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How to become a Canadian citizen and get world’s 3rd best passport?

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We always wonder what are the benefits of being the Canadian Citizen and we often associate the benefits to the basic necessities of life such as Education, Healthcare, better standard of living etc. But, the most inconspicuously important aspect of the Canadian Citizenship is that, you can have the world’s 3rd best passport which gives access to the visa-free entry to plenty of countries.


Know the value of Canadian Passport.

According to the Passport Index (Global Passport Power Rank 2018), Canada firmly holds the 3rd rank along with the well-established countries like Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Japan, Greece, Portugal, United Kingdom and Ireland. The algorithm of ranking system simply explains that how many countries a citizen can visit Visa-free. Coming to the benefits of Canadian Passport, a Canadian Citizen has the Visa-free access to 114 Countries, Visa on Arrival access on 49 countries and Visa required for 35 countries.


Canadian Citizenship is a complete package for all the individuals seeking a better lifestyle and standard of living coupled with the all the amenities of life. The country is a haven for all the travel buffs who can gulp the various scenic attractions and landscapes stretched across the country. Travel enthusiasts can avail the benefit of Visa-free entry to their bucket-list of favorite destinations around the world seamlessly without rigorous visa procedures.


Attaining the Canadian Citizenship.

Canadian Immigration is considered as one of the easiest and swiftest procedure upon comparing with the other countries. The country offers equal opportunities for the both Skilled workforce and seasoned Business Professionals with various immigration programs. These programs are specifically designed to acquire the quality workforce from all around the world to contribute in the economic progress and social well-being. Attaining the Permanent Residency is the primary step towards the Canadian Citizenship which opens the door for a bundle of benefits like high-standard, studying with lower tuition fees, public-funded healthcare, presence of community association and sufficient employment opportunities.


Benefits of Canadian Citizenship.

  • It is the hub of World-class healthcare benefits with improved infrastructure to provide best healthcare services to all.
  • Enjoys a lower crime rates coupled with the high quality of living makes it an ideal destination for immigration
  • Ample opportunities for business, investment and employment in a wealth of natural resources, with industries flourishing in Aerospace, IT, Tourism, Real estate, Hospitality, infrastructure and Automobile manufacturing industries
  • Businessmen and investors would have the liberty to utilize the Canadian financial and banking system and make its use further for the expansion of their business interests
  • You are entitled to get all the social benefits that a Canadian citizen receives, including health care coverage, insurance benefits, govt. funded free schooling for your children, Old Age Security, Guaranteed Income Supplement, Canada Pension Plan

Once you have a Canadian Passport you can enter and stay anywhere in EU and G-8 countries for a limited time without any specific visa permission

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