It is mandatory that the applicant clarifies the holdup in a document and uploads the same. It is also compulsory that the uploaded certificate/paper appropriately illustrates that the candidate asked for a police certificate sooner than later, post getting their ITA.


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