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IELTS Score Not Compulsory for Admission to Some Canadian Universities

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As per a report, it is vital that the global students have learnt the improvements made to Student Visa laws for gaining admission in a university of Canada. Some amendments have been reportedly made effective from June 1, 2014.

A few of the vital points are given here under:

  • The students, who arrive in the country on Student Visa, ought to register themselves with a Canadian University, and carry-on with their studies, lest they get exiled to their home nations.
  • Only those students, who wish to study at a renowned Canadian establishment, would be given Study Visas. Registering for any unrecognized association would be useless and not assist in obtaining Study Visas.
  • The aspirants having a Study Visa would be qualified for working for 20 hours every week during the academic session, and can get involved with a permanent job opportunity when the establishments have a holiday. For gaining a permanent job, during the holidays, the students would not need a separate Work Visa.
  • However, to work for a permanent job, it is vital that they are enrolled for a study-course or a vocational or professional training, for a time-frame of not less than half-a-year. It ought to get summed up with a diploma or degree or even a certificate from a renowned organization.
  • Co-Op Work permit would be given only in case the co-op placement is a fundamental component of the study course pursued.
  • A guest would be given the permission to submit an application for Study Visa when he is present in the nation.
  • Post 90 days or three months of a course being concluded, the Study Visa becomes unacceptable by design.

Target of Amending Laws

The same has been carried-out, post learning about the exploitation of the arrangement when visitors land in the country on Study Visas and never get registered for any course; in its place they get a job.

Entering Foundation minus IELTS

One can gain admission in a Canadian establishment, minus any IELTS score even as the University of Saskatchewan is one such instance where it is not essential to present IELTS score.

In case a person has done graduation from an organization where English has been the medium of teaching, then he may get relief, and may not be asked to present the score.
In other case, in case a person has concluded “O” Level or “A” Level then it is not necessary to submit the IELTS score.

Still, for gaining a visa, the aspirant may have to present this score. Those who hold this score will have more choices for submitting a petition even while things can become much simpler for them. Hence, it is always prudent to have one.

It is also crucial that the candidates find-out the improvements in Student Permit laws, before they present their submissions. And they require being aware of the fact that the IELTS score would give them an advantage, and also improve their chances of being accepted for a famous Canadian organization. The students--who do not have one--can also explore the establishments which are not incredibly rigorous about the score.
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